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  1. Bananas don't make me shit.
  2. TuffguyF4i

    Brake pad issue

    If you are grinding/machining pads, just be careful not to breathe that shit in.
  3. TuffguyF4i

    Conformal coatings

    Ok..couple of things in conformal coatings of PCB's. 1) You can only keep the PCB as dry as it is when you coat it. The PCB absorbs moisture and needs to be baked at about 150 - 200 F for min of 3 hrs to really cook the moisture out of the board. Coating without baking..will trap moisture and can help to cause failure..not prevent it. 2) Anti-static. Ground the board and yourself when spraying. You can't use too much, but make sure you layer and coat it like a you would paint a car...but liberal use is just fine. 3) Dry. Let it really dry. Another baking is just fine. In my days manufacturing industrial sensors..they used Humiseal quite a bit and that is where I learned the above practices. Full potting is the best option..but Humiseal is pretty good. https://m.skygeek.com/humiseal-1a33-humiseal-1a33-aerosol-conformal-coating-11-5-oz-can.html?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_content=humiseal-1a33-humiseal-1a33-aerosol-conformal-coating-11-5-oz-can&utm_campaign=froogle&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyYHaBRDvARIsAHkAXcsKR7F8ignRfRqM2xc_TB7f1J5vcZfvg5kDXX5g1L9Xed1w1IQxeRMaAijfEALw_wcB
  4. I would part off the accessories and then sell the bike roughly stock. You'll see more for it all.
  5. Eggs are great snacks. Protein and fat. I salt and pepper so they don't taste like ass.
  6. TuffguyF4i


    Bullshit. At 65 you can get muscle and abs. Don't be lazy.
  7. Your metabolism is slow because you're not eating 5 to 6 small meals a day.
  8. Here is what my diet looks like at 210 lbs and gaining... Breakfast: 6 eggs and big piece of toast Snack: PB sandwhich on wheat Lunch: Meat with rice and a veggie, if it is around Snack: Sandwhich with meat and mayo...sometimes cheese Dinner: Big meal with meat and carbs....usually pretty healthy. Banana before workout with coffee 7pm: workout 8:30pm: Big shake with milk and some sugar after workout only. 11pm: Cottage cheese or lean protein before bed. Yesterday I was really hungry at around 10am.....I ate 2 protein bars. Then for lunch, a big lean burger patty, bowl of pasta and meat sauce. You gotta eat man. If your hunger isn't really strong, you need to workout more and be more active. Protein bars are supplements and are not a substitute for a good base diet. They are meant to..you guessed it...supplement a good diet.
  9. TuffguyF4i


    If you want to mix some things up...Try this low volume (but tough) workout. Do it 5 times a week and eat like a bear. I take a completely different approach as I felt like if I did complementary muscle groups, I would fatigue quickly and then one muscle group would suffer. I also alternate back and forth between exercises between the workout. Take day 1...I'd do flat bench, then deadlift, then incline bench, then pulling movement. Gives you a chance to recover a bit. All exercises 4 sets + warmup and 6-8 rep range Day 1: Chest - 2 exercises, flat and incline Back - deadlift and some form of pulling movement Day 2: Bicept: curls and hammer curls Tri: close grip bench press and a heavy extension misc catchup....shrugs and chest flys Day 3: Legs: Squat and lunges Shoulders: DB shoulder press and front or rear raises Repeat
  10. TuffguyF4i


    I started working out with a friend from church who is pretty skinny...about 131lbs. In 6 wks working out with me, he is now 142 lbs. Great gains for him and me working on his gains, has helped my own concentration. Now i'm starting to gain some weight. Went from 203 to about 211 lbs in that same period of 6 wks and my strength is going up. Flat bench around 275 for 8 reps and 295 for a solid 3 reps. Haven't done that in years. Deadlift 365 last night for 3 strong reps. That felt good! Feels good to be gaining again. Grew a beard. Putting on muscle. Wife is all over me.
  11. Eat right during the day. Drink lots of water. Have strong cup of coffee and a banana 30 mins before you go.
  12. TuffguyF4i

    Phone case/mount

    How does that stop it from rotating?
  13. TuffguyF4i

    CL find 1990 RC30

    My 2003 F4i had the same front blinkers. Lol
  14. Seats are in good shape. The smaller rear one looks like someone had a corona beer sticker on it..you can see the stain in the seat. Cheap integrated tail from eBay that I never used. Make offer or trade me something. Not looking for much. Pic will not upload...email me at Clementsda@hotmail.com
  15. TuffguyF4i

    Projector HID for the bird.

    Go to these guys.. The retrofit source Great projector kids for good prices. The work is easy!