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  1. I recently acquired my brothers Tiger. 3k miles Triumph matching bags Triumph soft tail bag Triumph gel seat (stock also) Triumph anodized brake res. Triumph hand guards Pazzo knock off levers Cee Baileys screen (stock also) center stand He bought the bike new in 11 and never rode it much. I have helped him financially lately so I ended up with the bike. It has the original tires on it, they have tread but are getting old. The only blemish is on the left saddlebag. He dropped it in his driveway. The infill panel is available but will take 6 to 10 weeks to get new and I'd like it gone before then. Located in southeast Kansas now but will be going to the Kansas City area in a week or two. $6,200
  2. Southeast Kansas...Yates Center Heres the craigslist ad my son in law didhttp://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/5479413551.html
  3. Title is clear. Its a great bike just need money more than the bike.
  4. Just over 4k miles Leo Vince slip ons woodcraft sliders crg levers 2 sets of seats spare tail section decals $5900
  5. Rode a lot of miles with Mike when he lived in Kansas. Bike was always spotless and meticulously maintained. Been dealing with phone company lately wish you were still around Stretch.
  6. Must check the for sale section more often:(
  7. Have you given up on riding or moved on to something else?
  8. I'm always a little late to the party.
  9. If you haven't found one yet they do make a block off kit for the SAI. I've done the adaptive idle thing on mine and it does help with some driveability issues. It usually takes about 12 minutes total although I'm not sure on the air cooled Triumphs. Even if you use Tune ECU it will help to do this.
  10. Ya, the traction in any amount of snow is non-existent.
  11. If you part out the F2 I'll take a front brake rotor.
  12. Not a bad tire except for the mileage. We got less than 20k out of them.
  13. Thats about average chain life. I've used white buffalo racing for chains in the past, might also try sprocket center.
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