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  1. Okay, thread hijack. F is usually an accessory drive, which is what got me thinking about it. 30 years ago, I had a 386DX with 4 megs of RAM. Very fast computer, much faster than the 486DX machines that the people I played LAN DOOM with owned, which annoyed them much. How? Start the computer off a floppy with a trimmed down batch file to load basic DOS and drivers for video, sound, and network, which took 700k or so, and create a 3 meg RAMDRIVE which was labelled F:. Then, run RAMDISK to compress that drive to hold about 7megs of data, copy the DOOM OS and selected levels to the RAMDISK, and run the game completely out of system RAM. It wouldn't run chkdsk on that virtual drive, don't know why, that was truly above my pay grade.
  2. Why does an Italian helmet manufacturer have anything to do with your computer?
  3. I rode it yesterday, coincidentally. After being on the MT-09 for a while, it's reminiscent of an XX. Has the feeling of solid and stable with "V8" pull and sound. Riding position and seat is really comfortable except the pegs are too high for me. It's a very nice package.
  4. Like Furbird........ I was on my way to trade my 1600 Capri in on a 6 cylinder Volvo. The girl I was dating was a Volvo freak, and I sure aimed to please. I had cleaned out the car including several thousand Grape Malt Duck bottle caps, and had stopped at the arcade to play some Pac-man because I was running early. When I came out, the shifter was limp as a wet noodle and no gears were to be found. Sure enough, both shift rods had come out of the gearbox levers and were hanging wild and free. What to do? I tore the car apart and found two lonely bottle caps caught under the carpet by the seat rails. My pocket knife did a pretty good job of putting a crosscut hole in them, and helped me tap them over the shifter rods after I scissor jacked the car up and slid underneath. And away I went to Bill's used car lot. Bill, his mechanic Eddie, and I had known each other for years and had a friendly relationship. Bill asked Eddie to put the car up on the lift while he and I did paperwork. Eddie set the car up on the 4-post and we could hear the clanking of the lock while Bill and I were shooting the breeze. Eddie roars out "hey Bill" and we both look over to see the car raised about 3 feet with the rear wheels still on the ground. We howled like banshees. ------------------------ Like blackhawk, a buddy and I were on a mission to pick up an abandoned car parked next to a ramshackle falling down old house. The house was well into the "I'm not walking on that floor" stage. Anyway, there was no battery in the car. We swapped the battery out of the truck to verify the old Camaro would start as we were told, and it did. In retrospect, we should have started the car and swapped the battery back out while it was running but we had youth, not smarts on our side. We scratched our heads for a while, then finally entered the house and tore a section of wiring out of the wall. We rammed the bumpers together for a ground, and held the wire we tore out of the house hot to hot, and it started. And got out of there, because we really didn't have the time to be explaining to anyone what we were doing, if you catch my drift.
  5. I got some generic adhesive remover at work. It takes glue and some skin off, but not tattoos, so I figured its kindasorta safe, right? I haven't had a new vehicle in decades, so I'm kinda skittish about the little bit of finish that it has. It looked fine but got really hot. It's in a flood plain, though, so most everybody should get FEMA compensation, right? Who knew powdered aluminum would burn, y'know? I mean it's a metal, you'd think it would just melt. Oh well.
  6. So I got this new bike, and thought I'd do the right thing and take the warning sticker with all the writing on it off me deep metal flake tank. It was over 80 today and I figured out would be easy... And it was. Came off get nicely with my plastic razor blade. And now I've got this goo rectangle I can't get off what the hell? I've rubbed it with alcohol and window cleaner...a lot. What's the next step? Goo Gone? Vinegar? Tequila? Brake fluid?
  7. Mid 2000's Yamaha FZ1 for sale near me by a member too busy to post. 40k ish miles, sheltered, beautiful bike. Has the full factory anniversary kit as well as the original red tank and bodywork. Not getting all big into descriptions unless there's serious interest priced at $4000. Well cared for, beautiful bike. The luster in that paint is hypnotic. Reach out and I'll get you in touch.
  8. I've always red loctite-ed helicoils, and put antiseize on the bolt. I liked Oscars suggestion of a stud. You couldn't do it in every application, obviously, but it would probably be the most greatest fix. 75% of helicoils I've put in were for spark plugs.
  9. It's not the gas stops, it's the 12 hotel nights that will hold you up. I had one of these, they're a blast up to 18mph or so.
  10. Manny, this thread is 12 years old. As far as I know, Graham is no longer in business. Best advice I have for finding him would be to check on the Facebook Blackbird list. Good luck.
  11. 99 did not have black stator covers, clutch covers, or swingarms. They also didn't have braided brake lines. This one may have had some "personalization" like most XX's.
  12. Funny how the things you thought would always be around just vanished. GPZ's all got getto'd. CX650T's .......well, they really only made about 100 of them and they were passed around. CX500T are out there for stupid money, each and every one of them needs the engine pulled for a stator. Suzuki Rotaries got so cool they aren't cool anymore. I still have a Honda 350 to get to. Okay, three 350's and a 400, but who's counting...
  13. WOW.........that is so incredibly original. Great find! Oh......dibs!
  14. I'm saving those to fund my retirement. And gauge clusters. And if things get real bad, I'll sell the new OEM CB350F exhaust sets I have.
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