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  1. Hank, it looked familiar, but I didn't have time to do the research on it.
  2. Actually, the VT reg should be enough to get you a title in most states.
  3. No title "due to age." Right. Even I have a birth certificate, and I'm damn near salvage.
  4. Entirely possible. Could just delete anything more than a year old. One thing that would deter me is that there is technical information and possibly pricing indicators for others looking to sell or buy similar items in a very specialized market.
  5. Not of it getting 19 mpg I can put a couple up tomorrow of it getting 0 miles per 0 gallons.
  6. Absolutely correct. My error. This is a 2500 2WD. It does not have the body rise of a 2500HD, so it is easier to get in to, and cannot accomodate the larger 8.1 or duramax engine, nor the manual ZF or Allison trans. It does have the heavy duty suspension including 8 lug wheels.
  7. Yeah, chalk that up to one of the stupendously stupid things I've done. An extra day to spend, warm weather, an extra set of hands, and instead I head north, park the truck because it's finally leaking too much, rent a car to get Jess home and head back the next day to change a water pump in 40 degree weather. Took me about 2 hours total and I could have saved a raft of trouble. Make mistakes, they said. Get smarter, they said. Errrrrr....
  8. Hey all, trying to get my life moving again. I can't maintain this fleet of vehicles. If you're in northeast US of A and are looking for a good work truck, this may be for you. Of course, I don't care where you are, but possession/delivery might take some head scratchin' if you're in Kansas. My Chevy Silverado is on the block. It's a 2500 series, 3/4 ton but it is 2WD, therefore not a 2500HD. Regular cab (2 door), 275,000 miles and has been a reliable, good running truck. It has the 6.0 liter engine, 4L80e trans and 3.73 G80 differential, which means it has a sort of positraction that kinda works. Towing package so it has heavy duty springs and rear disk brakes. It is originally from North Carolina and the frame/body are solid, but after 13 years in the north the rocker panels have rusted through and there is slight bubbling over the rear wheels. I've put 100,000 miles on it after buying it in 2011. If it wasn't a standard cab I'd never consider selling it. But here we are. Things I remember replacing include the carrier bearing, differential cover, water pump, alternator, radiator, shocks and power window motors because that's a GM thing, apparently. Obviously consumables like batteries and tires. The seats were ripped and I found some nice ones, so they got changed. The AC doesn't work. It's pulled everything I've put it in front of. Towing a large enclosed trailer at 75mph is 8mpg. I recently towed an 8500lb truck on a 2500lb open trailer from lower Virginia to northern PA and got 12 mpg at 60-65. Empty with cruise set on 55 it gets 19-21mpg, no fooling. Around town is 14.......doesn't go into overdrive until 45mph minimum. Post up or message me with any interest. Pictures available if there's interest. Asking $3000 on other venues and I always do better for forum members
  9. Cluublights, post or private message me a list of what you still need. I'm finally getting dug out here
  10. Sach, because of the vagaries of autocorrect in our lives, I want to clarify. NEVER adjusted valves....or NEWER adjusted valves?
  11. Disconnect the power commander if it has one. Replace the fuel pressure regulator.
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