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WTF kind of thread is this shit? Propane flow controller


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The is the flow regulator on my generator, not to be confused with a pressure regulator.  I'm wanting to split up and add a hose between the pressure reg and the flow controller, which are currently connected with this.  WTF thread??  It's like double the courseness.  Not quite, but a lot.



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LOL.  And I have the solution. The question was literally, WTF is that???  Absolutely nothing in Lowe's had that thread.  I'll get a pic later.  On the course side, a flow reg, on the MIP side, a standard pressure reg.  I need to put a male QD fitting on one and female on the other so they can be split.  I got a female-female size adapter for the normal theads.  I guess this is an intrinsic part of the flow reg.


BTW you cannot in any way fuck with the length of the hose from the flow reg to the generator.  Longer?  Lean and dies.  Shorter?  Floods.  So if I want it to work from the RV and from a raw propane bottle, I have to split them like this (only ONE feed line at a time.




13 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

M9.7x1.176 and 1/3 British metric


I'd shoot that.


Also let's not get started on the fact that the RV has a gas outlet on the side of it intended for a grill or generator.  But nobody knows how to make use of it, because of the double regulator problem.  Dealer:  "Yeah nobody uses that, you unplug the main tank and use that."


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