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  1. Caleb......attempts to contact you by phone are unsuccessful. I need your address.
  2. rockmeupto125


    The aftermarket shims like Hotcams are readily available from cycle supplies online. Ebay as well, maybe even Amazon.
  3. I caught hell the last time I stripped an XX skeleton and didn't advertise, so here I am. Stripping a 1999 XX skeleton, frame fittings, swingarm, brales. ETC are available, not much else from this one. If you have any needs or wants, speech up.
  4. I think the premise is fair. He's advertising it on an XX forum for a friend who just wants it gone and doesn't really know how to go about it. He's not interested in the forum for any other reason, hence his email. He's done his due diligence to his friend and XX people might get a nice bike. Now, given the circumstances, the title situation may well be a concern.
  5. https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/not-sure-if-this-cbr-xx-good-buy.50866/#post-652122
  6. There's what appears to be a bone stock (except for pricey slip ons), pristine XX potentially for sale listed on the other XX site. Low 20's mileage, Florida location, 5k-ish price. Just a heads up.
  7. I think it's an excellent ad. The only thing I might suggest is a short initial Cliff Note first paragraph for those with short attention spans (those folks have money too). I think that would sell in about a day around here.
  8. There's a passel on that site. Which ones did you use?
  9. Here's what I would do if I just wanted to run a couple wires. *Remove the seat. *Remove the two bolts holding down the rear of the tank. *Pop the trim panels away from the tank in the rear. *Lift the rear of the tank an inch or two. It might be helpful to release the wiring to the tank from the clip on the left side of the tank mount. *Gently run a stiff wire from the rear to the front of the tank to grab and pull your more flexible wiring through. It's hot under there, be sure it is adequately insulated. *Put it back together. For the record, I rarely remove a tank. For almost any need, the tank can be removed from its mounts and rotated up in the front, then over to rest on its top (think backflip) with adequate padding. As I recall, it's helpful to disconnect the fuel pump and sending unit wiring and pull one or two vacuum hoses...nothing more. If you have some way or someone to support the tank upright, even that is unnecessary. No need to disconnect fuel lines or anything else.
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