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  1. XXitanium

    GM Quadrasteer

    My brother had one he liked it. He's driving a newer Ram right now.
  2. XXitanium

    Cheap CBR600 in PA (not mine)

    ....whatever gets you through the night....
  3. XXitanium

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    ...ask a twelve-year-old.
  4. XXitanium

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    It came yesterday. I'm looking for means and methods next... https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/converting-camcorder-video-to-digital-i-need-your-guidance/
  5. XXitanium

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    I'd like to borrow something like that. We have abou a dozen tapes from that short era when our kids were little. It would be nice to transcribe to disk.
  6. XXitanium

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    This gent has gotten a couple good reviews on the 1100F site. http://chrislivengood.net/wp/policies-2/
  7. XXitanium

    Fighting Foo - Updated

    AFAIKBZITE - I would like find out what Gerry thought of either of the two other versions mentioned here: https://timscoverstory.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/baker-street-gerry-rafferty-foo-fighters-rick-springfield/ Rick Springfield did it as well.
  8. XXitanium

    Could get on this morning

    I do note however AFAIKBZITE "Ask Zero" has made to the front page for Google searches. Some guys just have it I guess.
  9. XXitanium

    Could get on this morning

    I tried it, as swampnut intimated, it had no effect.
  10. XXitanium

    Chain cleaning brushes

    Just don't make the toilet seats stand at attention.
  11. XXitanium

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    ...pictures when you do it please?
  12. XXitanium

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    You do know, shocks can be rebuilt?
  13. XXitanium

    Bird clicks and then nothing. WTF?

    AGM - Absorbed glass mat. It's all I buy any more.