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  1. Sach, because of the vagaries of autocorrect in our lives, I want to clarify. NEVER adjusted valves....or NEWER adjusted valves?
  2. Disconnect the power commander if it has one. Replace the fuel pressure regulator.
  3. Has to stay open so that if a member can't access, they have a way to communicate a need for assistance. At least it's only a small place to keep tidy.
  4. That type of bolt is out there, just got to get the right search nomenclature. But I have some XX bolts. What's needed?
  5. Those of you who have visited me may realize just how much XX salvage I have. What you may not realize is the weight of that endeavor. I'd like to be a big help to the XX community, which has given me so much, but it has become a significant burden to me, and I no longer feel I can participate as much as I have tried. That being said, I am divesting myself of the great majority of my XX parts stock. I am NOT including those highly sought after items that are frequently damaged in crashes. I sell those here, on ebay, and other forums, and have made enough money to continue to buy salvage XX's and distribute parts, but that is stopping now. Representative items would be any plastics, seats, tanks, instruments, mirrors, headlights, ECU's. You get the idea. So if you have a need or want for a particular XX part for rebuild, experimentation, or just replacement, shout out. Most of it is free for the cost of shipping. If I have a ready market, I'll give you a price that will be nice on your pocket. Shipping from Pennsylvania. I've thrown out 5-6 XX's in the last month. Probably 10 swingarms, and a few frames. Time to move on. Not from an XX, but from this particular service venue. Thanks for reading. Oh, I forgot to mention. None of this will happen in a hurry. As I sort through the piles for the last time, I'll look for any item requested. Not going on a search for it.
  6. I'm sure I have a mirror. If you just want to replace the glass it will be from a local glass shop. Mirror comes as the enclosed reflective part with the swivel mounting arm.
  7. Bring your own lights. I'm sure I can find a board for people to sit on.
  8. It's not a polished floor, just power troweled. I was looking at the PS100 sealant. No pretty colors.
  9. Not sure to put this in the Garage or Handyman, so here goes. Recommendations for floor sealers or coatings. I'd love an expoxied metalflaked floor, but that's just not economically viable. I want something that will protect the floor from degradation and staining primarily. If It comes in colors that's peachy, but doubtful. I need something long lasting as well, because I'm not the person to empty the garage and recoat every couple years. As an example, I've been here 21 years and have yet to seal the driveway. What have you used or know of being used at your work or a friends garage that you can comment on?
  10. Cal, the forks legs are identical outside as far as fitment. Carb and FI fork tubes are different lengths, and the internals are different. Carb has steel rods and smaller bushings, FI has aluminum rods and wider bushings. As you are aware, they can interchange.
  11. Alright, Club..........I'll go over your list and see what's in the shed I'm cleaning out.
  12. My thumbs are wonky, one explanation is that they are double jointed. Not really, but I'm lacking a pivot point or something that works with leverage. The muscle is stronger than average, but the net result is that I'm weaker than average because I don't have that leverage. Using a thumb wheel is one situation where it doesn't work very well.
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