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  1. No, I'm talking about the test block that gets cut off and soldered together.
  2. OK, I thought someone had posted the wireloom fix with the large block still showing on a bike titled as a 2001 once.
  3. I got the impression from years of reading here, the boundaries between model years were a little blurry. If you are on the edge of a model year, might it be worth investigating?
  4. This is Fi bikes only, not carbered, correct? I have 2000 Kids is a '97?
  5. I am that dork. With a map, is it pretty much plug-n-play? What are the chances of a guy with more thumbs than fingers barking a perfectly good engine / wiring loom?
  6. Golding riders stay in hotels.
  7. ...just pull it straight from the (is there one?) battery?
  8. Did you ever hook up on this? https://ebay.us/uzwsr5
  9. ...so, you're making a poultice?
  10. XXitanium

    Chain reaction

    Thank you for the laugh. I think it describes me as well. I really laughed out loud. ...wife's looking at me like I'm nuts.
  11. Where is EBC Corp headquarters?
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