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  1. I had my swing arm drilled and taped. Spools have worked great for almost 2 years now in conjunction with the Pit Bull rear stand. No problem for this skinny 150 lb weakling guy to put it on and off the stand by myself.
  2. I had that problem once. The only time I have let someone else do an oil / filter change for me. I learned the lesson and do my own always now. I ended up buying a filter removal tool that looks like a pair of channel locks but has rounded jaws that fit the filter. With them I can only get a 1/8 turn before hitting the pipes but it works great to break it loose. Got it at a local auto parts store for about $5.00.
  3. Troy, I also just ordered a progressive spring kit from www.hyperpro.com Actually I ordered mine through www.whitebuffaloracing.com/hyperpro.htm since it was 15.00 cheaper. I am waiting their arrival. Paid 164.00 total for the springs and Maxima fork oil including shipping. Hopefully will be here on friday.
  4. That is where I got mine from too. In stock, recieved in 3 days. D.I.D. ZVM X-Ring Chains PHOTO Order # Price...... Description...... (58347) $114.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 100 Links Closeout (58348) $116.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 102 Links Closeout (58349) $118.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 104 Links Closeout (58350) $121.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 106 Links Closeout (58351) $123.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 108 Links (58352) $125.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 110 Links (58353) $128.95 D.I.D. 530ZVM X-Ring Chain 112 Links http://www.hipersports.com/did.htm#Chains scroll almost to the bottom
  5. DID ZVM530 is the Dogs Dangles !
  6. It is a fairly common problem. It is usually a bad connection (ground). Mine was found immediately by the Honda dealer using their diagnostic computor. Check various grounds for loose connection.
  7. Jason, You can buy spray tint in an aerosol can but it doesn't work very well. Runs real easy, so you have to apply multipule light coats till you get the darkness you want. But it scratches real easy too. You would be better off buying a smoked screen. As Mick said, the MRA screen is probably the finest screen you can buy for the Bird and doesn't have much more rise than the newer model stock screens. I have a Powerbronze that I bought when I was in England for the Bash this year and it is a tall screen, but I love it since I am another old fart that doesn't do alot of deap tucking-in. The MRA is probably the favorite in Europe except for the price.
  8. "Pit Bull" Pit Stand works well for me since I took off my center stand for the Full Akropovic Race system.
  9. John01XX

    speaking of chains

    Good decision. You do want the ZVM. Check to see what they will charge you to install the ZVM for you just to avoid the purchase of the Chain riveter, maybe. The ZVM comes with the riveted master link.
  10. As Vern showed me at the Hoot
  11. PepBoys is the place for the Titan Bulbs. Instead of cutting the wire to the bulb, just do what Vern recommended and I did also, which is put a small 1/4" piece of black electrical tape over the contact on the bottom of the bulb, then twist the bulb in place. Very stealthy and easily removed if change is desired. No Cutting of wires. Also I assume you have the Clear Lenses already. I still offer a 20% discount on Clear Alternatives lenses for members here.
  12. I just installed the DID ZVM530 last weekend. That is what comes on the BIRD stock. Made for bikes over 1000 cc. Only thing is it does not have the Gold side bars. I was told the standard VM530 as recommended for the 954 will work just fine and it has the gold sides but the ZVM is a higher tensil(sp) strength. I went with the best I could find. Also I believe you should always go with Steel sprockets. About the same price as the hardened aluminum ones but last alot longer. Aluminum sprockets are for racers that want to lose weight. The aluminum are lighter by a few grams, not sure how many but makes no difference on the bird. With the Bird's power you need strength. Stick with the steel sprockets like stock ones are.
  13. I always try to send my business to a fellow Bird Rider if possible especially when they are as good a person as Jaws is.
  14. It is going to be expensive. I aquired a J&M system for the three items you mentioned and just installed it yesterday. I decided that the J&M instructions are worthless. Got the MP3 player going fine and it sounds real good but havent been able to figure out why the cell phone does not work or the radar detector either. It is suppose to turn the MP3 down low when the cell rings in but it doesn't. Plus you have to have a cell phone with auto answer, which I do but it answers but no connection to the headset and the mp3 keeps on playing. Will be calling J&M tomarrow for help. Think their system is about $400.00 and the Autocom is close to the same cost. Will be posting my results when I get it straightened out.
  15. For best service in buying the "Fenda-Extendor" visit our friend Jaws at : www.jaws-motorcycles.co.uk That is who I got mine from.
  16. replaced my crush washer for the first time at 18,000 miles. Never leaked but bought a 6-pack for .90 cents from Honda just because we all should. Talking with a Honda mechanic, he told me no problem reusing the old one BUT you have to tighten the drain plug tighter and the threads at the bottom on the motor are not real strong, so the crush washer just makes it so that you dont have to tighten the plug so tight. For the .15 cost it is worth replacing, least I will from now on.
  17. CRazy I put one on but am at work right now. Will PM you later when I get off work.
  18. If Honda will cover it under warranty (free) then get it done. If not dont let them touch it. You can buy the CCT for under $30.00 and replace it yourself in less than an hour. 15 minutes if you are fast. Easy job that even I can do. Email Joe about the X11 CCT and see if he can get you the better X11 one. Honda will charge you an arm and a leg for nothing. Buy it and do it yourself.
  19. Called "floating" They are suppose to be loose
  20. Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (MAW) Has the ZVM 530 X-ring for $128.95 112 links 112 was perfect fit for mine www.accwhse.com/did.htm#Chains
  21. I spoke with Muzzy a few minutes ago. They claim that they have tried to make a fan for the Bird but not able to make it work properly. Something about the motor and fan as a molded unit. Not able to make a fan to fit the Bird. :cry: Was worth a try tho.
  22. Check it out. www.muzzys.com/fans.cfm Strange they only list up to 1999 for any Honda. Will find out today
  23. Muzzy's website does not list the CBR1100XX for a replacement fan. but they do say they are all 6 blade instead of the stock 5 blade. Retail is $35.99 I emailed them and will give them a call tomarrow to see what I can find out
  24. I just got the DID ZVM530 at 112 links for $130.00 including shipping
  25. You are probably right. I was talking to a mechanic about them and he said all the Muzzy blades are one blade more than stock with a sharper pitch. Will see what Muzzy says. Thanks.
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