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  1. No bags on v rod anymore, did have some hard bags at one point but sold them. I use the C-14 for trips & v rod locally
  2. Don't need these anymore now that I have the c-14. Make me a fair offer. Good used shape pictures aren't that great but they are in good shape.
  3. Honda CBR1100XX 97-06 16 Tooth Steel Front Sprocket 530 $15 shipped
  4. ok who ever wants them PM me and I will send you my paypal address.
  5. No just pm me and I will get your address and the cost of shipping and we will be good.
  6. FI not sure myself maybe a board member can weigh in?
  7. I dont have the BB anymore so just trying to give something away
  8. Last call for free stator / rectifier one is no good not sure witch one. I just replaced both. Going to the trash dump last call.
  9. One of the is good and one is bad not sure which is which but they are free to anyone here on the forum. I would say $15 will cover shipping. Thanks
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