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  1. partsman


    If your referring to Racetech Gold valve kits, they're the same. Slight different #'s in fork springs and damper originally but same length,same spacer on top.
  2. Tomek, that is the seal in the the actual piston, not the one in the case. The one in the case is actually shown with the crankcase pic. I've already given him the #.
  3. 2000 is the same Joe, I'll keep my eyes open. It was also my understanding that XX pgm units cannot be flashed.
  4. /www.ballistic-batteries.com/charging.php
  5. Ballistic has shut down I just found out. There are some killer deals up here from my CDN supplier, I don't expect inventory to last more than a coupl e days. I 'd check around to see if the same is happening below the 49th. I'm offering 60% off through the dealer I work at. for example an EVX12 8 cell YTX12/YTX 14 replacement $118.95. When or if you need to charge a LifePo4 battery they need to be balance charged. This is Ballistic current state of their website https://www.ballistic-batteries.com/main.php So no warranty, but I'm getting one.
  6. Jon, I'm not really in need of anything but the single stage lock up intrigues me, but have no idea if it will be helpful for my set up, never used one before. Right now the bastard race bike won't even start. I'll take the mirror block offs. My shifter is elec over air (Pingel, not crazy about it) but I bought a co2 regulator to go on the standard size bottle.You running a small bottle under the seat? I was thinking just using a paint ball bottle. Pm with prices. Also, if your on Facebook, there is the Modified Blackbirds page, should be able to move the stuff there.
  7. It's not that bad, hardest part is knowing whether you have the adjusting pivot just right. I think I looked at how much was showing before I took it off so I had a guide to re-install. Had the manual right there but you know, who wants to stop once you're moving? Must have worked, It's never wobbled on me.
  8. Yep, it works. Did it this past spring.
  9. Honda does have a kit for the plug,31105-ML8-305 . Originally an upgrade for GL1200's, but it's a 3 yellow wire connector set.
  10. The small Battery Tender jr, is just a maintainer,which is fine if your voltage doesn't drop too low,say below 12.2 ish. The Optimate 3 is an actual charger,the are many different Optimate charger now, but at a minimum the 3 is great. Yuasa has a couple,they have a new 3 amp charger,desulphate mode one. Ctek is another good one,been using one of those the last couple years. Optimate is the brand dealers HAVE to use here (Honda and Kawasaki for sure,can't remember what Suzuki and Yamaha insist on) to claim warranty ALL stock batteries.I have recovered a few customer batteries and one of my own
  11. I tried when mine were plugged,then 2 different bike mechanics told me I can't,electronic injection and they only open when told to basically.But hey man I'm all for finding a way.I only soaked the bottom half below the connector.
  12. Can't soak them.They may be able to be cleaned.This is the machine used for car and bike injectors my buddy has,cleans them then flow tests them.
  13. Switch the #4 with another injector.And yes right side is #4.As for the coils that would be rare,did you use the same cap? Those caps also tend to last forever but just trying to think all possibilities. If it turns out to be the injector they are exactly the same as Busa's and some GSXR's. I had mine flow tested by a friend who owns a shop,17 years old and 64k kms and they were fine.My mistake was in not getting them back fast enough since the solution they clean them with will plug the little bastards to their death if left for a few weeks.Got a used set,all good.
  14. $450 Cdn + shipping,don't think so.Plus working at a dealer I can eventually get one much cheaper but our sole CDN distributor doesn't carry them anymore,so a special order would take months in which time a used one is bound to show up. Anyway looks like I don't need one,the shorted wires appear to have ended at the adapter plug.I had a spare plug and it powered up with a 9v. Still have to see if it will take a new map but it's got power so I hope it will eh.
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