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  1. XXitanium

    Mobil 1

  2. XXitanium

    More Books

    So, they got here last week already! My wife unboxed them and set them on the kitchen table.... ...no explanation. Iwalked past 'em for two days. I see the box... "What was inthe box?" "Those books *you* bought". Oh! Thanks Bob! ...also, a Grateful Dead sticker shows up. I was looking at them on Amazon, but I didn't remember hitting "buy". She's sure I did. ...a little time tocks off the clock and I think to myself, I casually mentioned it to my brother while I was shopping.... Texted him, he says "Happy birthday". I was having a mildly bewildering day.
  3. XXitanium

    FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    Your bird is Ti, no?
  4. XXitanium

    Mobil 1

    I run that in my F250
  5. XXitanium

    Hot Hot Hot, my xx is melting :S

    Are you experiencing this? What year is you bird? Any modifications? My stator went outin extremely heavy traffic crossing The Soo a couple years ago. I've been kicking around the idea of a second auxilliary fan mounted next the the OEM one. There's a thread here somewhere.
  6. XXitanium

    After Market Exhaust Question

    I see some rust holes on the back. I wonder if he'd show the ther end (where yours is cracked)
  7. XXitanium

    After Market Exhaust Question

    I asked the seller what yhe pipe diameyer was, no answer yet.
  8. XXitanium

    After Market Exhaust Question

  9. XXitanium

    Mobil 1

    How many miles do you go between changes with that oil?
  10. XXitanium

    After Market Exhaust Question

  11. XXitanium

    After Market Exhaust Question

    I didn't realise welding titanium was that difficult.... FF to 5:00 if you don't want to watch the build up.
  12. XXitanium

    FS: Parting Out a 2000 CBR1100XX

    How far is Cicinnatti for you?