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  1. Web guys changing web page names... https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053e7def870021c54be2dbb/carburetor-comp I wonder if there is a part that retrofits? ...were these carbs used on other models? .
  2. @___dude I was going to suggest @rockmeupto125 slide diaphragms.
  3. Afterthought. The blades on the bulbs I ordered for the dash were too small. My son ran and got different LED with blades the same size as the incandescent we removed. They had multiple pads.
  4. "Disappearing Turn Signal Bulbs" "Genuine Osram Diadem® turn signal bulbs disappear to a chrome ball when off, yet flash the correct legal amber color when on. Their amber color lasts the full long life of the bulb; they'll never fade or burn off to brownish-white like many original amber-coated bulbs. Unlike low-quality imitations, the genuine Osram Diadem® bulbs produce the full intensity required by Federal regulations for safe performance of your car's turn signals." https://store.candlepower.com/diadem.html
  5. OK Boomer. So, it's about aesthetics when they are not operating? There isn't a yellow reflection in the parabolic reflector? https://www.amazon.com/7440-992-Chrome-Amber-Bulb/dp/B0090O2GCW
  6. ...at least no film of burning their house dowwn.
  7. Kid said the guys at O'Reilly's were amazed. They hadn't ever seen a bulb like that either.
  8. Lo and behold... We just did my son's dashboard today. It hasn't gotten dark yet. It looked good in the garage with the lights off. He put in both winters as just amber. That is the old chromed one in the blister pack for spare.
  9. The only Real Results I got was a British thing at 4£ each.
  10. Currently in Amber bulbs work with the parabolic reflector and the lightly smoked lenses
  11. Google is confounding me I don't know what to call this. It's an 1157 Amber. Has a reflective coating on the outside though.
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