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    Tire wear

    I just looked again at my rear tire and it looks better than I expected. I live on a short shellrock road so it shows wear clearly. I am about a half mile from I-95 so spend a lot of time on the interstate. I have almost 7000 miles on this Pilot Road 3 and have at least another 1000 easy.
  2. John01XX

    Tire wear

    It certainly could be just crown but just does not sound right to me. All bikes do have an adjustment for alignment. The little marks on the swing arm axle brackets (for lack of a better name) have to be equal on both sides. Chain adjuster marks! must be the same on both sides given that nothing is bent or broken. If not the same, not only will the tire wear off center but the chain and sprockets will wear out prematurely as well. Last I looked at my BlackBird rear tire, it will be due for a change out fairly soon and the wear is straight down the middle of the Pilot Road 3. Almost to the wear bars in the center. Most all the mileage is on Interstate highways if that makes any difference.
  3. John01XX

    Tire wear

    Remembering back the couple years I was a service writer for a large jap bike dealership and my personal 100,000+ miles on my bikes, I can't recall a single rear tire that wore out the side wall before the center. With tires being made with harder compounds in the center for longer life and softer compounds on the side walls for better grip in the corners seems strange to me that road crowns would have much if any effect on uneven rear tire wear. Only place i see that drastic side wall wear pattern is on the racetrack where there are more left turns than right or visa versa. On the street I would not think road crowns would have much of an effect. I never considered myself a great service writer due to not a big supporter of dealership techs and i have been known to be wrong more often than not. Anyone know of any accurate information as to the correlation of road crowns and rear tire wear? What about the front tire, does it have similar side wear patterns? I go back to alignment issues myself.
  4. John01XX

    Tire wear

    Miss-aligned rear wheel will do that very quickly
  5. Will be delivered in WI on Wednesday, Priority Mail.
  6. I just plugged it in and looked to see what is on the two tapes that I have. Discovered it is videos of my classes when I was teaching my customer service reps the technical side of car wash parts and equipment at Sonny's Enterprises. 10-12 years ago. Funny as I am now creating car wash parts content for the website of the largest distributor of Sonny's today. I would like to have the two videos on disc for future review. Bill, If you want to go first, email or text me your mailing address and I will get it heading your way.
  7. if you can use it the cost is the shipping and transfer of whatever if anything that is on the two tapes for me and then send it on to others that can use it. It comes in a nice Case Logic padded bag and all the cables/adapters. No charge for the thick layer of dust on the bag.
  8. I haven't seen it now in approx. 2 days myself. Not since Tuesday evening (eastern) PC Windows 10 and iPhone 6S
  9. So far so good today, thank you for the help and advice
  10. Will do that next time it happens and see if that gets rid of it
  11. I will copy the message next time it happens. desktop windows 10
  12. Just an FYI, three times today I got an error message that the site IP can not be found but I instantly hit refresh and it came right back. This happened while on the site and clicking from the Pub to the Garage or the like. I have never had this happen before and a refresh takes me right to where I wanted to go. Not a big deal and may be something on my end.
  13. The theory was that if applying WD-40 to an X-ring chain, it will penetrate the seals and degrade the internal lubricant. By applying it to the rag only it only cleans the surface gunk from the chain. If chain lube/wax was applied properly gunk has no way to get to the seals and remains on the surface.
  14. I have always just used a clean rag and spray WD40 on the rag and wiped down the chain. It was always said to never spray WD-40 directly on the chain as it is a penetrant and not a lubricant. Spraying on the rag made it easy to wipe off the gunk on the chain. I will be following this thread as well for others opinions and experiences. I now have over 20,000 on my current chain. Still looks like brand new with virtually no stretching or kinks. Can't remember the brand, EK maybe, but was suppose to be the best of the best with forged links verses stamped metal links like the DID. Looked it up and I bought the RK530 MaxZ chain. Had the highest tensile strength and has forged links instead of stamped metal links. Has the longest life guarantee at 20,000 miles over the DID at 115,000 miles. Suppose to be a new fangled Z-ring or modified X-ring design that maintains the sealed internal lubricant better or so they claim.
  15. Brakeline will reach but stresses it when steering turned to full lock. Many have just ground off the little stop tab on the master cylinder to enable the banjo bolt to rotate slightly to reduce line stress.
  16. Please include a large bottle of eye bleach!
  17. As Carlos said, most likely you are experiencing water hammering. a combination of pump pulses and restrictions in the line will produce it. I used to get it occasionally in my previous house while on city water pressure. No pump but would get some hammering when I turned the single handle shower water valve on. Certain specific levels of line pressure resistance would cause it to hammer and adjusting the valve harder on or harder off momentarily would stop it. Plumber told me to replace the valve.
  18. I currently have two left in stock and just spoke with Honda this morning since I have had 45 on order for over 2 weeks now. They are on backorder from Japan but should be here within the next 2 weeks or so.
  19. I run pure gas in all of my small engines. Weed wacker, edger, mower etc as recommended by small engine mechanics.
  20. I just paid 3.29 today for ethanol free and the E10 was 2.78 Generally here the difference in regular E10 and Ethanol free is always about .50 a gallon. Down in Fort Lauderdale the difference was over .90 per gallon.
  21. Shouldn't have a problem connecting. You may have a problem buying if you decide to do so. The shipping calculator is acting up and sometimes will not let you select shipping method.
  22. http://bikebits.us/cbr1100xx-blackbird-products-c14/
  23. If I can be of any help, let me know. John, Jaws, sold the business over a year ago and the new owners are struggling to maintain what John built. I speak with and email back in forth with him monthly but he and his wife Maureen are traveling most of the time now that he has retired. I still sell him CCT's and Vista Cruises for the online store. He still supplies me with the Push-pins and a few misc items. I am facebook friends with about 10 BIRD members and can message them to be on the lookout for a laser cut metal chain guard. Edited since I saw where you got a reply from John on the BIRD forum. Pyramid Plastics made the metal guards.
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