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  1. I did, I did. That was a long time ago. I think it was red. What's the mileage, add-ons, and let me know what you're asking. I might need more adventure this summer.
  2. I don't think your XX is under undue stress. Turbo? High speed runs? Commercial towing? Stock aluminum works for most folks just fine. You can get 5 of those for one custom copper and brass masterpiece that will still go to shit once road crap and chemicals get on it. I'm sure it's a fine piece of kit, but you don't need a Rolls Royce to get to Walmart. (I was going to say you don't need to have a fancy wedding and reception just to get a blow job, but this is a publicly viewable forum....)
  3. Grab one off ebay. They fit a variety of bikes with the same brand braking systems. I know several yamaha models use the same switch. So if you see it listed for lots of different bikes, it's real, not just a universal switch you need to adapt.
  4. Blue was available pretty much everywhere except the US.
  5. I was going to say just buy a different one until i saw that picture... The very first thing i would do is to take a look in the tank.
  6. Things like that are best fastened in place with sheet metal screws into the gas tank.
  7. Got up for work last night, had the truck heater on. Went out in the cold and started right up. Came back in to finish getting ready, I heard the truck shut off. Fuck. Ran the codes quick before I left with the old Chevy (no heat, no defrost, 12 degrees out). P200E cleared. Went out this morning after work (8 degrees) and plugged in the computer. Didn't start it. EGT13 (the one with the resister) reads 600. No, 900. No, 334. No, 517. No, 936. Fuck this. I took an old sensor, safety wired it to the exhaust pipe, and plugged it in. Ran like a
  8. forscan saves the file. I just haven't figured out how to get the file to play back unless I'm connected to the truck.
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