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  1. Open to any reasonable offers, I am not going to give it away but would like it to go to a good home where someone will appreciate it
  2. Yes its on ebay, I try to stay away from craigslist. Yes there are only a few goodies left on it but that paint job is awesome!! Well we will see I have had a few bites but apparently 47k is a lot of miles I did have a 20 something kid with $3k but he was going to run it into the ground so I told him I would think about it. I am still thinking
  3. Maybe it's destiny to keep the bird? Is my price to steep?
  4. Rear Oem signals of a 1999 good shape make me an offer
  5. I have a set they are painted grey to match my bike but went with something else when I put the high mount exhaust on. make me an offer. Thanks
  6. how do you "ping" sorry I have no idea
  7. Bump for a one of a kind BB
  8. I considered a FJR but after riding it was very similar to the BB except more comfy and a hair slower.
  9. I bet shipping to AL is less than $500, I will split it with you.
  10. I would love for a forum guy to get this bike, as It would be a shame for someone who wouldn't appreciate/take care of the bike especially the paint job
  11. Bike has for the most part been returned to stock. upgrades are HID headlight, zero gravity touring windscreen, paint job of course, fairing screens, smoked front signal lens and a few other things I am sure I am forgetting.