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    Car Battery

    He’s in Germany. I’d be willing to bet it is not quite that easy. Or cheap. Dead batteries are probably somewhere between radioactive fallout and Zyklon B in terms of perceived environmental impact. Azkr, We would love to hear the steps you have to take.
  2. You can collect the poop and use it as bait for unicorns. At least that is what I have heard.
  3. Was that what you were looking for?

    1. IcePrick



  4. Real bikers............. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxville Police investigators on Monday identified the two victims in a fatal shooting that occurred Friday night in the parking lot of a North Knoxville bar. KPD says Kenneth Burgett, 46, of Knoxville, and Patrick Petty, 30, of Harrogate, Tenn. were shot and killed in a conflict believed to have involved two motorcycle clubs at the Hatmaker’s Bar & Grill off Tazewell Pike.
  5. I am good to go, just let me know. If you sell it before then, I am perfectly happy and will harbor no bad ju ju. Your house will be safe from fire damage.
  6. I will check my schedule. Suches and Helen?
  7. Will it fit on your rig next time you are passing through/close to TN? No way I can get to Orlando. Would be a great bike for the grandkids.
  8. No daughters around, but I have chickens. I think that’s “pollo” in cuban.
  9. Close to 200,000 miles combined on 2 birds and have never replaced a rotor.
  10. My company does not allow most sharps to be used. They have to be spring-loaded and held open and have a dullish plastic blade, so I keep a benchmade bugout in my pocket to cut shit open and to slice my oranges. I face counseling if I am caught. I like living on the edge.
  11. Ron Ayers Motorsports. $61.71.
  12. Congratulations on the sale! Who got it? I thought 99’s had gold stator covers. What’s up with that?
  13. No, a '99. I have a manual. Sort of grasping at straws now. May be a bad ground, dunno. I had it working. Working. Working. Put her clothes back on and.......Fuck.
  14. Right. I have disassembled the switch, cleaned it and tested it. The switch is working flawlessly. I have swapped out headlight relay, no luck. There may be an issue in the starter switch, since the path travels to/from there.
  15. I am diving into the relay tomorrow. Little Feat tonight.
  16. You’d think that it would have evolved.......... 1968 Moto Guzzi
  17. Does the low beam stay on when high beam is on? I forget. Deep clean of switch with contact cleaner didn't work. I am going to swap out headlight relay on other bird next.
  18. Thanks for the advice!
  19. HID low/high beams. Running V WNL. Contact cleaner. Duh. What a great idea. Will try this morning.
  20. I just took the clothes off the bird last night to resolve a few issues: 1. New LED lights in dashboard 2. New USB port that provides sufficient output to run a device all day long 3. Remove manual fan switch 4. Something buggy about my high beam It may be the switch. Low beam works fine, some flickering at low RPM, maybe change out with a new ballast? High beam: does not cut on a LOT of the time. Low beam stays on, but high does not kick in until several minutes. Then it works fine until it is de-energized. Then same shit. Voltage was tested last night. Low beam does show V on high/low, high is dead on both (tested on the switch side of the ballasts). I have a new light/ballast just in case, but am leaning towards some issue in the switch. Advice?
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