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  1. yeah, how many miles on it for the cam chain to stretch like that?
  2. Damn. I wonder if they will do anything with mine as its a salvage title. I wondered what the driveshaft recall addressed.
  3. Yeah, its an annoyance for sure. Depends on how it was routed on install, you basically have to undo all of it. Do not disconnect the hoses. You may end up having to loosen the rear frame extension to have enough room to raise the front off the inner fender. That triangle the hose goes through is pretty tight to slide that reservoir through. You wouldn't have to take the rear frame off, just maybe take the 4 bolts/nuts out in the front. Seems like there's a lot of different ways people mount these shocks.
  4. Verizon requires a prepaid phone be activated for some amount of time (month?---6 month?) before moving it to postpaid. Many complaints online that the phone lost service with a SIM switch. Not to mention that her current phone doesn't have a SIM slot.
  5. LOL, don't mind us, we're pretty much all dickheads. I'll get to it. Been working 14 hour nights through the weekend, doesn't leave much time in the day after I shit and shave.
  6. Fuckin' Jeeps. Looks pretty straightforward. Just check all the tabs on the lowers. It's and indication of how tight that package is that the lower fairing set stayed essentially intact while the upper cowl sheared off.
  7. I got a chance to look at the pictures a bit closer on my desktop. That's unusual damage. What happened? I'd be very surprised if there was fork damage. Doesn't appear they would have taken any impact. That headlight is a stout piece and obviously absorbed a lot of energy and the stay probably absorbed the rest. Just check the frame neck near the mounting lugs for the stay for cracked paint or indication of frame damage.
  8. Looks like that phone is available as a post pay phone for $80 from Verizon. I can't put a pre pay phone on my regular verizon account. Thanks for the confirmation info on that phone.
  9. This phone is for my mother. She currently has an LG VX8300 on my Verizon account. She can use it because she's had it for more than 10 years and remembers to open it when it rings. At that point it is "answered" and she can talk. She can't use buttons or understand how to call out. Most of her contacts (family) have her landline number. She's had the same number for more than 60 years and I'd like to keep it for nostalgic reasons, and not have to contact the entire family to give them a new number, then hope they wrote it down. Verizon says they can port the number to a flip phone, but it has to be 4G, which her LG is not. She doesn't use data and never will. She doesn't text and never will. The only thing she can do is flip the phone open and that's why I want a phone that will do just that.
  10. Hey all, looking for a 4G flip phone for Verizon. I want to Port my mother's land line phone to her cell phone, but Verizon says they can only do that with a 4G device that they sell for $100. If you have one in a drawer someplace and want to be rid of it, give me a holler.
  11. For the clutch, I just take the bolt out of the block next to the steering head. Never noted any difference except I got another inch and a half to work with.
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