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  1. Received the order Will go out on Monday Priority Mail you will get the tracking info by email on Monday also.
  2. View all products Awesome Ears Helmet Gear Honda Licensed Products BlackBird Specialty Items in stock, cheap fix, easy 10 minute replacement latest double green dot OEM parts
  3. John01XX

    Hearing aids

    I currently have StarKey brand blue tooth hearing aids. They work amazing. Didn't realize what I was not hearing I have an App on my iPhone that controls everything. I build custom EQ maps for different environments and then add a custom name. I run a 64 track sound board for my church so I have a custom map made that I use when working the sound board. Named it "church" When I get a phone call, my phone does not ring out loud, instead just rings in my aids. My aids have there own mic's (2) so the phone stays in my pocket or on the car cradle. Anything that you can connect to your phone will automatically come through your aids. The model that I have will even translate any one of over 35 languages in real time. The technology in hearing aids has come a long way in the past 18 months. I got mine back in March and the audiologist told me that 2018 is considered the year for hearing aids. The good ones are not cheap though! That is unless you are a qualified Veteran, then the cost is very reasonable, (free).
  4. Thank you, yes it was drilled and tapped back in 2002.
  5. Two pictures I took today. Brake lights on, and one with the left signal on and the other with the right signal on. I hung a gallon bottle of vinegar on the foot brake lever to show the brightness of the brake lights.
  6. It cleans up the tail nicely. I like how it looks on my Candy Glory Red BlackBird! I am moving some bikes around in my garage today so will take a pic of it and post it here.
  7. There are some LED undertail kits still available on Ebay I think. I have one installed on my 01 Bird that I like.
  8. The Clear Alternatives Integrated taillight was the factory Shape but with a large LED printed circuit board inside that replaced the bulbs. jaws-motorcycles.co.uk also made an LED taillight that had the XX pattern in LEDs bright.
  9. I will consciously do that the next ride to see if it still clunks as bad. Good tip to try.
  10. I am aware that the 01 is suppose to be improved to reduce the clunk, I was just throwing my opinion out there as it still has a much more noticable clunk into gear than does my FJR or my GSXR or my SV650 or or or..... I personally just settled with the fact that the Bird has a very clunky shifter. I have not been easy on the clutch with multiple trips to Pennsylvania and doing over 30 passes on the drag strip there and then returning home to Florida. I assume yours is eceptionally loud and clunky since it is not a factory set up to begin with. Over the years I have tried many different oils with the same results. I even spent he money on fancy Repsol MotoGP oil one time! I think I paid about $16 a quart just to see if it made a difference? It did not. tried Amsoil, Honda OEM, Yamalube, Mobile 1, Castrol, etc and always seem to return to whatever is on sale in the correct viscosity range and full synthetic and change it out at approx 4000 mile intervals. I could go a lot longer interval but my piece of mind says 4000 works for me. Being in South Florida heat I like to run a viscosity of either 10/15/20 - 50.
  11. I have been running Mobile 1 15-50 for a few years in my 01 with no issues and a few drag strip passed under her belt and 65,000 miles strong. It is a little clunkier as compared to my newer 16 FJR1300 but I thought most all of the Birds clunked into gear fairly hard? ]
  12. Mine did the same thing last year and Joe was able to fix me up with a used replacement. Not sure if they are even available anymore from Honda but if so they are stupid expensive like $8-900.00! I did a bunch of research and found a company in Michigan, I think it was, that rebuilds the LCD screens on Corvette's. It can be rebuilt but if my memory serves me it was gonna run about $250.00 plus shipping and a 6+ week lead time. You should just buy the 2001 that is for sale cheap in North Carolina!
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