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Supersprox hooked me up!

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After debating between a Vortex alum. rear sprocket and the suggested use of the "Supersprox" item, after some homework on the subject was completed Supersprox won out. A bit pricy, but I was able to make a deal with  an employee named "Craig" (763) 255-2536 at Supersprox headquarters . Ordered  a 47 tooth for the XX and a 45 tooth for the Bandit. Killer deal of $76.95 each. SWEET!

Spread the word.

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I ordered the stealth versions with the colored alum center section. Craig told me list was $146.95. I told him I was a shop hired to customize a "customer's" XX and he then said he'd charge me "shop" price  which was $106.95. Said the one for the XX was going to have to be manufactured since none were in stock for the spec I wanted. Said it would be at least 3 weeks before I received it. Said he had an all black model in stock ( I originally ordered a blue one). He said if I bought that one he'd sell it to me for $76.95. I figured I could just paint the center section the same blue as the bike so problem solved. Plus it would be the exact same color as the bike.

I said since I had him on the phone could he see what was available for my 2016 1250 Bandit. So I'm getting one with a red center ( bike is the same red as the '01 XX) and again at the reduced price. Awesome!

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9 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

That's about $20 cheaper than eBay and you got to spec your size, nice.  Did he charge shipping or tax?  Why 47?

 I actually wasn't sure if he'd charge shipping . Just checked my bank account and NO tax and NO shipping fee! $153.90 for both shipped to my door. Nice.

I'm more interested in going as quickly as possible, especially at the drag strip not so much about top speed, so  lowered the gearing a bit with the 47 tooth.

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