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  1. rockmeupto125

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    Low speed, idling, high temps equal a lot of fan use and not a lot of charging going on. This equals a greatly discharged battery with poor starting performance and potentially poor overall performance, including dim lighting and guage errors, possibly even an FI light. Your story indicates that your charging system and battery are probably in good shape, because you had absolutely no problems once you were out of the problematic situation. It would appear that a working charging system was able to charge and maintain a good battery, and there were no further problems under normal operation. I don't feel that you need to be changing out any of the charging system. Things to consider: Multiple accessories can drain the battery, as well as high output lighting. Because the charging system is arguably the weakest system out of all, its a good system to monitor. A voltmeter of some sort is handy. If you have accessory plugs, you can find cheap voltmeters on ebay for most any sort of connection. And if you run a radar detector, several brands do have the ability to monitor voltage. A cheap voltmeter may not be critical use accurate, but it will most probably be consistent in reading, so what you're looking at the voltmeter for is trends or variations from norm. If you bought a jump pack to carry on a motorcycle, its probably one of those mini lithium packs. You have that as backup, so you won't get too stranded in the mountains. Keep your battery pack charged. Also, if you're traveling with friends, remember that many bikes have similar batteries, and you can swap a discharged one out into a bike with a good charging system and keep going. And lastly, if your charging system is gone wonky, you can pull your headlight fuse and eliminate as much as half your static draw. How was the Total Control course?
  2. Joe,

    What is Bull doing in TC? If he would have free time I could hop in the car and go have a beer with him. Maybe even throw Nanc in there to and let her have a glass of water and a peanut butter sammich.

  3. rockmeupto125

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Its stupid hot. But when I wrote that it was 11:30 at night and I was in my underwear. Not going out into the mosquito infested regions of my 0.2 acre estate with a flashlight to look at a brake line. I could be accosted by a bear, a stink kitty, or a whistle pig. Much too dangerous. And today its raining. But if Skip asks, I'll go out.
  4. rockmeupto125

    foot pegs wanted

    I'm sure I have some, will look next week.
  5. rockmeupto125

    foot pegs wanted

    Welcome back, Steve. I believe we found your old bike at NeXXT last year. You have several threads bouncing around. What do you still need for your new one?
  6. rockmeupto125

    FS: 1994 VFR750 in Pennsylvania -- $1800

  7. rockmeupto125

    need more parts for my "new" '03

    Morning, Steve. Just making sure its understood. Do you mean the black plastic piece that is also the battery box?
  8. rockmeupto125

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    I'd love to see that in person. Oscar's has that luster, like the paint is so deep. Mine was VFR pearl white before the mud, tar, road scrapes, heel scrapes, tipping over in the garage cracks, ankle deep in gravel horizontal scratches, and falling off the lift table cosmetic upgrade. Cripes, is my name Philip?
  9. rockmeupto125

    2003 CBR1100XX For Sale

    MOST of the KTM guys around here are nuts. I think you should hang onto that bike. Once I retire, I'll want to travel a bit, and you having a spare bike on the west coast would be a big help. And I like the color.
  10. rockmeupto125

    2003 ST1300 - $1700 - OK, NOT SOLD

    Sigh....I really do like my FJR.
  11. rockmeupto125

    2003 ST1300 - $1700 - OK, NOT SOLD

  12. rockmeupto125

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Sitting here in my underwear is when I do my best thinking. Trouble is, that thinking isn't backed up by fact because I can't just run outside and look. Soooo........ Front banjo of rear caliper should run to the proportioning valve, and if you trace the line on the other side of the proportioning valve, it should end at the......secondary master cylinder, located on the left fork leg. The secondary master cylinder can get gunked up and not release pressure. And PCV's have been known to go bad as well.
  13. rockmeupto125

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    The check valve slapper references would be in the secondary master cylinder, and that can become clogged. Differential diagnosis would include finding what piston(s) of the rear caliper are hanging up.
  14. rockmeupto125

    Carb Motor? Wheels? Rotors?

    Ras.......sarcasm is the official language. Toxxic just changes it up once in a while (sometimes he stays up to late at night). Keep in mind that you're going to have to change the head on an injected engine to put carbs on it. Or course, if you had all the parts, you could just put the injection and all in the carbed frame. AND, if you buy carbed XX, the front wheel, rotors, axle, and spacers will swap out with yours as a package, but you can't use any of those individual parts. The wheels and rotors are different between carbed and injected, and the axle/spacers are then different to match. Brakes and lower fork legs are not a problem.