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  1. Auction over, but that is evolving into : WUT I did today with guns topic.  Should that be a new separate topic now?

    Can you move it then? Or would you be so kind to move it?

  2. I've never had significant success with a ratchet strap, but I do keep looking for some sort of tubing that the ratchet strap can slide within, because that seems to be the key. Didn't they make thin stem tubes for emergency tubeless tire repair? Or was that just a thing from the 80's?
  3. As mike said, 18 tooth is not stock and will not be a dampened sprocket. Can make more noise. Sprocket and chain that have not run in with each other can be noisy. Chain is 530-110. It's not uncommon to find longer chains (116-120) for less money, just cut it shorter.
  4. Offending connection was where the front subharness connects to the main harness. Tucked in a heavy cover, clipped to front fairing stay at the lower left aspect. I reached it right hand under and up the front cowl and left hand around the lower left side of the gauge cluster with the left dash surround removed. I was able to worry and twist the connector a bit and the continuity on that wire was restored. Cowl has to come of to adequately reach the connector to disconnect and clean, but this got me on the road for now.
  5. Try Vinnie at proline race prep. Tell him you are part of the racerxx group.
  6. I guess my stroke resolved. I sat down to the computer, blew up the wiring diagram, did some more diagnostics, and found the probable offender. 30 minutes to get to the connection and it works. PIA. It will take a while to fix the damage I did taking apart and putting together, though. Good thing I have some spares.
  7. Yeah, i have one. Spent about twenty minutes today looking for it.
  8. Ground is good, ar least from my meter. And that's just sticking the probe on the triple clamp. Ground is shared with the right indicater, so if one is good, the other is good unless the immediate wire is broked.
  9. Tearing my hair out here. Trying to read a wiring diagram and getting older while I'm figuring this out. If anyone has run into a similar problem before, please speak up. I'm trying to get the XX ready for NeXXT. LF turn signal doesn't work. Rear works, flasher clicks like mad, bad bulb, right? Replace bulb, no difference. Check bulbs, they work. Now I invoke the multimeter. Orange/White has steady voltage, and indeed, the running lights do work. L turn signal actuation kills the voltage to O/W and should send voltage to solid Orange. Cant tell because its blinky an
  10. Ken lives in North Carolina and works for the Dept of Defense. And Colonel Mustard did it in the kit......aww, never mind.
  11. The tech guy from the tuner company recommended level three as the best for towing AND for mileage. He said the truck would bog on level 1, level two is stock, level three is another 70 hp, four is 100, five is 120. I want it to last, so its stayed where they recomended. Jess runs 55-65 on the two lane roads. Sometimes with traffic its hard to get up to 45 so that it shifts to overdrive. The DPF and EGR cooler are deleted, and of course the regen is defeated while in "maintenance mode" on the tuner. Seems to run pretty strong, not loud, and no smoke. All good. Pul
  12. Stops the centerstand when someone has taken the stock one off. This happens when people put on single exhausts but still want a centerstand.
  13. Sounds like a chain built with much greater technology than current standard, and as such would be expected to be serviceable for a much longer time. Better built, more money, makes sense.
  14. Hell no, you know the area. Just about deer thirty, then through the fog in the morning traveling through the woods, its not a good equation. I would do it, but I can take a bigger bike with more luggage space and a bigger fairing. On a good note, I'm 2 miles from work, so I can take a leasurely 90 second ride to work when necessary and park next to the building with the bike (plus 10 minutes for the 1/4 mile walk, locked doors and decompression chamber). Small plus is that she walks 200 ft from the parking lot through the door and she's at work.
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