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  1. A big thank you for the help unloading a trailer full. Good to spend a little time with you.
  2. Sent messages to TOXXIC , Shoe & Furbird Zero's is in the mail
  3. The 01 has a long pigtail and is a pain to correctly route. I did mine about a year ago. It is relocated away from the engine obviously for less heat. But routing from the right side tail forward and then across right by the battery box was a bear to get done. Have fun
  4. Do you know if the 2000 model R/R will fit the 99 Bird ?
  5. Is this what you are looking for Craig? It has the short pigtail so I know it will not fit a 2001 or later but as Mike said, I am not sure if it will fit a 99 model but maybe?
  6. I will get everything sorted out in the next couple days with individual replies and shipping costs. I am keeping three items for future sales that are hard to find now adays. (good headlight housing, ECU and straight subframe)
  7. Now that the house is under contract, I have to get rid of what is left of my 2000 Bird part out from 18 months ago or so. Not much left and virtually no value so offering it up for shipping and paypal fee costs only. The Bird had 53,000 miles I believe. Complete linked brake system Pair passenger rear sets Engine and trans radiators Resprayed black fuel tank with pump installed. Still has a little fuel with stabil to preserve the pump. Throttle body reg/rectifier Rear grab rail (Black) What is not wanted will be disposed of since I am not moving and storing it Pictures available upon request
  8. The small scuffs and tears are only on the protection layer and not through the bags themselves. They worked well on my Bird while traveling to NeXXt from Florida. With the New FJR, I no longer have use for them Lowered price to $75
  9. https://ricksmotorsportelectrics.com/Hot-Shot-Wiring-Harness-Connector-Kit-11_112
  10. I have a Chase Harper Saddlebags and Tail Trunk set for sale. It made a few trips to NeXXt on my Bird but have no use for it any more. It is in very good condition with a couple small tears in the rubber exterior protective liner of the saddlebags as pictured. Tears are not into the cordura bag itself. A small dab of rubber cement will fix it up. Other than that, they are ready to ride. http://chaseharper.com/TailTrunks/405350.htm $75.00
  11. Broward MotorSports of Fort Lauderdale 954-467-0990 Parts Dept Parts Manager is Blake Senior parts guy and friend I deal with is John
  12. He originally offered it at 20% off MSRP which at 111.95 -20% = $89.56 I sent him an offer for $50.00 but did not get a reply so assuming he is holding out for more. I would say offer somewhere in between 50 and 90 if interested and specify including shipping.
  13. Mike, I texted them for the UPC code or manufacture part number.
  14. Unfortunately I don't know what the actual height is on the Puig brand windscreen. I do know that they only offer the touring model now for the Bird but don't know the height.
  15. The parts manager from the local Honda dealership that I used to work for has a brand new Puig Windscreen for the BlackBird. It was special ordered in my mistake and now can not be returned. Asked me if I knew anyone that might be interested in it. Here it is pictured with the MSRP price sticker on it. He originally wanted to only offer a 20% discount but I am sure it can be had for a lot less if someone is interested. He is stuck with it and knows it will be hard to move regardless of the selling price.
  16. Spoke with John and said there are many automotive LCD repair places for the automobile industry. He said to just tell them you need a polarizer film replacement on a Honda race car dash LCD display. If I can not get anyone to do it here in the States, I can send it over to him to get it done but will be far more expensive with shipping and the dollar conversion.
  17. nope smoked screen and kept inside my garage
  18. Craig, I lost about 8000 miles with the swap. Lower milage on the replacement.
  19. I will contact John and also post it up on Facebook since I am friends with a few Brits that may have idea's. Thanks for the suggestion. LOL I knew exactly what you were asking for. I am hoping to get some info, for you to be able to learn the technique to do some here in the States. I watched a YouTube video and it appears fairly straight forward if you have the LCD completely separate and you have the correct degree polarizing film.
  20. It has happened on a few different Bird's as documented on the "premier" CBRXX.com forum! If you google LCD polarizer film replacement, you will find lots of info on it. Most of the info is in reference to LCD Monitor screens. It seems that heat is the main damaging element. There are a couple places overseas that can do the polarizer film replacement at a reasonable cost but none that I know of here in the States. I did find a guy in Missouri that does the LCD dash repairs for Corvette's where it also seems to be a common problem. Similar problem exists for iphones as well but can not find anyone that will work on the Bird LCD. Evidently the Polarizer film comes in a few different "degrees" of film. Replacement film is available on ebay and amazon if you know the correct "degree" film to buy. It is cheap but the trick is knowing how to remove the old and apply the new correct degree film. There is a guy in Singapore that has done a few Bird LCD Dashes but I was trying to find someone here in the States. Shipping costs are stupid high to Singapore and back.
  21. Anyone know of a business that can repair/replace the polarizer film on a digital dash on a 2000-2008 CBR1100XX.I had to replace my dash as shown in the picture and trying to locate someone that can fix up my original.I have the circuit board and LCD removed and ready to ship to someone (hopefully in America) that can repair it. The speedometer works and looks good.Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  22. http://bikebits.us/fairing-bolt-large-p159.html
  23. Keep an eye out for black colored weights. You want the weight as close to the center anyway so good job.
  24. Should work just fine and do a much better job than your previous set-up. Did you buy stick-on weights?
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