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  1. More than an inch. It's certainly noticeable.
  2. Too bad they are rare as hen's teeth. Same bearings, so potentially an easy swap.
  3. Green, white, and blue wire? Just guessing....
  4. Ti ---- titanium.
  5. Is that a Delboy seat?
  6. I wouldn't.....those are MAZ, not MAT designated.
  7. I suspect the black box is for HID headlight(s) as it is not stock. The two plugs for the dash panel are at the bottom of the back of the cluster housing midway to either side.
  8. At the arrow is a 10mm bolt. take it out, and pull the clutch line up to get some slack. That's what many people do when they put on VFR bars or such. Mines been loose like that for 50,000 miles and I haven't seen a problem yet.
  9. I believe it is 12x1.25 and you should be able to buy a regular bung rather than using a nut. Search lambda sensor bung.
  10. We used to get along, eh. I remember a third gear wheelie up the entrance ramp with her on the back of my Yamaha turbo. She seemed to enjoy that, as I was rewarded enthusiastically later that day. Lots of water over that dam....
  11. When I was getting rid of my motorcycles because I was told to, I took my V65 Sabre to the dealer to sell it. They inspected it, and offered $1000 because the cams were bad. Funny they went bad in two months, as I had checked the valves that March. I sold it to a different dealer who offered me $1500 without checking the valves.
  12. Ohlins steering damper, frame sliders, supersprox rear, removable swingarm extensions, steel braid brake lines, lots of little pieces. Not butchered up and really clean. Northeast PA if you are interested let me know.
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