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I haven't seen, heard of, or been asked for a MO in well over ten years.  Agree they are pretty secure simply due to enforcement, and the specialty papers are very hard to forge.


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I'll take any piece of paper that turns into cash without being attached to my bank account, and release the merchandise after I'm holding the cash.

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On 11/19/2021 at 1:43 AM, CALCXX said:

I have bought and sold gun items and I/they requested USPS money orders. You can only buy $1k per money order so, it's a little hassle.

Never heard of any disputes over USPS money orders. Federal forgery or fraud with the US Postmaster is a big deal. I never had any doubts.


Seems like a common way people want guns paid for when purchased online to be shipped. I’ve complied in the past, but it is a headache to stand in line at the post office to buy an $800 money order only to have to send the money via snail mail.  Bought a few Sigs that way on Sig Forum.

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