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  1. Interesting! I previously had no idea what “squish” was. Had never even heard that term. Trying to wrap my head around the concept when I don’t really understand, but is decreasing squish kind of like reducing the bore in the head only?
  2. Nice project Wish I had the skill set to be able to do a similar project. I am still struggling to tear into my Birds tail and remove the test plug and get rid of an FI light!
  3. i just rebooted my system and may have cleared up my slow speed
  4. 9:15pm 12/3 been having a problem with it taking literally 30 seconds to move from one page to another. No issues on any other site using Windows 10 Chrome
  5. Or just ask here before buying any Parts for the Blackbird
  6. Honda refers to the part as a "Lifter Set" not CCT. Part# 06140-MAT-325
  7. Finally quit talking about it and listed both of my Suzuki’s for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Listed the 2006 GSX-R600 for $3500.00 firm and the 2002 SV650N as a parts bike for $500.00 sold the SV in 12 hours to a company that strips bikes and sells the parts on eBay. sent his driver over with cash and picked it up. Nice having room in the garage Now to sell the GSXR so I can pick up a Grom and join in the fun with SFLMiniGP
  8. Yep, I sold over a thousand 5-6mm shims for the Bird back in the day.
  9. But you are coming back next year to do it again, right!
  10. I am not sure what you are referring to? There is no "bolt" to take off after installation. There is a small "key" factory inserted in the top of the CCT to maintain internal tension. That key is simple pulled out after installation to release the spring tension of the CCT itself. If you pull the key out before installation, it will not install properly. It is possible to rewind up the internal spring with a small screwdriver in order to complete the proper install. Then just remove the screwdriver after installation. If this does not make sense to you then refer to the CCT installation thread that has pictures and better explanations or give me a call. PS there is a small screw-on cap that covers the key hole after the key is removed. Simple transfer the cap from the old CCT over to the new CCT. It is simply a dust/moisture cover.
  11. John01XX


    LOL! If you insist, "You are crazy"! unbolt old CCT (allen) and remove Drop in new CCT with new gasket, tighten allen screws ... Then and only then remove the key from the top of the new CCT. You will hear the "Lifter Set" tension up as you pull the key and release the spring. What we call a CCT, Honda calls a Lifter Set.
  12. After years of searching and sampling hundreds of different glass cleaners, Sprayway came out on top for the Car Wash Industry.
  13. I am so envious of your superior intellect! Not only are you a professional truck driver and an expert in metallurgy but now come to find out you have professional experience with a state of the art paint mixing scale!!! Google is your friend, or at least should be. OEM Steel 40 tooth Sprocket: 24.1 OZ Driven Racing Aluminum 41 Tooth Sprocket: 9.8 OZ Supersprox Steel/Aluminum 40 tooth Sprocket: 21.1 OZ Supersprox Steel/Aluminum 42 Tooth Sprocket: 22 OZ Of course this was using a standard non-calibrated kitchen scale, that was at least, in a pretty orange color ! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001KYSPHK?tag=thewire06-20&linkCode=xm2&ascsubtag=AwEAAAAAAAAAAVEo&th=1
  14. The truck driver has now become an expert in metallurgy and discovered a way to make aluminum heavier than steel!!
  15. I am still a firm believer in microfiber for scratchless cleaning of visors along with a quality glass cleaner like Sprayway.
  16. I have used it on Shoei photochromic shields, tinted and clear shields for years. Have had no issues
  17. I will endorse the product as one of the best glass cleaner products available anywhere in the country. As many of you know, I was heavily involved in the car Wash Industry for many years. I sold Sonny's glass cleaner to the industry at a rate of a pallet a month. This was before Sprayway sold as a retail product. Sonny's glass cleaner is a private label 19 oz can of Sprayway glass cleaner. It is ammonia free and safe for tinted windows. It is now carried and sold at Home Depot and Sams Club and the smaller travel size is great if you can find it at the right price. It is by far the best glass cleaner available and is cheap at averaging about $2 a can (19 oz). Many larger Self Service Car Washes carry the 4 oz can in their vending machines. Great product
  18. Received the order Will go out on Monday Priority Mail you will get the tracking info by email on Monday also.
  19. View all products Awesome Ears Helmet Gear Honda Licensed Products BlackBird Specialty Items in stock, cheap fix, easy 10 minute replacement latest double green dot OEM parts
  20. John01XX

    Hearing aids

    I currently have StarKey brand blue tooth hearing aids. They work amazing. Didn't realize what I was not hearing I have an App on my iPhone that controls everything. I build custom EQ maps for different environments and then add a custom name. I run a 64 track sound board for my church so I have a custom map made that I use when working the sound board. Named it "church" When I get a phone call, my phone does not ring out loud, instead just rings in my aids. My aids have there own mic's (2) so the phone stays in my pocket or on the car cradle. Anything that you can connect to your phone will automatically come through your aids. The model that I have will even translate any one of over 35 languages in real time. The technology in hearing aids has come a long way in the past 18 months. I got mine back in March and the audiologist told me that 2018 is considered the year for hearing aids. The good ones are not cheap though! That is unless you are a qualified Veteran, then the cost is very reasonable, (free).
  21. Thank you, yes it was drilled and tapped back in 2002.
  22. Two pictures I took today. Brake lights on, and one with the left signal on and the other with the right signal on. I hung a gallon bottle of vinegar on the foot brake lever to show the brightness of the brake lights.
  23. It cleans up the tail nicely. I like how it looks on my Candy Glory Red BlackBird! I am moving some bikes around in my garage today so will take a pic of it and post it here.
  24. There are some LED undertail kits still available on Ebay I think. I have one installed on my 01 Bird that I like.
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