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  1. Would like to get a hold of a 01 or later throttle position sensor. I am told the sensor only comes as part of the whole throttle body.
  2. I have been messing with a throttle position sensor code for the last few years intermitantly. Tech keep telling me I need to replace the throttle position sensor but Honda claims that it is not sold by itself. Must buy the whole throttle assembly so still not willing to spend the bucks. Not even sure what I need even if the actual throttle position sensor is in fact bad.
  3. crooks and ignorant as well!! Check out this beautiful all original 2011 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird! Don't be fooled by high dealer prep fees and rebates that are impossible to qualify for! This is a true price with a ultra low dealer fee of $250. Any additional fees are taxes and tag. THAT IS IT! Come see the Cycle Guru at Southwest Cycle. We deliver! We finance! * delivery cost may differ per location
  4. If I was facebook friends with you, I would send you an invite.
    Skull has created a private Facebook page for people that are tired of the offensive garbage on this site. It has a very large following of Ex forum members from many years ago and is enjoyable to be a part of. It is titled "eXXiles"

    Come join us  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1789898554501014

    If the link does not work since it is a private group friend me and I will send you an invite.
    John Smith 


  5. I have often thought about what fun it would be to have a toy like a Smart car with a Busa motor!! I have watched lots of YouTube videos of such.
  6. To my knowledge only the rear signals take the 1156 bulb
  7. Th ethree chrome bulbs are 1156 single element bulbs that are used in the rear signals. The front signals take 1157 dual element bulbs
  8. The Chrome bulbs are 1156 (single element) and only work in the rear signals. The front signals take 1157 dual element bulbs that I do not have in chrome. If you can use a pair of the 1156 bulbs I will be happy to send them to you for postage. The rest will go to Oscar.
  9. I was thinking about dropping them off at the local Advance Auto Parts or PepBoys. Maybe they can use them or give them away or drop them in their garbage can!
  10. I am cleaning out my garage a bit and found a box that has a bunch of left over stuff from when I was a Clear Alternatives distributor. I still speak with Tobin, the owner occasionally. They are no more. I have 14 amber 1157 bulbs and 6 1156 amber bulbs that I am about to throw in the garbage. Three of the 1156 (single element) bulbs are the Titanium or some called them chrome bulbs. Back in the day they sold for $10 a piece, now pretty much worthless. Anyone have a need for bulbs that is worth the shipping cost? They probably are more expensive to mail than to buy new ones but tho
  11. I have two left. send me a PM or email at John@bikebits.us
  12. Not available in the USA. The XX itself was not available in the USA in 2005.
  13. Those used to be sold as 1157A Chrome bulbs by Clear Alternatives Some manufactures called them titanium bulbs
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