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  1. Phone case/mount

    How does that stop it from rotating?
  2. CL find 1990 RC30

    My 2003 F4i had the same front blinkers. Lol
  3. Seats are in good shape. The smaller rear one looks like someone had a corona beer sticker on it..you can see the stain in the seat. Cheap integrated tail from eBay that I never used. Make offer or trade me something. Not looking for much. Pic will not upload...email me at Clementsda@hotmail.com
  4. Projector HID for the bird.

    Go to these guys.. The retrofit source Great projector kids for good prices. The work is easy!
  5. landing legs for stop/starts on my 99 bbird

    Wow...i'm inspired. True determination and a big set of balls! I'm very far away but if you need some help fabricating small parts let me know.
  6. Motorcycle Maintenance Log Program

    Keep that in your purse?
  7. Motorcycle Maintenance Log Program

    Wow..old thread. Anyone using a good app for maint?
  8. I for one..love the recoil of a 40. Glws
  9. Looking forward to passing it on. You can be sure this money will be used for mantoys..like big bore chainsaws and other tools. :-)
  10. SOLD TO TOM!!! I'll start a new thread for the bags.
  11. 27k asking $4,300. Not perfect..but very good shape. I have come to the realization that my wife and I just don't get out to ride with 2 little ones. Time to part ways with my perfectly running and outfitted for sport-touring...XX. Mods: Stainless front brake lines Risers...not sure of brand, but they are great for my short 5'10" self. Corbin seat. No tears..looks great. Yoshi slip-ons (sound amazing) deep and throaty HID low beam. Fairly natural color. Independant switch with ignition to improve life. Heated grips with LED status on light Custom LED front signals..very bright. Custom LED tail light with programmable blink and solid stay on features. LED bars on the side of the bike to grab attention. Beetle bags and hardware. Good shape. Scuffs from boots getting on and off bike. The white lines on the top are not scuffs..reflections. They are not cleaned in this pic. Plastics are stock. No scuffs on engine cases. No sides of any crashing. Bike runs true. Maint. Items: Oil always changed with full synthetic. Always by me. Tires have about 2k on them. They are 3 years old. Brakes are fine. New'er chain and sprockets with less than 3k on them. They look absolutely perfect. DID 535 o-ring. Brakes flushed. Hyd clutch flushed. Coolant can be flushed if you'd like me to before you purchase. No worries. I don't mind. Plugs replaced when I purchased..that was about 10k ago and I replaced with NGK iridium.
  12. Wanted...Youth atv

    What about the grizzly 80? Specs say 3 speeds.