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I'm sure some of us have some pretty cool setups. Post up whatcha got.

Mine is in the 3rd bay of my garage. I have a heater for winter but during the summer its hot. Fortunately I like sweating.

I have hex dumbbels from 6lb up to 70lb, power cage with upper and lower pulley, some goofy sit up bench that came with the cage (I bought used), a Schwinn Airdyne bike, home made chin up bar bolted to the ceiling, 100lb heavy bag and I moved the rower upstairs for the wife.



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Nothing fancy here. Cage, bench, pull-up bar. I used to have a set of dumbbells similar to yours, Brett, but they all got sold once I picked up the Ironmaster adjustables. My father in law gave me the chrome plated ones (at the base of the mirror)when he moved to FL, they get used for lighter stuff. I rarely use the curl bench, it irritates my elbow if I use enough weight to accomplish anything. There used to be a TV above that desk, there’s a bicycle hanging there now. Elliptical is upstairs in the spare bedroom with a TV in front of it. Oh, and 500lbs. of rubber coated plates, another Craigslist score. Traded a guy straight up for plain iron plates, he apparently missed the clanking, LOL. 





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On 2/2/2019 at 10:46 PM, Loki said:

Try some old fashioned hard plastic cup style elbow pads, should allow the bones to rotate in the cup....the guys at work use them on that type of table




That’s not my issue. After 30+ years of swinging a hammer I have some elbow issues. Going heavy on isolation exercises like curls can leave my elbows, especially my left, just about useless for days or even weeks if I push it too hard. Lifting has improved some joint issues I have, but I still have to be careful or I’ll be looking at extended time off. 

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New addition-





It stands up and stores is less that a 2’ x 3’ space, so it’s not taking up all that space when not in use. Just did 40 minutes on it and this thing is going to kick my ass like an elliptical never could. 

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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, blackhawkxx said:

That had to be fun getting it up into the cab.

I used forklift.


No, not really. It is mini elliptical machine, 80-90 pounds total. Handles and control panel are easily removable. It was no biggie. 

Normally I keep it in the corner of the sleeper area. 





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