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  1. Craigslist find 1999 XX

    ...not the stock red, or just lighting/camera?
  2. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    I thought it was gone?
  3. ...I called about CBX prts. He men tioned he had a couple lightly marred pieces of body eork for an XX he no longer owns. http://usedcbxparts.com I think he said a tail; lower, and front fender.
  4. John's Bike Bits

    Best bird bits bucks can buy.
  5. Hurricane- not mine

    Blue over gray was the one I wanted back in the day
  6. Hurricane- not mine

  7. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/mcy/d/honda-hurricane/6141900906.html
  8. Bike pops in and out of 4th gear

    Google "back-cut" gears.....
  9. Plants for hills I don't want to mow

    Hastas, big hastas, we have a border of them around the house.
  10. ...any replies from this yet?
  11. Vibration in neutral

    Is there a chance the mechanic rode it or over-reved it in his shop and messed something up?
  12. Yeah, and I' thinking it would be plenty accurate for making any ne'er-do-well think twice about coming any farther into my domicile. Twenty-five feet-ish...