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  1. These alum. bar risers for the XX are pre-owned. I just HIGHLY polished them so they look incredible! One of the chromed steel center caps has a little pitting. They rise the bars exactly 3/4 inch. $50 + shipping. Price is firm. Send me an email address and I'll send pics if wanted. Payment by PayPal only. Steve
  2. That description reference did come to mind when wording this ad. And yes, you can believe me on this.
  3. Very nice - exceptional condition black vinyl tank bra for sale. Soft underside. No fading, splits, scratches or damage at all. Just washed. No "writing" of any kind on it. Send email address if pics are wanted. $25+ shipping. Price is firm. Payment by PayPal.
  4. Set of two hard black nonmetallic sliders for sale. Like new condition. Comes with hardware. No damage at all. Send me your email address if pics are wanted. $25 + shipping. Prices are firm. Payment by PayPal.
  5. Very good condition. Still soft, not faded black leather, no cracks , rips . There are two BARELY seen , very shallow surface scratches on the left rear section of the seat. All black so it'll go with any year XX. Interested people wanting pics, just send me your email address and I'll send some your way. Already broken in so none of the traditional Corbin hard seat feeling. Not listed at Corbin's web site anymore so I assume they are no longer available. $285 + shipping. Price is firm.
  6. I remember you took care of me money wise on that! I also remember based on the time involved I swore to myself NEVER to do that type of work again!
  7. Oh yeah! I remember I had to sand it totally smooth with very fine paper and polish the hell out of it. They did turn out pretty damn nice I remember. Wow, how long ago was that? Had to have been at least 10 years ago, right?
  8. I remember I had an extra stock swing arm I smoothed, polished and sold to a member. Unless your reply was a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" play on words. : )
  9. Some don't like chrome, some don't like the color purple. I've already heard all the lame gay jokes about my color choice. If I decide to keep my red 2001 model, it'll be a nice GM blue metallic called "Wave Blue Metallic" with silver accents and silver wheels.
  10. Just this morning was emailed from the owner telling me the Honda dealership replaced the fuel pump , looked over the whole bike and it could be picked up. I'm a perfectionist and have had two very successful show bikes, one of which was my former 2003 XX. I wouldn't even want a bike with any rust, oxidation, scratches or any imperfections. I am a retired auto body shop owner and have the ability to fix all of these thigs but I am booked up with my own projects currently and have no time to "fine tune" a cheaper bike with any imperfections. Since this rare find is sought after by others
  11. Anytime you come across a vehicle , especially one that's almost 20 years old, in mint condition with only 5111 miles (269 miles per year average), chances are you'll pay top dollar for it ( especially in this current economy). I expect that, and I am just fine with it. At my age of 66 , chances are pretty high this will be the last XX I ever own. I'm sure I could have found a nice , clean '99-2003 model with 20,000 + miles on it for $4500-$5000, but I'd have to put many hours of labor into it along with many hundreds of dollars as well to get it to where I want it. I have too many ongoing pro
  12. I started my first XX experience with a left-over '99 model I bought in 2000. My second was a 2003 model I did a full custom job on and was forced to sell it to (among other things) put a new roof on my house. I currently have a 2001 which is mostly apart, has been for about 3 years now, and hopefully will go back together this Summer. I had intended to do another full custom job on this '01 but some other projects pushed it onto the back burner. Since I'm doing a 90% rebuild and restoration of a '99 Grand Prix GTP coupe, plus work on my '94 Chevy Caprice wagon and a 2005 Buick LeSabre I bough
  13. I'm afraid going to Canada isn't an option especially with me not having a passport.
  14. Under 20K miles, as stock as possible. No "beaters". MUST have excellent body panels. Within 100 miles of Philadelphia, PA. I've got cash. Ready to buy now. Steve Smith
  15. ALL of the lines are to be replaced with after market SS ones. Just ordered them yesterday (Galfer). Compressed air isn't a problem as are "Q" tips. I have some alcohol used in auto body work to prep plastic bumper covers. Not sure what % it is, but should work well. Thanks all for the advice.
  16. Brake and clutch master cylinders will be removed , paint stripped and housings polished. Old brake fluid looks pretty nasty in them. Don't want to damage internals so what solvent is best to clean them out? Brake clean? Wax & grease remover? Not rebuilding them, just want them flushed out real good.
  17. Good one! Although I never had a pet fish let alone a talking fish friend . A few early on girl friends did kinda smell that way though. Oh and my Dad's name isn't Stan.
  18. I actually wasn't sure if he'd charge shipping . Just checked my bank account and NO tax and NO shipping fee! $153.90 for both shipped to my door. Nice. I'm more interested in going as quickly as possible, especially at the drag strip not so much about top speed, so lowered the gearing a bit with the 47 tooth.
  19. I ordered the stealth versions with the colored alum center section. Craig told me list was $146.95. I told him I was a shop hired to customize a "customer's" XX and he then said he'd charge me "shop" price which was $106.95. Said the one for the XX was going to have to be manufactured since none were in stock for the spec I wanted. Said it would be at least 3 weeks before I received it. Said he had an all black model in stock ( I originally ordered a blue one). He said if I bought that one he'd sell it to me for $76.95. I figured I could just paint the center section the same blue as the bik
  20. After debating between a Vortex alum. rear sprocket and the suggested use of the "Supersprox" item, after some homework on the subject was completed Supersprox won out. A bit pricy, but I was able to make a deal with an employee named "Craig" (763) 255-2536 at Supersprox headquarters . Ordered a 47 tooth for the XX and a 45 tooth for the Bandit. Killer deal of $76.95 each. SWEET! Spread the word.
  21. Ummm, gee, sorry 'bout that. I've been away from this site for so long I still need some time to acclimate myself and get a refresher course on the wide variety of personalities here. As you were..............
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