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  1. I think so. The seat may be physically taller also, I dunno. I do not care if I keep it or not. I have over 80K on the stocker, this one just came with the bike. I have never really understood the attraction of Corbin seats. I would never have bought one (unless I were rich, duh) Sort of like buying 25 year old booze, my ass and my palate are too uneducated to appreciate the perceived quality.
  2. What the fuck? Is that mud in the ram air duct?
  3. So after what, 4000 miles, your appraisal? I took my Corbin with the butt beads off the other day and the bike is much more manageable with the stock seat.
  4. Excellent work! I guess the planer was a big part of the project?
  5. RXX

    Honda cbx1050

    I heard tall tales of Bill’s during our trip. Good times.
  6. So does expensive scotch
  7. OK, so I got a new rear last week and was inflated to whatever PSI at 600’ or so above sea level. I assume I need to revisit since I am at >5000 ft? And going to 11,000 feet.... 350 pound load total. Michelin Road 5 GT’s. Thanks in advance!
  8. Lots of pretty talk. Let me axe you just 1 question. Have you load-tested the battery?
  9. Funny guy. I am currently trying to recalibrate my gyro stabilizer. Wish me luck.
  10. Hey, man, thanks for the reminder..... I am going to replace air filter and plugs next week and forgot all about that shit that you did. I’ll take pictures to show how well your handiwork has held up.
  11. This thread is in the garage. So is my bird. Coincidence?
  12. #4 by unanimous consent!
  13. You are right. I am in Asheville right now and the shop is right around the corner from Casablanca Cigar Bar. Great place to sit and smoke.
  14. Yeah, I didn’t think about them being BMW wheels. No shit, you give me EXACTLY what you want done, when you want it done, and I will stop by and get you a written quote and shop date. I stop at the stop light twice every day so it would take less time than a phone call. Those guys spends big bucks supporting the BMW brand. They deserve a chance at your dough.
  15. I typically buy a couple cans of SF and run through them on the first few tanks on really long rides. My current fuel pump (on Mike'sold bike) has around 65,000 miles on it. My original bird is 82K and I believe it is time.
  16. Yeah, but the newer UK models had Lucas electrics, so like no duh.
  17. One hundred thousand miles on 1 set?
  18. “There is no replacement for displacement” sez the guy desperately attempting to keep this thread work safe.
  19. It may be for a personal thingy he would just as soon us not know about. And with those specs, I’d just as soon not know.
  20. I don’t think I have ever ridden anything with aftermarket parts. Sigh, guess that boat has sailed.
  21. No. Chrome-plated. Poorly. Yeah, that looks great, thanks! Nikasil cylinder replacements seem to be the norm for this sort of thing, but it looks like the older bikes are SOL and newer cylinders that have to be machined to fit. Again, I would like to keep as much original as possible, and the original jugs would give me great personal satisfaction. And they look to be very reasonably priced.
  22. One of my next purchases is a quality metric set. Or at the very least find the missing sizes from the set I inherited from dad. In the meantime, I pulled a cylinder and there is considerable flaked chrome in the bore. Another known issue of these old bikes.
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