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Need Blackbird spare parts.

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Headlight, upper cowl, maybe the upper fairing stay (that'll be the tough one).  I believe they FINALLY make the headlight aftermarket now.  Think I saw one on ebay.

Edit:  Now they make both the headlight AND the upper fairing stay aftermarket.

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Looking for headlight, fairing stay,  forks, left ram air duct and the panel that clips to it (it left the bike while towing home) , windscreen, front fender , 


might just do fork tubes and upgrade to cartridge internals 


that’s all I know of right now I had to fly to Vegas so I’ve not really looked at it all yet. 

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Joe's going to be the only one with all of those parts I'm aware of on here.  I used all of that to rebuild Furbird V2 from the previous stunter that owned it (plus a ton more).

If he's OOS, you're going to be on ebay as I stated further up the thread.  Now will be the time to do tapered head bearings as there is no way I would trust the ones in there since it bent the forks.  I would tear the entire front end out and inspect everything VERY carefully as that was a significant hit with that being the case.  Might want to go ahead and get the triple trees and all and not just the forks.

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As far as I know, no difference between carbed and FI Bird forks.

I have a set of forks off an 01 ( FI bike ) on my 98 carbed bird. 

I didn't see any physical difference. They do have aftermarket internals though.

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On 8/29/2022 at 5:22 PM, rockmeupto125 said:

Alright, Club..........I'll go over your list and see what's in the shed I'm cleaning out.

‘Thanks man 


I’ve gotten everything just about on the way , doing a fork upgrade, my lower tubes were good , my uppers were trash so I got pair as well as cartridge upgrades (and shock) coming, new fairings are on the way, and most the bits and bibs I could find broken or bent. 


’last thing on the list right now is a right hand mirror glass. 

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