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  1. Dave, I'm about to ship my bike off to FMS in King George for new brake lines, change all fluids and anything else it needs. Would you have any time this weekend to drop by and have a look at it with me before I put it in the hands of the dealer? I really have to get it back on the road but its getting to the point of being a 'project bike' which breaks my heart. However, I think there's still time to implement a little loving care, some well placed strokes, and Honda magic, to suddenly bring it back to life! Thanks, David B five 4 ooh too ate sevn for nein ate sticks
  2. wr0ngway


    Dear Zero? Why are dogs' yawns not contagious to humans?
  3. wr0ngway

    Best tool for cutting sheet metal

    got them, thanks! Looks like they'll work great. I might give him the skis too, at least for the winter.
  4. wr0ngway

    Best tool for cutting sheet metal

    Making a sculpture out of old stove pipe, a giant tin man with an eternal flame heart. Need to cut pieces of stove pipe, sheet metal, probably all about 14 -18 ga. Using tiny sheet metal screws for connections.
  5. wr0ngway


    blow me
  6. wr0ngway


    Dear Zero, Is Hillary gay?
  7. wr0ngway

    Subpoena me booty

    Dear Zero, I may have accidentally walked out of the store with a stratolounger and a free coke, or maybe not. I don't remember where the store is. I don't know how the recliner fit into my car, and its not in my house either!! I received this ominous email but haven't opened the attachment because I know once I do the clock starts ticking! Ignorance is no excuse!! What should I do? Email transcript (attachment not included)- received from cwalters2 at pcfurniturestore dot com <quote> Are you sure this subpoena has the correct info? can you confirm the info on this subpoena is correct? you can find it attached, please let me know asap , before i call my layer. Chris Walter PC Furniture Store, LLC P: 216.7765724 F: 216.3012376 </quote>
  8. wr0ngway

    siezed nyloc lock nut

    This has to do with a lawnmower wheel but I'm posting here in case anybody has encountered and solved this very frustrating condition- I replaced a 1/2" bolt on the wheel connection assembly and decided to be smart and use a nylon lock nut. The new nut went on the new bolt, nice and tight, about half way down the 3" bolt and then wouldn't "go no mo", neither back nor forth, lots of muscle, though not with a cheater bar, just an 8" crescent and socket, but the nut barely moves. It's as TIGHT AS [insert anal reference]. i'm thinking there is a reaction which makes the nylon turn into glue from the heat of friction but I can't find any data to confirm this. I'll try some penetrating oil and when that doesn't work I'll heat up the nut to soften the nylon (i think it was an ehow article that said +250 degrees). I've used nylon lock nuts in the past, never had this problem before. Thanks, Sticky Nuts
  9. wr0ngway

    ignition switch

    +1 jiggle, and lube i'll search for the topic again. +1 on worn tumblers and key. don't have a spare, i'll look into getting one, i think i do have the key number tag. +1 on cover. thanks!
  10. wr0ngway

    ignition switch

    key won't turn. key insertion feels mushy. could be some ice in there so i'll wait til it warms up before doing anything drastic, but may be time for a new ignition switch. anybody ever had this issue?
  11. wr0ngway

    wheel wobble 1/32" on used wheel

    new wheel just arrived. rolls evenly across the floor. i'm happy. should have it on the bike by March, new front next summer, i'll be ridin' by neXXt!
  12. wr0ngway

    wheel wobble 1/32" on used wheel

    i already bought and received the first one, $71.00 total. He'll send me the correct wheel, even trade, or just a refund. Either way I'm shipping the first one back to him.
  13. wr0ngway

    wheel wobble 1/32" on used wheel

    Should I worry? Its better than the banged up wheel I have now, but if its still sketchy then why bother, i'll just get a refund and buy one of the other wheels available? The seller is very accommodating, not a con (though i guess he is a wheeler-dealer ) and is going to make an even trade for the wheel I bought last month which doesn't fit. I should have looked more closely at the picture, I was thinking there might be a difference in the spoke style but it would still fit, but its not even close, wrong number of rotor bolts, number of pads, thinner spokes, geez! btw, any idea what kind of bike its for? Thanks for your, uh, opinion...
  14. nice car Dave. my daughter just turned 16,,, looking. actually drove through the Honda dealership this afternoon looking at the new civics, cr-v's and pilots, had to duck out before the salesman tagged us...
  15. Darn, missed the wheel, I really need one o' them. Already had mine straightened once a few years ago at that place in CO, then another bend more recently, ouch Let me know if it becomes available. My sprocket is ok, could use the rotor though too. Thanks!!