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  1. 2/24 -- I started this up, took it for a ride, and found the following. 1. The clutch slips. I believe the clutch rod needs to be removed and cleaned. It wasn't slipping prior to this, so I doubt the clutch itself is the problem. 2. The forks seem slightly misaligned, which makes it steer a bit odd. Looking at the tubes and the damage on the bike, I doubt very much that the tubes are bent. I can see that the triples are misaligned and expect that lining the front end up will take care of the problem. There's no impingement in the fork action or seal leak that would indicate a bend in the tubes. For these reasons, I've decreased the price to $1600.
  2. As the title says, I just happen to have a Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Shotgun Exhaust for an XX that I really don't want. Just not my cup of tea. They are pretty neat, though and are quite rare. You won't see a set like this very often. They are in good shape with signs of use. No overt dents and all hardware is intact. There are some burnt on boot goo and the like which does come off pretty easily with a razor blade. I'm not interested in cleaning them up, I'll let a loving new owner use a hot knife, oven cleaner, or goo of their own liking to clean them. There is also a very small dent on one downtube at the bend. Not anything that might impact performance. A nice decent looking set of exotica for a non-exotic bike can be yours for the low, low price of $350 plus shipping. Obviously, this is a full system of header and cans, so take that into consideration when thinking about shipping. Also, I'll be traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida in early March, and a delivery meet point could be arranged. Here's a couple of pics.
  3. Fred's a great guy and the bike is absolutely badass. You won't be sorry. If I had that kind of spare change it would so be in my garage.
  4. I need to clear the garage and finance summer trips, so I have a few things up for sale. One of them is a 1997 Honda CBR1100XX that has been crashed, and needs reassembly. The bike was well taken care of by its owners, and it shows. Very nice condition other than the crash damage. The fairings were smashed, gauge set, headlight, mirrors and fairing stay all destroyed. Some small scrapes and scratches consistent with road rash. It runs smooth and well, I've taken it down the road and it feels fine with smooth shifting and no wobble. The tank is unfortunately dented, but sound. I have all the large parts to rebuild. Chinese fairings, headlight, mirrors, fairing stay, and rear frame extension as this one is tweaked a bit. I don't think I have a gauge set, but I will look for one. Throttlemeister not included. The title is clear, not salvage. I have no proof, but I believe the bike had around 56,000 miles on it. Looking for $2000 -- decreased to %1600 -- see following post. I read all offers, because some of them are pretty funny. Trades up or down considered, even though money is the best way to finance my vacations. You might have something that just appeals to me. No boats, though. I am traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida in March, and the bike could go to a convenient meet point along the way. Thanks for reading.
  5. Maybe he was just waiting for the right bike to pop up at the right time!
  6. Well, PM me your address and I'll send you one in no particular hurry.
  7. Mike, are you still looking for that gas gauge piece?
  8. Perhaps a little corrosion on that wire. Please do keep us informed. You have not been the only one with this concern.
  9. I'd still be leery of construction adhesive with the heat. It's got to be heavy enough to support the lights steadily. I don't want to see the shadows moving when I walk across the floor.
  10. Its 18.5 inches countertop to cabinet. The Jenn-Air had a downdraft fan which worked quite well, but you couldn't hear yourself think when it was on. The wall over the stove is covered with cabinets, and its a cathedral ceiling, so to speak. I cannot duct to the ceiling without much more redneckery than I will stoop to. The wall is the only way out. Spatter? You haven't seen me cook.
  11. My Jenn-Air countertop stove decided it had better things to do than heat things up, so its now languishing in a scrap pile. This is a bit of a project, because its being replaced with a traditional gas range/oven. Cut the counter, looks nice but still have to plumb the gas line and take care of a bit of rewiring. Luckily, there's also a small glass countertop that is usually reserved for keeping things warm rather than primary cooking, so I don't have to use the microwave for my bacon (sacrilege!). So, in conjunction with the stove replacement, I plan to put up a backsplash and finally do something to protect the excellent condition of my 1970's era wood cabinetry. To shield the cabinets from steam, smoke, and grease spatter, two approaches were planned. One, cover the bottom of the cabinets with light sheet metal, and two, install a through the wall exhaust fan. Along with this, I'd like to put some slimline LED lights so what's cooking isn't a mystery. There's less than standard clearance between countertop and cabinets, as it hurts my back leaning over to use the counter, and short people have to reach the cabinets. Anything I do in that space has to be respectful of the decreased clearance and take up minimal space. So my reason for posting is to ask the community brain the following: *Any better material than sheet metal for a shield? *Secure the sheet metal with nails or screws? Nails will be flush, screws are easier but will stick out a wee bit. I can't imagine using sheet metal thick enough to effectively countersink. *Recommendations for a strong fan? I'd prefer to use a fan in the ducting in order to decrease the sound level in the kitchen. *and finally, recommendations for lighting? I expect LED is the best choice from a size standpoint, and it needs to be bright as well as moisture and heat resistant. I'll have to physically fasten it in place as well, a sticky back is not going to last long over a stove. Thanks in advance.
  12. If it doesn't snow I can poke around the shed tomorrow.
  13. I'm sure I've got a pair lying around.
  14. uh........... no.
  15. Feels good, ehnah?