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  1. I just did my (stock) rear tail light and I didn't knock out the panel. I used a one inch hole saw in a drill press. Put two holes close to the rear of bike and super glued thin plastic inside of lense. It worked very well.
  2. Well, let's see> Maxx, you live in Minnesota and David lives in Southern California. Only about a 50F difference.
  3. Sure is a lot of nipple talk on this post. :grin:
  4. Two questions Tom. Who is Dan Kyle? :grin: and can I ride YOUR road?
  5. Just checked my muffler bearings and they are out of spec! What do I do? :grin:
  6. Just checked Avon's web site and they said that if you run lower than recommended presure, it could over heat the tire and cause it to fail!
  7. If you have a early Bird with the small holes and don't drill them, you will not get the same performance as if you had drilled them. That is why Honda made the holes larger after a while.
  8. Well, most people that buy the Blackbird are not looking for high mileage but my jet kit did make a night and day difference in fixing the flat spot. I hear the Honda Rebel gets great mileage. :grin: :grin:
  9. voodoo- You don't drill the slides where the needles point goes into, you are drilling out the vacuum hole.
  10. Wait a minute! My thing said that it would that it would take, ten hours and forthyfive minutes to download this! My connection would never stay on for that long.
  11. Well, I put mine in and it takes some time but is not too hard if you are into working on motors and things. My total cost was $45.00 and my bike runs great but putting it on the dyno is the only true way of knowing the bike is jetted right. If you are sure that they would dyno it and take the carbs back off to try different settings, well then it would be worth it but it sure would take a lot of time to do it this way.
  12. I have the air jacket and pants (perf. leather). It is hard to beat for the money. Buy from NewEnough, they are NO hassle.
  13. When did they start putting CATS in the exhaust?
  14. So, did you have to take the carbs off to adjust them? :sad:
  15. Joe, 110mph in the rain??? :loony:
  16. Pete, I have never used Mobil 1 before but after hearing all of the noise about it---Friday, at Wal-Mart, I pick up my 20-50 Pennsoil that I always use ($6.88) and see the Mobil 1 for $18.88. I got the Mobil. Always looking for more HP. My clutch better not slip or I will be sending the chickens.
  17. My boy put them on his F-3. He just loved them but only had them about a month before he traded the bike. Sportrider magazine have been raving about them. Says that they are far better than the 207. That is what I will get next time. Some one who puts a lot of miles on might want to go with something harder.
  18. Here is one for you Joe. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...&category=35580
  19. I have the same thing as you. My screws are out 2 1/2 and it has been up to 75F and it is not doing what yours is doing. I would look for something loose.
  20. So, should I get the "New and Improved" rubbers for my 97???
  21. The Dancer works for me but there has to be a better way. There is the bike vise too. www.bike-vise.com I saw something on a English site. I'll see if I can find it.
  22. Don't have a F-4 but on the XX, you take a cover screw and screw it into the back of it (you will see a threaded hole). Wiggle it around while pulling. It is held in by a O ring.
  23. Don't you remember? They are under the carbs! Very hard to get to. Did you set them two out or two and one half?
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