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HUD Helmet display

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  • OMG changed the title to HUD Helmet display

It would be nice if it works, but my concern is that you have to have perfect 20/20 vision for it to work based on placement in proximity to the eyes.  I need glasses for distance.  My near vision is worse through the glasses, and this display would be close enough that I need readers to focus on it.  If they made one that put the information on your visor, that might be more believable…especially if the image is adjustable to compensate for vision correction.

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Two year old ad-blog written by someone with a third grade grasp of English.


Ignore the eyesight rant above; HUDs by design are focused at infinity so any glasses you wear or eye issues you may have are the same as seeing the road.


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On 6/12/2022 at 12:47 PM, SwampNut said:

it was equally poorly written, with plain lies in it.  So you should ignore everything on that site.

Could we also apply that to much of what we get from the "news"?

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