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  1. Take a pic..I really can't imagine what you are doing here. I'd like to give some advice.. For backsplash..why not tile? Stainless is always an option. Pretty cheap if you can hook up a local fabricator.
  2. Sounds stupid. Did they remove the squat rack in your gym?
  3. I wouldn't suggest white...I'd go red or blue. White can be blinding.
  4. If you use compressed air..just wear goggles. You do not want brake fluid in your eye. It will screw you up.
  5. The chattering could be a piston on the caliper not engaging smoothly. Are the brakes grabby? Might be time to pull apart brake calipers and see. Get or borrow a vac bleeding system. They are great. You pull the fluid and air through the system. Make sure to refill frequently.
  6. That sounds right. Walking like you have been in an all male submarine under the ice caps for 6 months.
  7. The answer is no. You should do high reps to build confidence. The legs..being a slow twitch..respond well to high reps and agonizing sets of 15-20 reps. Welcome to hell. The good news..you're not wasting your time. High reps does build muscle as long as you push yourself.
  8. Do NOT paint a deck. Only stain a deck. If you live in a wet climate don't get an oil based product. Bacteria want to eat the oil so toxins are put in to delay the inevitable. Eventually, the toxins go away and the bacteria wins and you get a green deck. I have had great luck with Sikkens stain. Go to a really good place that specializes in paints. Ask their opinion. Lowes and home depot most of the time sell whatever is cheapest and gets you coming back to buy more.
  9. The lifting device sounds like a block and tackle.
  10. Cruise craigslist in the tools section. Everything you can imagine for less than half cost.
  11. I buy the same weight synthetic that is on sale. I used to be more die hard brand loyal..but they are all pretty darn good these days. I put cheaper grade full syn oils in my smaller vehicles because they are..wait for it...cheaper to replace and I can do the work myself easily. Napa has its own brand of oil that is made by Valvoline. It goes on sale for $2.67 per quart and is syn. I have been buying that on sale frequently for my dirt bike, atv, log splitter, snowblower, and lawnmower.
  12. I just use my brake when slowing down to trigger the light..it has become habit. On the xx, I installed an LED strobe that flashes a few times each time I touch the brake and then it goes solid.
  13. I cant seem to upload pics right from my phone. Just says error. The thread length on the side that goes into the bike is 1 3/8". Measured from the start of the bolt to the coupler..in your case. The thread exposed that enters the beettle bag..that gets the acorn nut is 3/4..from coupler to end.
  14. The entire bracket is about 3"..the center to center is 2.75".