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  1. It doesn't roll coal on my dime, but it does haul the mail, and it does make a nicey-nice jet turbine impression cuz without the cat you can really hear the stacked turbos.
  2. Took a ride to my mother's house and back today, 156 mostly highway with the cruise set on 65. Filled up on the way out of town, filled up on the way into town from the same pump. I'll believe it after a few more filllups, but I can be reasonably happy with 19mgp.
  3. The tuner is just to support the delete and so i can keep tabs on the engine. It's got enough pull without trying to stretch the head bolts.
  4. Carter's the one with the pills. The caterer has salads and meatballs. Doesn't autocorrect suck? 😋
  5. I forgot....rear brakes and one rear rotor. It would have gotten two rear rotors if it hadn't been 20 degrees and snowing, but it was good enough to pass inspection, so I bolted it up. A few bulbs and such as well. Yes, the orphan 6.4. You coming to Racer or not?
  6. You were expecting a video, weren't you? I decided to lump everything together as things are finally coalescing. Door locks cleaned, work pretty good at this time. Was looking forward to my super secret switches but that was bypassed in the name of time. New big mirrors for towing are installed. Cheap chinkos that didn't fit really well, but a dremel tool helped that. Got the blend door actuator changed and the wiring cleaned up under the dash, that's back together. Still removing excess wiring from underneath the poor thing. Sourced a bunch of bolts that were missing. Got the seatbelt chime remedied. Exhaust is fixed, tuner's in place. Still have a progressively creeping high idle I have to figure out. Some small wiring chores to take care of. Putting in the radio from Crutchfield this weekend. Thanks for the heads up on them. Haven't bought anything from them in decades. Didn't they used to be in Idaho or something? Upholstery is not a native skill I possess. But the new foam and fixing the spring support helped a lot. Still have seat covers to fit. This thing gets along pretty well. Looking forward to seeing how it does pulling.
  7. This will be good, I'm sure. 😃
  8. I meant, tongue in cheek, to send the whole bike back as something the dealer would say.
  9. Send it back and they'll fix it without charge. I'd pull the tire, plug from the inside, and ride it. But I'm cheap. I know many others who would just replace the tire. I've ridden everywhere I'd ride on a new tire on a patched tire, including the track. Sometimes it didn't work out well, but that's my fault. You can't successfully patch cords with a teensy-weensy layer of rubber over them. 🚫
  10. Aren't people amazing? I spent two weeks trying to pry information out of a Craigslist guy about a truck I wanted. He would respond to 1 out of 3 messages, and only answer one out of many questions. I figured I would have to just drive 200 miles to see the truck and get my questions answered when he suddenly started sending the info I wanted. I went to the bank, got the money, and messaged him that I'd be down the next day to look at the truck. He messaged back immediately "just sold it." <Sigh>
  11. I seem to remember Enterprise using GPS trackers. There's a lot of extra wiring on this vehicle. Some of it is halfway decent with circuit breakers scattered around, other stuff is kinda hinky.
  12. NO manual, dealer should be able to cut one by the VIN. I've been spraying the locks daily....the brown stuff that boils out of the locks is pretty groty. I wonder if people who live in really dusty/sandy areas have this problem frequently. Spent some time going over the rig today. Lots of spare wiring and lots of missing bolts I need to figure out what works. Found a GPS unit under the dash from Autovantage...maybe this was a rental/fleet unit at some point.
  13. True, there are. Just noticed there are rear speakers.....pretty fancy. I'm thinking I'd like to upgrade the radio if they are as cheap as I see. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluetooth-DVD-CD-CAR-RADIO-STEREO-USB-MIRRORS-For-Ford-F-150-250-350-650-750-CAM/233409866984?fits=Year%3A2008|Model%3AF-350&hash=item36584fece8:g:liYAAOSwGrBd1fn6 How far can I run wires from a backup camera?
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