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  1. Also you may find the the length of the bearing assembly is greater for a tapered roller bearing then the ball bearing it replaced. This can force the lower seal to be out of the housing bore allowing dirt and water into the lower bearing.
  2. Not sure if I would want a lighter axle. The Stock Axl was definitely bent. Granted that was with a slick and a wheelie bar. but I think I would stay with stock for the safety Factor.
  3. Adjuster extender. If you have access to a lathe it's a pretty simple project. Actually it can be done with a drill motor a file and a hacksaw. Dimension A is a slip fit on the cable sheath Ferrule. Dimension B is a slip fit in the adjuster. Dimension C has a generous clearance on the cable itself.
  4. What you're thinking of is called a travel indicator. this is called a dial test indicator.
  5. tmp_18598-VID_20200504_081023804199694145.mp4
  6. I measured .070" total pressure plate travel.
  7. Oh and by the way I now have an excellent axle.
  8. I'm sure most of you already know this but if any of you don't please be advised rockmeupto125 as a really nice guy. Kung Fu aside I wish I could shake his hand and buy him a beer.
  9. joblock

    New 97xx

    Jon has had some success with a high-performance blackbird( gross understatement)
  10. I would be most grateful kind sir. how much with shipping to 64075? thank you.
  11. does anyone have a straight rear axle and nut? It's for a 99 but I think they're all the same. Willing to trade toilet paper or possibly an intact tool strap.
  12. Smoke test on the sh 847 was successful, the smoke stayed in. Voltage steady at 14.5 headlight off or headlights with high beams on plus 60 watt heated vest. The regulator was barely warm to the touch at 50 degrees ambient temperature. Jack at roadstercycle was great to deal with. highly recommended.
  13. One of the claimed advantages of a series type regulator is reduced stress on the stator. We shall see.
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