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  1. Are these boxed with the accessories or loose?
  2. Don't rule out the radiator cap. Seems a lot of people over the years I've been reading had unsolved overheat issues that were rectified by a new cap. Its cheap and easy.
  3. Will do and thank you.
  4. I'll start the bidding at $50.
  5. PM sent. Not sure to whom, but I sent something.
  6. Plenty on ebay. What's $400, eh?
  7. Looks good and somebody should snap those up. Nice to see you're still on-planet!
  8. The tykes have found a home. They are nervous as can be, but so excited that they will be able to stay togther, and they won't have to put up with those prissy Honda's any more.
  9. Prices is always helpful, yesss massster
  10. Where did I say that??
  11. Dear Zero, I'm thinking about buying another XX. Neighbors are starting to go to the opposite side of the street when passing my house. Unmarked patrol vehicles drive by several times daily. Neither VFR will make eye contact. My track bike has assumed a fetal position. The twin CBR250's huddle together in a corner. Sometimes at night I hear low, throaty engine rumble, and occasionally an exhaust snarl. When that happens I find empty oil bottles (all kinds, from Amsoil to Supertech) in the yard come morning. And occasionally containers for Seafoam, Liquid Moly, and little silver bottles with N2O printed on them. Anyway, I'm thinking about buying another XX. Do I have a problem?
  12. Doesn't matter as its essentially a mid 80's Honda, but I think its '06-'07.