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  1. Looking for a clean left side footpeg with intact feeler (don't mind a little rash on the bottom). Prev owner of my bike tipped it and snapped the feeler off. Also wouldn't mind a clean oe clutch lever, the aftermarket lookalike I have on it now doesn't like the clutch switch.
  2. They grip well and don't move. I like them a lot better than the carpet ones. Ah well I'm off to cottonwood on the bird for a hike n some good food/wine.
  3. It would be tough to reproduce his work. His site https://diamondmats.com
  4. They are powder coated aluminum with the diamond surface buzzed down and cut/bent to fit the floor perfect. They don't move around. He currently makes them for jk wrangler. The jl is in the works. Email dean.getchell@gmail.com he can put whatever logo you want in whatever color....mine were about 190 shipped for all 4 mats. Tell him Chris with the scirocco sent you.
  5. Btw. I know a guy who makes the coolest floormats in the world...zoom in on the pic in the last post. Pm me if u want his info
  6. Yeah it was texted to me and not the greatest. I'm just amazed the little thing took the passes and laughed....blew the tires off on the first run. Built it to be a pretty driver...not too fast
  7. Lol old noob forum guy can't post for crap. If a moderator can edit the failed videos out I would appreciate it
  8. The cats are deleted. Runs way better with the hindle hi mounts on it. Bracket raced my scirocco yesterday and got consistant pretty quick. I'm thinking pc3 stickier rear smaller front sprocket strapping the front. That should bring me some good times. Not gonna race the scirocco again, to much time and money into that car to beat it up. Just had to acid test it....had a blast nothing broke, made it to second round video0000001_2(5).mp4
  9. Wondering if the o2 sensor would mess with the PC tune?
  10. Those would look good on my bike but I don't think they will fit with my hindles
  11. They sound great. Deeper and throatier but not nearly as loud as the yosh on my fzr. I ordered a smoked led taillight that has built in turn signals from Amazon last night. Should clean up the tail end nicely.
  12. Much better but I gotta figure out new rear turn signals. The xx plate was a lucky random DMV gift.
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