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  1. It just knows the 7 is coming. New technology.
  2. 27k asking $4,300. Not perfect..but very good shape. I have come to the realization that my wife and I just don't get out to ride with 2 little ones. Time to part ways with my perfectly running and outfitted for sport-touring...XX. Mods: Stainless front brake lines Risers...not sure of brand, but they are great for my short 5'10" self. Corbin seat. No tears..looks great. Yoshi slip-ons (sound amazing) deep and throaty HID low beam. Fairly natural color. Independant switch with ignition to improve life. Heated grips with LED status on light Custom LED front signals..very bright. Custom LED tail light with programmable blink and solid stay on features. LED bars on the side of the bike to grab attention. Beetle bags and hardware. Good shape. Scuffs from boots getting on and off bike. The white lines on the top are not scuffs..reflections. They are not cleaned in this pic. Plastics are stock. No scuffs on engine cases. No sides of any crashing. Bike runs true. Maint. Items: Oil always changed with full synthetic. Always by me. Tires have about 2k on them. They are 3 years old. Brakes are fine. New'er chain and sprockets with less than 3k on them. They look absolutely perfect. DID 535 o-ring. Brakes flushed. Hyd clutch flushed. Coolant can be flushed if you'd like me to before you purchase. No worries. I don't mind. Plugs replaced when I purchased..that was about 10k ago and I replaced with NGK iridium.
  3. What about the grizzly 80? Specs say 3 speeds.
  4. I'm hunting there every day. One hasn't hit the price range yet...but close. People here really know how to take care of motorsports..so I like to ask here as well.
  5. Looking for a used 80-90cc atv for my son. Japanese only. Looking to spend 800-1200 in good mechanical condition. Anyone got one?
  6. Take a pic..I really can't imagine what you are doing here. I'd like to give some advice.. For backsplash..why not tile? Stainless is always an option. Pretty cheap if you can hook up a local fabricator.
  7. Sounds stupid. Did they remove the squat rack in your gym?
  8. I wouldn't suggest white...I'd go red or blue. White can be blinding.
  9. If you use compressed air..just wear goggles. You do not want brake fluid in your eye. It will screw you up.
  10. The chattering could be a piston on the caliper not engaging smoothly. Are the brakes grabby? Might be time to pull apart brake calipers and see. Get or borrow a vac bleeding system. They are great. You pull the fluid and air through the system. Make sure to refill frequently.
  11. That sounds right. Walking like you have been in an all male submarine under the ice caps for 6 months.
  12. The answer is no. You should do high reps to build confidence. The legs..being a slow twitch..respond well to high reps and agonizing sets of 15-20 reps. Welcome to hell. The good news..you're not wasting your time. High reps does build muscle as long as you push yourself.