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  1. Sorry, but NO. Those spots are now there FOREVER. However, now is a great time to get creative and add more spots using paint and give it a really unique look. Send us pics when you get it finished
  2. WOOHOOO thanks for sharing that... SAMS is my place for sure, buy lots of large qty food items, lots of frozen chicken shit, etc LOL But never thought about GUAC. Now I know what I will be bringing home on my next visit....
  3. Dammmm I always thought Soylent came in GREEN. Clever adding chocolate to dead bodies.
  4. Now that I have cleared a lot of distractions, AND, it has become clear when I have to go to the store to buy something that I know is in the barn that I must be REFORMED IT was clean long ago, but kept adding tools and toys to the mess, and also working and commuting long distance. Now that my ass is retired, time to get to work and find my FLOOR LOL I know its under there somewhere You have inspired me
  5. When in doubt, pull out the sandblaster and clean that shit off and start over Sounds like you might be done though. I envy the cleanliness of your space. That is not in my DNA at all LOL
  6. NOPE Maybe this is one of their support trucks for heavy shit?? here it is.... in the original screen shot, you can also see the ambulance on the left behind other vehicles and that all lines up with this new shot where the ambulance is off to the right behind other vehicles, but you can see the top and it's light bar.
  7. Dammit... Guess I did it wrong. That was my diet for over 10 years and all I did was gain weight. But that did give me a chance to discover this thing called a Gym. After that I was too tired to eat all that bad evil stuff LOL Haven't touched a pizza in years. That still makes me cry
  8. tape some cardboard on the outside to keep the sun from affecting readings
  9. Never used a microwave button, LOL just don't trust this sort of automation. Currently have Pop Secret, and instructions say... set it for High for 4 minutes, but LISTEN If before the 4 minutes is up, if the popping slows way down, time to stop it. Sometime it went the full 4 minutes and I did not feel the need to stop it, but a few times, it did slow way down and I terminated it's ass... And all came out fine. However, always wanting to experiment, once I decided not to stop it per instructions and sure Nuf... bunch of kernels were burnt. I can only guess some of the kernels did not have proper water content to do their job, so just turned to black lumps. Makes sense, as I guess there is no fool proof way to test each kernel as it gets loaded into the bag. Now I always listen, and Damn YOU, LOL now I got a hankering for some pop corn for later tonite LOL
  10. LOL Can't imagine anyone having an extra one laying around as a spare. Myself, as well as all my buddies keep a socket set on board, as well as a spark plug swivel socket Easy Peasy
  11. Just took a look and we got a bunch of them in the Tampa area. Seen commercials here and there, maybe after this endorsement, I will have to give one a try.
  12. Damm thats crazy town LOL Right now a lot of folks here in Florida are freaking out down here cuz some winter temps are finally arriving and they might have to turn the heat ON. Normally, most of the people I know keep inside temps in the mid to high 70's and that's nice and comfy, at least for me. Sure beats shoveling snow like my friends in Chicago LOL
  13. LOL Use it for target practice, that will fix it easy peasy.
  14. Based on Carlos's suggestions, where he got the best results, you need to multiply that by 4 Quote.... How many IUs is 125mcg? Vitamin D3 125 mcg (5,000 IU)
  15. Granted not all of them have it, but I change the percentage of power quite often and end up with way better results. Depending on the mix of the product some items just heat up faster than other itesm and skew the results, but dropping down to 60, 70, 80 pct and even increase time if needed gives great results. YMMV
  16. Interesting question How often do you have to wipe? is 27 a good or bad number?
  17. I was just thinking about this, as I was transferring old shit from my calendar to the new one I keep on the kitchen wall. YES... old school but with brain fog, I started doing this to make sure I did not forget important stuff. Looks like a good time to send in for another test and see where it is. For improvements, hard to say. I have had a bit better sleep pattern and getting more REM that before. However, the lack of energy and alertness still remains. Got a few medical things to do that might put me on a better path to make things better as well. Still doing the gels 20k IU per day. Thanks for checking in
  18. Ignore is a very recent and rare thing for me. Never did it before, but I did it because the amount of text that seemed useless to me and in large volume seemed to take up too much real estate on the screen from single sources. Now I can move along at a more normal pace and the Org seems like a better place. The information shared here is literally off the charts in diversity, and I appreciate it like nothing else I have ever come across.
  19. LOL you just hit it on the head for me. Same here. Only see the responses and it's funny as shit.
  20. Well had a hunch this was not a common event, BUT now I feel that I was NOT in a Twilight Zone episode as you just confirmed it really did exist and it was NOT due to all the beer I was drinking. Vindication is the key to happiness in situations like this. YOU made my DAY WOOHOOOO Guess its time to get back to that beer drinking Have a great Sunday
  21. Not sure how that display works. I have mine sorted so most recent post is at the top and has an icon at beginning of the line, indicating unread content, and also bolded. Clik on the icon at the front of the line and it takes me to the most recent post. Been working forever, but recently, easily the last 6 months, I will see a few posts YET to be seen by me, and bingo, come back out to the listing of posts and they are all normal as HAVE been read, but I never did. Sure enough when I went into the posts, I found content I had not seen AND HAD indicated NOT read just minutes or moments before. As mentioned a bit earlier in this thread, I saw one that seemed like the same issue, but noticed the last post was from someone I had blocked, so thought that might be the cause. Turns out that must have been some sort of coincidence of some sort. NOT going to worry about this any longer. Not a huge deal, and when Carlos took a look before, nothing jumped out at him either. IT really is just ME LOL The strangest things imaginable have followed me on this planet since I landed. Just gotta stop bitching and get on with it LOL I probably started this thread when it was a week where I was behind in my beer drinking
  22. LOL You were mighty brave today, props to you for surviving. Been forever since I have even set foot in a MCD. Now back in the very good ole days, I lived and worked not far from their original headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill. They had a flagship store in the corporate building and we could get free burgers for lunch on and off. They did seem to taste better back then, but still was not a fan. Did like the fries tho. Still not going back...
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