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  1. XXitanium

    Brake pad issue

    I ordered EBC two piece rotors. They mailed single piece - nothing off the price.. May I ask how much they cost?
  2. XXitanium

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    Where is gthe calendar picture withe sunset banking off it it -pure art.
  3. XXitanium

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    No shit.
  4. XXitanium

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    Fly n ride?
  5. XXitanium

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

  6. XXitanium

    Conformal coatings

    ....I was thinking the same thing....
  7. XXitanium

    Conformal coatings

    ...hmmm, I let the board get tacky. I saturated the wireways and slathered them in dielectric grease. My thought was that water would have a hard time getting in if it had to push grease out of the way. It started and we put about 40 miles on it. I think I'll do the windshield / seal - and see if I can get six months more out of it. This stuff resembles WD-40. It did talk about drying in the instructions though. I suppose I trapped propellents and solvnts in there...
  8. XXitanium

    Conformal coatings

  9. XXitanium

    Conformal coatings

    I'm trying a "CorrosionX" on my drowned F250 GEM module. Have any of you heard of this stuff? I was told it it used by NASA and the US Navy.
  10. XXitanium

    2003 ST1300 - $1700

    I have multiple friends that have had them - no bad reports.
  11. XXitanium

    Carb Motor? Wheels? Rotors?

    ....as in Red Hots?