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  1. Just picked up my current sled. I got the front gas shocks rebuilt. $175 for both.
  2. Cracked gas lines at the petcock and carbs. The bikes had history before me. The sled I lit on fire in the middle of the lake. It backfired and set some leaves in the belly pan on fire. It melted the old lines. The new lines collapsed under vacuum. We had to redo them a second time.
  3. https://www.superblackbird.co.uk/blackbird/exhaust.htm
  4. ....you want to get his attention, call him communist, socialist - snowflake....
  5. Oh shit, gotta break out Google Translate... ...noice.
  6. ....go down to the post by "XXera"...
  7. Here is a decent shot of the test loom connector. I thought you might be interested in looking at R/R and Loom Fix questions.....
  8. I am a little familiar with it. I had it done by my local shop. As I understand it, the loom fix is only for the 2000's and some of the 2001's.
  9. Bill jump on the RacerXX facebook page instead of here for info and help.
    I will have my GSX-R600 available for use all day Thursday since I am only riding on Friday but show up early Thursday morning. Plus I share it with whoever on Friday.


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    2. John01XX


      Maybe get in touch with Rich, Eddie and/or Caleb to carpool and trailer down together.

    3. XXitanium


      I worry more about leathers than bikes. It was a real pain last time. 

    4. John01XX


      Put the word out now and see what can be donated


      i know of a source to buy a new 1 piece leather race suit custom made for $350.

      But price goes to $450 after the new year!

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