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  1. Sounds to me like you discovered an inside trick to win more races! You should get rid of the oil cooler completely for a reduction in weight and then put her back together and run a few more passes to set some new personal best times ! More trophy's - more wins with your new secret formula!
  2. They come off and go back on easy peasy with a small dab of RTV Silicone. I have had my aluminum frame plugs off and back on a couple times. I was told to be careful about corrosion behind the frame plugs but it has not been a problem in over 10 years now.
  3. So You are the reason I am short the small left one !! 🙂 Yes RTV Silicone
  4. They are a decent fit but yes a dab of silicone has kept my set in place for over 10 years now.
  5. Yea they were selling like hotcakes back in the day! Back then I worked for a large manufacturing plant that gave me free access to CNC machines and robotics. No setup fees or program writing costs plus the aluminum material was very cheap. I made up and sold over 500 pairs of them but the last run of 50 pairs took me over a year to sell out. I no longer work for that company so they are no more 😞 I also made up some cool aluminum frame plugs that also matched the dimpled fairing bolts. I still have a few of them left over except that as a set of four I only have 3 ! I am missing the smaller plug on the left side. If someone has them installed like I do on my bird and loose one, if it is not the left small one I have replacements for the other three! Here is a pic of the partial set of three.
  6. You don't "need" either. The shrooms were designed to protect the side plastics in the case of a tip over or dropped bike while stopped or moving very slowly such as turning in a parking lot. The sliders are designed to protect the plastics in a low side crash. Personally i haven't seen much of an advantage to having frame sliders in the event of a "street" crash. On the track were bike often just slide to a stop is where they are most effective. The Shrooms only provide protection if the bike tips over when stopped or at, pushing the bike speeds. Most track bike have sliders and so it is cool to have them on your street bike. In my experience I have always slipped and dropped my bike at least once trying to back up or stopping on uneven surfaces. I have owned my new FJR over a year now and did drop it once turning around at a park with a spot of soft sand that washed the front tire out from under me! Most people did not want to drill holes in factory plastics for the frame sliders. As a result Jaws created the "Shrooms". Just my opinion.
  7. I use to carry some very cool looking aluminum shrooms that were milled to the same shape and design of the dimpled fairing bolts. Sold out many years ago and never had any more made up due to lack of demand.
  8. You replace the top fairing bolt on the lower plastics with the included hardware on the Shroom.
  9. There should be a little lip cut in that aligns the spacer. Add a small dab of silicone.
  10. Thanks, but I knew that. It has been down for well over a month. I need to make the call and stop paying $39.99 a month for the ecommerce store and just keep it as a static site. I don't sell enough every month to justify the monthly cost. I sell most everything on Amazon now. Doing well over $1000 per month now on Amazon. For BlackBird items I deal with people via PM, email and Paypal invoices and will be adding Google pay as well and dumping the ecommerce expense.
  11. As you mentioned, if you are looking for tip-over protection, there is no real need for frame sliders or cutting holes in the plastics. Many Bird owners install what are referred to as tip-over "Shrooms" verses frame sliders. Check them out here: http://bikebits.us/cbr1100xx-blackbird-products-c14/ I have a pair of the R&G Frame Sliders installed on my 01 Bird. Yes I had to cut the holes and yes they have to be removed to take off the panel. I have had no problem with the spacer falling out when the slider is removed but can be refitted without to much trouble if they do come out.
  12. A quick follow-up and huge big THANK YOU! 2 quarts low! Problem resolved Let the clean up begin and add the for sale sign. He is enjoying his new 2016 RAM 1500 4X4 Crew Cab
  13. Thank you, That would be awesome if that solved it! Checking today
  14. Truck question for a buddy of mine who just bought a new Ram Quad Cab Long Bed truck today. His old 97 Ram 1500 has been beat up pretty good in the construction industry but still runs reliably. The only issue is that the automatic transmission seems to hesitate when first trying to go and then clunks into gear and operates just fine throughout all gears. It only does it a couple times when cold and seems to fix itself when the tranny warms up. Just happens a couple times in the first 10-15 minutes in the mornings after sitting overnight. The transmission was serviced at Dodge about 18-20 months ago and this just started happening in the last month. From a stand still it seems to not want to go into gear initially and then clunks into gear hard. Any wild guesses or experience with a 97 Ram 1500 transmission? V8 motor.
  15. John01XX

    Tire wear

    I stand corrected, I was thinking we were referencing a sport bike with a chain, sorry. The older wings are a beast of their own!
  16. John01XX

    Tire wear

    I just looked again at my rear tire and it looks better than I expected. I live on a short shellrock road so it shows wear clearly. I am about a half mile from I-95 so spend a lot of time on the interstate. I have almost 7000 miles on this Pilot Road 3 and have at least another 1000 easy.
  17. John01XX

    Tire wear

    It certainly could be just crown but just does not sound right to me. All bikes do have an adjustment for alignment. The little marks on the swing arm axle brackets (for lack of a better name) have to be equal on both sides. Chain adjuster marks! must be the same on both sides given that nothing is bent or broken. If not the same, not only will the tire wear off center but the chain and sprockets will wear out prematurely as well. Last I looked at my BlackBird rear tire, it will be due for a change out fairly soon and the wear is straight down the middle of the Pilot Road 3. Almost to the wear bars in the center. Most all the mileage is on Interstate highways if that makes any difference.
  18. John01XX

    Tire wear

    Remembering back the couple years I was a service writer for a large jap bike dealership and my personal 100,000+ miles on my bikes, I can't recall a single rear tire that wore out the side wall before the center. With tires being made with harder compounds in the center for longer life and softer compounds on the side walls for better grip in the corners seems strange to me that road crowns would have much if any effect on uneven rear tire wear. Only place i see that drastic side wall wear pattern is on the racetrack where there are more left turns than right or visa versa. On the street I would not think road crowns would have much of an effect. I never considered myself a great service writer due to not a big supporter of dealership techs and i have been known to be wrong more often than not. Anyone know of any accurate information as to the correlation of road crowns and rear tire wear? What about the front tire, does it have similar side wear patterns? I go back to alignment issues myself.
  19. John01XX

    Tire wear

    Miss-aligned rear wheel will do that very quickly
  20. Will be delivered in WI on Wednesday, Priority Mail.
  21. I just plugged it in and looked to see what is on the two tapes that I have. Discovered it is videos of my classes when I was teaching my customer service reps the technical side of car wash parts and equipment at Sonny's Enterprises. 10-12 years ago. Funny as I am now creating car wash parts content for the website of the largest distributor of Sonny's today. I would like to have the two videos on disc for future review. Bill, If you want to go first, email or text me your mailing address and I will get it heading your way.
  22. if you can use it the cost is the shipping and transfer of whatever if anything that is on the two tapes for me and then send it on to others that can use it. It comes in a nice Case Logic padded bag and all the cables/adapters. No charge for the thick layer of dust on the bag.
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