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  1. For some reason, the above links don't work, so I've uploaded them here. CBR1100XX_Parts_Manual.pdf CBR1100XX_Shop_Manual.pdf
  2. Oh, it'll rock the house and it sounds good doing it. I'm just replacing it with a Crown XLS 402 that I already have laying around because everything in my livingroom is now rackmount.
  3. It's a Harman Kardon AVR30. The power rating is 60W continuous average power (NOT max). The kicker is the instantaneous amps it can deliver (+-30A). I haven't used it in anything other than stereo bypass mode for 20 years.
  4. I'm fixing to part with mine, but it's so old that it's Dolby Pro-Logic.
  5. Skull

    Hybrid water heaters

    Have you considered a circulating pump on a timer to keep hot water at the point of use when commonly needed? I can't figure out how to do that without taking a jackhammer to the slab and running new lines. Ah, I see.You could use PEX and run the return through the ceiling? There is no attic space connecting the two halves of the house. It's... irritating.
  6. Skull

    Hybrid water heaters

    Holy shit. I hate the government.
  7. Skull

    Hybrid water heaters

    Have you considered a circulating pump on a timer to keep hot water at the point of use when commonly needed? I can't figure out how to do that without taking a jackhammer to the slab and running new lines.
  8. Skull

    Hybrid water heaters

    I'm looking at removing the large water heater and replacing it with three half-size water heaters -- one for the kitchen/laundry and one for each shower. Right now, the hot water lines have to run all the way across the house through the slab to get to the two showers, and it means you have to run it for quite awhile to get up to temperature. I have enough room to co-locate the half-size water heaters with the showers, and each half-size is worth two reasonable (or one teenage length) showers.
  9. I want the battery and charger for it. Fiona can have the case.
  10. I have an '02 with the extender. You'd have to put the red overtop the silver (that's how the red paint is layered anyway).
  11. I guess it would depend on whether or not it's a flat third. Music joke. Nevermind.
  12. I have one I might sell, but the shipping to Italy is going to be a bitch. PM me if you're interested.
  13. For what it's worth, a mechanic friend of mine said he thought Moog parts were generally of inferior quality to OEM. I've not found that to be my experience, though. I'm very happy with the Moog parts on my Impala.
  14. Skull

    Avon Tires

    I exclusively ran Avon Venoms on my Valkyrie. I have a set of Storms on my Bird-That-Sucks, but I won't have another set. I had Pirelli Diablos before those. I'm going to go with Michelin Pilot Road IIIs next. I'm actually not sure what's on the TurboBird -- I still have whatever came on the brand-new take-off ZX14 rims.
  15. I'm a fan of VEI. http://www.veisystems.com/ I have V-gauges on my TurboBird.
  16. I just ordered my Spiegler lines 2" longer than stock.
  17. I had turn signals in the mirrors on my Goldwing. They're not blinding at night. I found them actually quite useful for vehicles to be able to see them when they wouldn't have otherwise had a direct view of my fronts or rears.
  18. 'He' is me, and other than the bodywork being underwhelming and routine maintenance stuff, it should be fine. I've had it in pieces for awhile after robbing parts off it for my TurboBird, but I'm putting it back together now. I'm glad Caleb's not in a hurry, because I'm lazy. Ha.
  19. What's the native resolution of the LCD in it? They came with a couple different options.
  20. Your lists look good. The reason why? Well, Stan did it, and it was cool, and it rode better. Most of my projects don't really need a reason why, exactly...
  21. Skull

    Ready for ZXXX

    Service Honda quotes $259.41.
  22. Skull

    Ready for ZXXX

    Sorry!!! Maybe sell your triple on .com? I got the RC51 upper for $25 on ebay... the 929/954 lower was about $175 though, I think (ebay also). The next project, which I might skip entirely, is roller bearings as opposed to the existing ball bearings I re-used from the 929 triple - they were in fine shape, though. I've had a bunch of other projects that have snuck in front of this one, so I haven't done steering stops or tried out the key switch alignment yet. I swore that was going to be this week, but a TW200 refresh for a friend became more complex, as always. Maybe I can manage some time tomorrow morning. That's as close to bolt-on as I think it's going to get - I would like to see an SP1 lower and how that fits with the steering stops before I make the lofty claim that the 929/954 lower triple is THE way to go. I wouldn't mind trying a 929/954 upper either, just to see how it looks. For now, I've invested enough in parts that are laying around the garage never to be used... the cost of "research". I can probably get ~$200 for the ZX14 LSL top triple which means only an additional ~$350 for the RC51 LSL top triple. :icon_wall:
  23. Skull

    Ready for ZXXX

    Well, shit. This is a better solution than the machined bearing cup, and it's going to cost me a lot of money. Thanks for nothing, Mike.
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