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  1. I bled one out yesterday. Seems that turning the bars seemed to get it level enough. Pulling some negative pressure with a mity-vac helped a lot.
  2. I'm on it. Put my name on the list.
  3. I was in mind of 55-65 inch spending around $200. With the 37 inch she was bringing a chair out from the kitchen to set it closer to the TV. The cut-off seems to be around 43 inches where prices start to balloon. For another hundred you can get this, for another hundred you can get that...etc. Sometimes there are good deals on Slickdeals, other times its pretty dry. I don't have time to sit around and wait. I guess its just pony up twice the money and get it done with. I've shopped at walmart and for what they have in stock, its well into $600's for anything the size of which I'd consider. Still, it was worth a shot, eh?
  4. yes, Athens. Are you sure?
  5. The replacement TV I put in my Mom's house went all weird and is no longer usable. So she needs a TV. And here's what I'm thinking. If any of you techno guys and gals have been jonesing for a new smart fancy-assed tv but just haven't come up with a good enough excuse, well here ya go. I want a big TV for my mom. She doesn't need USB ports, wireless access, SD slots, Roku, Netflicks, Origami, picture in picture, an ice dispensor, or Obama. Okay, that slipped in there. She watches soaps, the weather channel, and an occasional baseball or football game. Doesn't play DVD's, doesn't want to learn anything more than on, channel up/down, and volume up/down. Her cable provider finally has HD on some channels. If you've got a big flat screen that you'd like to replace, now's the time. Flat panel only, with a stand. Her living room is limited and rearranging it is not a good option right now. She sits 20-24 feet from the TV, which is why I want a large one. When the 50 inch broke (thanks again, Dave) I replaced it with a 37 inch that looked absolutely tiny. Now that's broke and I think she'll see better with bigger. I don't mind a drive, but I can't do more than a few hundred miles from northeast Pennsylvania. Let me know whatcha got and how much. I got parts to trade, too if that's an interest. Craigslist has plenty of TV's for sale by people I don't know. I'd much rather get something from people I trust. Thanks!
  6. How much?
  7. No flow bench. And yes, its an art. Enough so that I'm not willing to ship it off to someone who says they do porting without some serious supporting evidence, including feedback from you folks.
  8. I've been toying with the idea of building up a naturally aspirated engine. Any of you hot rodders have some recommends for cylinder head porting? I considered taking a stab at it myself as I half a couple spare heads and some half-assed ideas, but it might be better to work with a known quantity. Thanks!
  9. If the 2002 has been ridden somewhat regularly, everything should be fine. Not sure why you'd replace brake hoses arbitrarily, but everyone has their thing.
  10. the forks are different internally but all mount points are identical, so you can swap them. Wheels.........early wheels have smaller hubs and bearings. Later wheels have larger hubs to accommodate larger bearings, and therefore had to have rotors with a different mount circle. Because the internal bearing diameter is the same, you can swap axles, but you should swap the whole axle and spacer assembly with the wheel. Same calipers. You can swap your front end total, or swap the forks and keep your late model wheel with rotors, just swap the wheel, axle, and spacers as a unit.
  11. Looking for a windscreen for a 1st gen (1948-2007) KLR650. No big holes or cracks unless they are stable. Would like one in fair to decent condition, but will gladly consider anything you might have lying on a shelf in the garage, as this bike doesn't have one at all. Thanks in advance. (still looking for damaged gauge cluster or parts, and a carbie fairing stay--both for XX)
  12. For annoying pests, varmints, and infestations, I highly recommend 45/70 loaded to 2800 fps. Good for zombies, too. Not to mention elk, grizzly, sharks, and T-14's.
  13. You must. It is your nature. Resistance is futile.
  14. I really like the video, and the use of the cat as background was excellent. In future productions of this sort, you might want to consider a diversion every 30 to 40 seconds to maintain the feeling of a faster pace. In this sort of situation, I'd suggest events such as a gleefully colored giant play ball bouncing through the field of view, a bicycling child running into the tree, or boobies.
  15. Did you find one, or change your mind?