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Police Squad! on DVD

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Free to a good home.  This is the first thing we've been unable to find to download in ten years.  Didn't have any way to play a DVD on the TV, since, well, it's 2019, so I ripped it and watched it from the media server.


It was still as hilarious as it was in the 90s.


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Seasons?  LOL, it only hit six episodes, a total of 150 minutes.  I guess there are only so many times you can say, "Cigarette?"  "Why yes, it is."



1 hour ago, SwampNut said:

It was still as hilarious as it was in the 90s.


I can't believe I typed that wrong, it's from the early 80s.  Wishful thinking I guess, that I wasn't so old.  Maybe I should randomly send it to one of my younger friends who will have no idea it exists.  But they won't have a DVD player either.


EDIT:  Moriah loved it, and had no idea about it.  She also only recently saw Airplane, which is what prompted us to get this.  She's now a fan of this kind of comedy, which unfortunately is a dead art.

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6 hours ago, Zero Knievel said:

Hell...I’ll take it.  What are the odds it won’t be found like other classics such as Blazing Saddles?


PM an address, I don't think I have your info saved.


We also have Blazing Saddles on Bluray (the whole Mel Brooks library actually).  I guess I should rip that, we gave away the BR player years ago.


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