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  1. There's a plea to sign a petition... https://www.ebay.com/sellercenter/resources/2022-changes-to-ebay-and-your-1099-k
  2. If I got this right, there's some kind of weird pressure activated deal and a replacement doesn't last very long.
  3. No, I'm thinking about it. It has a rattle at idle that goes away at speed.
  4. The XX has CCT issues after some miles? .
  5. This will abate that low end rattle. Apparently it also helps with starting and cam timing. https://m.facebook.com/1527216750923732 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02NxBtE5QD6EqF89j6uJxnffjaMn2JMonViLdNcCELNikYQgrRpy1gNoTb9us34veVl&id=1527216750923732 About 160.00 for parts right now. Al at the shop figured about 2 hours labor. I rode it up the block a week ago. It's starting quite well.
  6. . Too bad they couldn't get a picture of a gallon of real hurricane.
  7. Try Chrome. I'm subjected to Edge daily and avoid it when possible. I run Chrome on my 'droid.
  8. Pickled beets. They're addictive. Hot dilly beans for bloody Marys, recipe/prep.
  9. What is THE phrase for conspicuous desk ornamentation? ...not just a mounted rhino head up on the wall, something historically connected to your avocation.
  10. My kid just swapped positions to a conpany I'm mildly familiar with. He's gone from a mill maintenance crew chief/engineer to a different company as project management/design engineer. He probably really wouldn't be using the book, but I was thinking of finding a copy of the Ladish Catalog 55. It would be a desk warmer/rare-ish decoration. I used one when I was a piping designer. The catalogs have become a rune stone, dead sea scroll for fittings. Minty versions on eBay are listed for North of $300. My pockets aren't that deep. There were a couple listed in my price range, but they'd need work. I called re: binding repair at a place about two hours away, spitballed a price at $280 sight unseen..... 8O I was looking up how to fix it myself. I found this guy who is pretty creative and entertaining. BBRCNGL on YouTube
  11. Built for speed AND comfort...
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