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  1. FI, that's what I was trying to determine, thanks. Chances of it just plain starting went way up. Great comment about cranking without spark till the oil light goes out.
  2. I as doing this the hard way. Is it fuel injected of carbed? Blue = what year(s)?
  3. That metallic blue was Canadian, what year please?
  4. Yeah, turn it over with the kill switch in the off position.
  5. I think these were part of the thread that went missing. I was looking through my old Google pics and ran across them.
  6. ....what continent, (maybe a state) do you live on?
  7. https://tracdynamics.com/pages/how-it-s-made
  8. ...assuming non-AHRMA etc rules apply. http://victorylibrary.com/brit/chassis-2a.htm I keep seeing wanted ads... TIG welder and some decent fixturing? I Googled plans- no luck so far. I think I could even get FEMA on a design. Is this something people just fab up with a tape measure?
  9. ....maybe I drag it into the living room to warm up? ...his wife didn't like that BTW.
  10. The one f'n guy was baking them in solution in the oven?! I would like to try it some time in open air.
  11. ...it's not me in the post in the image.. https://cbrforum.com/forum/general-tech-9/best-way-swell-expand-restore-rubber-carbs-156202/
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