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  1. I thought that a circuit board problem. I don't think a leaky gas line would cause fire damage unless it was something like this.....
  2. Sometimes devices fail. I'm pretty sure Suzuki and Yamaha use plastic quick connects on their bikes, and there's no epidemic of burned up Suzi/Yammi videos on youtube. Glad you caught this failure before it became a real problem.
  3. Next they are going to put down those nasty DA revolvers. Death machines.
  4. rockmeupto125


    Any plug that fits an XX fits an XX. I find it comical that so many different sources list so many different plugs, and even Honda changed specs. But they never changed any part of the actual spark generating system. The only purpose of iridium coating on either electrode is to reduce wear. They don't reduce fouling, and that's typically one of the two reasons 98% of people change plugs. The other reason is "because they can." The iridium plugs will foul just like any other plug, and cost 3x as much. If you change your plugs every 10-15k miles, what's the point in iridium? I use plain old plugs in most of the XX's, and have no problems
  5. rockmeupto125


    NGK 6216 (IMR9C-9H) is available from Advance Auto for $10 each.
  6. If you need to bleed the brakes out, the circuit you are bleeding would use the rearmost bleeder on the caliper.
  7. That would fit my SK. And it wouldn't interfere with the bayonet, either. 😁
  8. 43520-MAJ-G42 If your dealer won't order it, there's three on ebay.
  9. Taking the kink out of that cable connection might improve the feel and make the cable last longer.
  10. There's no reason to think that its not an adjustment bolt. There has to be a way to set the freeplay, and that's not what the cable end adjusters are for. Where did you find that piece of esoterica?
  11. I need something more user friendly than my cell phone for traveling. I'd be happy to have it.
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