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  1. rockmeupto125

    Wanted : VFR bars for XX

    I'm sure I have a set for you.
  2. ixxion97@yahoo.com

    or just give me his address.


    Is he looking for perfect ones or just good used?

    1. Pat830


      I would imagine good used would work

    2. Pat830




      Garth Grollmus

  3. rockmeupto125

    Wanted : VFR bars for XX

    your covered. I'll pm ya.
  4. rockmeupto125

    oe non catalyst fi header wanted

    WHAT? Hindle still has pipes AND midpipes? Damn. We'll need pictures.
  5. rockmeupto125

    oe non catalyst fi header wanted

    I'll check the pile today, I'm sure I have one. But shipping from PA on an ungainly item would be expensive.
  6. I've researched craigslist, ebay, and cycle trader. Nice examples of this year with 20kl+ miles are priced at $3500. So I'll amend the price to $3000.
  7. My 2003 GSXR 600 is up for sale to fund some other toys. Why sell this one? The riding position is way too tight for beat up knees, and too high and wide for short legs. That covers all the riders in my house. Other than that, its a sharp, tight bike that runs great. 9500 miles, not beat, and in very good original condition except for a few "normal" mods. Two Brothers slip on exhaust, LED undertail, and blue screen. Has the factory seat cowl included and the factory rear fender for those that might not like the undertail look...or need to get the bike inspected. New tires with no more than 100 miles, new AGM battery this year. Because of condition and mileage, price is $3500. Yes, there's a seat, and no, it is not a Corona edition...it just has stickers. Thanks for reading. Edited for price reduction..................$3000 If you were at RacerXX 2017, this is the bike I had at the track.
  8. Shot in the dark but stranger things happen. Looking for a 2003 specific Left Lower Cowl in good to excellent condition. '03 models had a different metalflake than the '97-'99 models. If you have one or know of one, please give me a shout out. Thanks.
  9. rockmeupto125

    foot pegs wanted

    Not on NeXXT week, Steve. But I'll start stripping that bike next week. Its taking up too much space on my patio.
  10. rockmeupto125

    SOLD CCT double green dot.

    Bring them to NeXXT. I have a home for them.
  11. rockmeupto125

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    I agree. And I can't offer informed input because I only have experience with the PC. I know they are no longer in production and getting pretty rare. Once you get one, you won't have a warranty or support for it.
  12. rockmeupto125

    Programable fuel injection?

    Yep, didn't know you could still get them. they just boost the signal to the injectors over a wide range....not too precise. Good way to smell like unburnt gas all the time. Everything's a factor....its a system. The head can't flow with a tight exhaust, exhaust only flows as much as it gets from the head, intake limits the flow.........improving one rarely makes a big difference. He's already got a good exhaust, so he can spend a grand on something else in the "flow chart."
  13. rockmeupto125

    Programable fuel injection?

    PGM doesn't stand for Programmable Fuel Injection, it's Programmed Fuel Injection. There's no inference by Honda that the ECU is user programmable, and its not. To do so would require eproms/flash memory chips, and it doesn't have them. The programming is permanent to the chips, at least until they reach their service limit and fail. The distinction of "programmed" is just a different way to say electronic. So with that in mind, the only way to alter the signals that the ECU sends to the sprayers and sparkers is with an add-on device. You could modify the signals coming out of ECU, but those signals are "normal" and you'd have to basically build another ECU, and that's a lot of work. So instead we can modify the signals going into the ECU, and let the already programmed ECU think the incoming data and output signals are be the product of the engine condition that we want the ECU to think exists at the moment...essentially that the engine is starved for fuel. The most common way to do this is with a Power Commander, a device that has flash programmable memory and can modify the input signals to the ECU. The sensors that send data to the ECU are extremely dumb and the data they send is about as minimal as it can get, so the difficulty with modifying that signal is also minimal, making the idea of the power commander simple, dirty, and effective. Lie the right way to the computer, and you'll get it to put out what you want. Sounds like a real-life situation, except it doesn't cost as much as other similar situations. I know its not uncommon to hear about Power Commander failures, but I wouldn't call them an unreliable device. Maybe just not built to the same standard as the ECU, and often not properly mounted. Anyway, the PC is simply a way to clean up your fueling map. Its not nitrous, and won't do any more than a good tuneup would do for an old Chevy. If you have the standard off-idle throttle lumpiness, a PC typically takes that away, or at least decreases it. So unless the throughput of the engine has changed significantly, there's no great need for changing the standard fueling map that's locked in the ECU. Even a full exhaust doesn't scavenge enough to overrun the stock mapping. Where the PC can help in those instances is with cleaning up the fueling map, which would require dyno tuning with an AFM. Best performance increase is improving air flow, but the bottleneck is the head, not the intake or exhaust. A trip to the flow bench and porting work is probably the most stable and useful expenditure for significant horsepower gains without sacrificing any of the solid attributes of the engine.....reliability, simplicity, and driveability/good performance over a wide rpm/load range. Your bike won't run lean with a full flow exhaust. If you burn a valve, its because adjustment was needed due to wear.
  14. rockmeupto125

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    Low speed, idling, high temps equal a lot of fan use and not a lot of charging going on. This equals a greatly discharged battery with poor starting performance and potentially poor overall performance, including dim lighting and guage errors, possibly even an FI light. Your story indicates that your charging system and battery are probably in good shape, because you had absolutely no problems once you were out of the problematic situation. It would appear that a working charging system was able to charge and maintain a good battery, and there were no further problems under normal operation. I don't feel that you need to be changing out any of the charging system. Things to consider: Multiple accessories can drain the battery, as well as high output lighting. Because the charging system is arguably the weakest system out of all, its a good system to monitor. A voltmeter of some sort is handy. If you have accessory plugs, you can find cheap voltmeters on ebay for most any sort of connection. And if you run a radar detector, several brands do have the ability to monitor voltage. A cheap voltmeter may not be critical use accurate, but it will most probably be consistent in reading, so what you're looking at the voltmeter for is trends or variations from norm. If you bought a jump pack to carry on a motorcycle, its probably one of those mini lithium packs. You have that as backup, so you won't get too stranded in the mountains. Keep your battery pack charged. Also, if you're traveling with friends, remember that many bikes have similar batteries, and you can swap a discharged one out into a bike with a good charging system and keep going. And lastly, if your charging system is gone wonky, you can pull your headlight fuse and eliminate as much as half your static draw. How was the Total Control course?