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  1. Yup. The Dodge dealer didn't budge on price on the Ecodiesel. It did run out nice though.
  2. "She" wants one where the garage is segregated.
  3. ...please tell me more about the toy hauler. Your website is nicely done BTW..
  4. That old Tire, you can throw it on an extra rim lock up the front brake, take a good twist on the throttle and smoke it?
  5. I like the post titles in all caps.
  6. Someone please confirm the steps? 1. Take off all the dang plastic. 2. Find the connector. 3. cut it off and solder the ends together. 4. insulate it, black electricians tape (cheap and easy), or cloth electricians tape and varnish, or conformal coating? https://www.ecmweb.com/content/electrical-taping-skills-lost-art 5. Put the dang plastic back on. ...have a beer.
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