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  1. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    Remove the sticker. See if he blinks?
  2. Dear Zero, How much should i spend?

    He sent me pictures of the lunched engine.... He said the timing chain guide gave out. It runs pretty well and gets twice the milage of the truck in "fun mode".
  3. WTB: New Toy

    I AM a dinosaur.
  4. WTB: New Toy

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mr. Green
  5. WTB: New Toy

    It's an old smilie - shit eating grin.... Green smilie with big white teeth...
  6. WTB: New Toy

  7. Calendar

    I am remiss, as I intimated I would do one again. If I can get a couple dozen new pictures, I'll make every effort to put one together. Doing it last year was fun and somewhat therapeutic. Goal ~ $10.00 - ish.
  8. WTB: New Toy

    That's just surface rust. Have you ever been to Wisconsin January? Most F250's up here have the plastic add-on fender guards to hide the four-inch rust belt around the fender wells. Yeah - I know, it starts somewhere, I just have to decide if the price is OK Vs buying something marginally better for a lot more money. There's a King Ranch about 45 minutes away 2 years old, $57,000.
  9. WTB: New Toy

    I just stuck $1,200 into an F250 that I've owned for 10 years. I brokded it whilst deer hunting. ...been looking for a replacement/ upgrade. I found a short bus that tickles my fancy. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/superduty-lariat-amarillo/6360606983.html Or were you specifically considering a two wheeled vehicle?
  10. Dear Zero, How much should i spend?

    Wisconsin motorcycle season has been extended ( not mone). ...in front of Stone Cellar...
  11. Dear Zero, How much should i spend?

    Brand new tires and struts all around. Drove the minivan today, got behind this, vanished when thr light turned greenn. Mashed it to the board's, couldn't keep up.
  12. Dear Zero, How much should i spend?

    AFIKBZITE - I'm hemoraging money into old vehicles. ...the loaner.... Cigarette ashtray full and a half a tank of gas got me 90 miles.
  13. Dear Zero, How much should i spend?

    ....fixing a $1,500.00 winter beater?
  14. help to i.d. a mount

    I thought so too. Nice though
  15. How big is it compared to the 6 Plus please?