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  1. brianmacza


    small step to C#
  2. What mileage has the bike done? My '97 is on 279k km now, and is using a fuckton of fuel compared to 15 years ago. Took the needles and mainjets and looked at them under a strong magnifying lens and the wear is visible. I have replacement needles and stock mains on order, and waiting for arrival. Might be worth considering if your bike has seen high mileage
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dehumidifiers/b?ie=UTF8&node=267557011
  4. Do you have a radiator protector? The securing wires on mine worked loose and it rattled annoyingly beween 2500 and 3500 RPM until I tightened them up.
  5. The bits were stuck in one of the hoses... never got enough bits to make me think I got them all though .
  6. Dunno... normal antifreeze mix and the engine started running HOT and none of the diagnostics found anything - even flow tested the rad. Pulled the water pump and found most of it missing
  7. I had the water pump on my '97 fail in about 2008 - all the impeller blades had broken off. Since then I had the replacement pump seals fail... current one seems ok and the bike is on 155,000 km -ish
  8. I run 16 front 44 rear and the chain is 108 links Works great for my needs at 1700m above sea level - power wheelies in 1st no problem. DO you allready have a speedohealer?
  9. as long as he doesn't pull a Clinton and debate the meaning of the word "is"
  10. heh... I'm a Virgo, and we Vorgoans don't believe in that horoscope bullshit. Almost as bad as religion.
  11. One of the mods should change his title to "board Rambo"
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