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  1. I missed my old 99, this one found me.
  2. They sound great. Deeper and throatier but not nearly as loud as the yosh on my fzr. I ordered a smoked led taillight that has built in turn signals from Amazon last night. Should clean up the tail end nicely.
  3. Much better but I gotta figure out new rear turn signals. The xx plate was a lucky random DMV gift.
  4. Got a box of goodies from our friends up north today. Problem solved when I get a minute this week
  5. Problem solved. Hindle high mounts w/18in stainless cans on the way. Hindle has our high mount pipes on blowout. 475 shipped for the setup I chose.
  6. Cool let me know. If the header is the same as my 99 all I'm gonna want is a set of clean cans, altho I was eyeballing a couple of titanium setups on eBay from Japan last night ( frosty beverage induced). Btw I'm not a total noob here. Was active up until 2006ish just couldn't remember my old username. This one's goin up for sale soon.
  7. I've got the fab/mod work covered. The search begins. Probably after I sell my fzr.
  8. Looks like its the kalifornia kommie pipes. No wonder it feels a little weak. We are going to hafta fix that. I'll take a carbed model header and oem mufflers if someone has em laying around. The only aftermarket easily obtained new full systems I see are delkevik. I'll go that route if I have to but I really don't want it to be loud.
  9. My header has squished square portions before the o2 sensor. Figured they were there. So all I need is a pair of slip ons to get rid of the cats?
  10. I was wondering why my newly acquired 01 bird has smaller testicles than my old 99. Just got it a cpl weeks ago, was doing some maint today and noticed the o2 sensor, and the squished up funky looking kalifornia kommunist baby seal saving header. I'm in Phoenix would be nice if someone close has one laying around. Let me know if anyone has one in their spares.