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  1. brianmacza

    Chain reaction

    as long as he doesn't pull a Clinton and debate the meaning of the word "is"
  2. brianmacza

    Chain reaction

    heh... I'm a Virgo, and we Vorgoans don't believe in that horoscope bullshit. Almost as bad as religion.
  3. brianmacza

    Brake pad info needed

    One of the mods should change his title to "board Rambo"
  4. brianmacza

    Headlight upgrade

    You can remove the front lens of the headlamp, fit the projctor units in the sockets for the H7 bulbs, and reseal. There are a couple of Youtube tutorials on this process and they seem to be effective (altho the ones I watched were for HID projectors I doubt there is any functional difference in the process) and you use the normal lamp adjustment wheels to direct the beams where you need them.
  5. Or a hose clamp might be loose enough that a tiny weep gets past when cold but swells up enough to seal when hot. Stranger shit happens...
  6. brianmacza

    Rear brake caliper

    Look at the caliper slider pins sometime. Those get gunk ed up and that causes the caliper to stick, preventing it from keeping the disk central and balanced between the pads
  7. brianmacza

    2000 vs 2001 birds

    My '97 pops up on an energetic gearchange 1st to 2nd, and will come up with a tug on the bars. And thats at 1700m above sea level. I reckon that a trip to the coast is warranted now
  8. brianmacza

    Is age an issue for Blackbirds?

    my '97 has been well used, the plastics have been replaced twice due to my abundant lack of riding talent, and with 230.000 km its still on the original clutch. Given that all maintenance has been done by my fumbly fingers over the last 200.000km plus, I would say that age is NOT an issue. The XX is reliable as a hammer
  9. brianmacza

    When do you know your clutch is due?

    I have about 230k km on my '97 original clutch. If you're getting pulsing thru the lever it would tend to point to a warped steel plate or 2 - might need to get that validated before a reassembly. If the clutch isn't slipping you could consider Pazzo or other aftermarket levers which could change the feel completely by moving the base adjustment value closer to the bar.
  10. brianmacza

    Rebuild my motor

  11. brianmacza

    The VFR1200 SUCKS

    Look at the K1300 - the K1200 had known weaknesses in the geartrain. A guy I know lunched a K1200 gearbox in the first week of owning it and they gave him a new bike because it was a known design flaw
  12. brianmacza

    OEM (Honda) Rectifier Question

    Stop dicking around and do the R1 RR mod - mine's been bulletproof.
  13. brianmacza

    Orginal Tire Tread Depth Question

    Yup... it went over his head like fuckin' swissair...
  14. brianmacza


    I ordered 2 - thanks for the link
  15. brianmacza

    oil analysis

    In my experience with multiple engines of different types, Castrol GTX sludges a LOT compared to most other brands. I have opened up a VW engine that had only GTX in it for the lifetime of the engine and despite regular oil changes it had a thick layer of sludge that was profiled where the crank passed - looked really nasty and had a shitload of metal flakes in it. 100k miles and regular oil changes and that engine was toast. try a real oil....