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Closet find! RKA Soft bags

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Cleaning out a closet, I came across these like new RKA soft bags I bought new and used once on my now long gone ‘01 XX. I paid $200 and would like to get $100. These bags are a nice size and are configured for your Blackbird. Rain covers are included but the bags have never seen rain. 
  To reach me quickly text @ 321-544-4129 if you call just leave a VM and I’ll get back to ya. I use PayPal.

Hopefully there are members here who can still vouch for me as an honest individual! 😉





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$60 shipped to 91745.  I hate to be a lowballer to a brother, but I just don't need them enough to justify paying what they're worth.  Please take your time to see if someone ponies up more and only take my offer after the wife leaves you....unless you like her, then do it just before she leaves you.  Make sure she knows it was a painful giveaway, should be worth a blowy.

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I just did a UPS shipping calculation from 32953 Merritt Island, FL to Hacienda Heights and for a snug box with dimensions of 18x14x11 inches and a weight of 6 lbs…wait for it…is now $47.47!!! Shipping rates have skyrocketed. So for $60 shipped I’d get $12.53 for these very nice bags that are already set up for your XX. How about $80? You only have to use them once for it to be worth the purchase.

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Unfortunately, dimensional weight has always been a motherfucker on light/large items.  I have a pair of brand new bag liners for the aluminum cases that I can't sell also because of the cost to ship.


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