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  1. Beull pegs with the inserts, took the time to set them up last year didn't really like them so they sit. $30 shipped. Thanks
  2. Yea, I got lazy.....The dampener is bolted back one your old bike though
  3. Start off listing here, since WERA is no long popular and so many forums require you to be a post whore The track F4i has been replaced, sold it locally as a street bike, probably scrap some of this stuff but if it can help anyone. Just looking to get it all out, prices can be negotiable Stator Cover Rashed but solid $12 shipped Penske Double clicker $250 shipped Came off Redbird's F4i either 220 sprung or 180 sprung Rearsets, missing footpeg and shifter on one side, $50 shipped Passenger china footpegs $5 shipped Seat clip $5 shipped Upper stay cracked $10 shipped Master cylinder with choice of lever....$10 shipped Throttle cables and switch, rashed $10 shipped
  4. Swan

    Hybrid water heaters

    Is it safe to presume your current one is electric?
  5. Brand new full Vance and Hines system for a F3 Picked this up at a garage sell off, for what I think was a pretty good price, I don't think its worth getting setup for either of my bikes. Is anyone interested I can probably let it go for a decent price make me an offer or its off to Craigslist. Or could someone let me know how much I can get for this, haven't found any full systems on eBay to compare, the slipons are listed at 240 but I doubt if anyone buys them at that price. -
  6. Thanks Tim, especially for lending the bar straps, and getting the bike strapped up, trip back was smoother then the trip over, I'll get those back to you. I paid a bit less then Tims final drop price, enough to sweeten the 300 mile drive....
  7. The previous owner got rid of both passenger pegs only did solo and didn't keep them, looking for some replacements anyone parting?
  8. The link is not right, I managed to find it by back tracking in Picasa but I figured a heads up. -
  9. Not mine, stumbled upon looking for other things a bit back and passing it along if interested. C-List_link -
  10. Wrong color but 2000 in Detroit area I stumbled upon CL Ad -
  11. Yea I missed it by 2 minutes, I wouldn't have been able to grab it that fast anyways I would have, to have got everything set in stone on the storage end until the snow melts up here. So Joel could have had first dibs but to bad it wasn't one of us.
  12. Unfortunately not, it was gone after I refreshed everything. I figured Joel grabbed it, thank you very much for taking the time from your Saturday though.
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