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  1. Galla lillies? The link above is my kit bike - 11 years in boxes.
  2. ..it's a time capsule in my garage. Wife wants to remodel the kitchen. https://www.cb1100f.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=820873#820873
  3. Would a carburated ECU have potential to leg the smoke out? The eBay link has the years possibly wrong, but does claim EFI
  4. 100,000 miles is just past break-in, no?
  5. ...I'm thinking airplane ticket and a long weekend. SWMBO would itterally put a pillow over my head.
  6. I should have stopped before the bridge. It's a long-ass bridge. I wanted to keep up with the other two guys. I remember it being like 2 hours to cross. ...another two hours finding and installing a new charged battery, etc.
  7. I still want a second fan. ....sitting in traffic for 2 hours in 98% humidity August heat with my friends on The Soo, as the locals call it, seeing the XX slowly fail was like watching a friend bleed to death. The heat gauge was creeping up and the starter started turning slower.... I kind of coasted s l o w l y into customs. I have thread somewhere on replacing the stator.
  8. ...another resource an acquaintance mentioned: https://theguzzidoctor.com/
  9. https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=90618.0
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