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  1. Yes. It is increasing more important to be sure that both the donor and the recipient are all original parts. 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand buyers and salvage yards cannot always be expected to know the history of the bike and its parts.
  2. Well, I'm looking for a 2000 BB upper fairing and right lower fairing, for starters.
  3. A Power Commander does not replace the ECU. It goes inline between the wiring harness and the ECU.
  4. Did I miss something?
  5. Tom, I could just bring this with me to racer.
  6. Maybe if I lie down. I know that's how the girls get those skinny jeans zipped up.
  7. Nice deal for somebody. I'd need a sharp knife to get that to fit me!
  8. Oh, I've got those things, no problem. The price may not fit into a rat build budget. You could make it into a naked for not much money. The tank will be hard to fix, the frame is enough of an issue to total the bike, and while I don't see anything grossly out of place, something doesn't look right about the forks, can't put my eye on it. Perhaps just the curvature of the camera lens.
  9. i have one of those weeks every week. I swear....a lot.
  10. Drive by poster.........................
  11. A couple pictures might be helpful, please. Then I could get some ideas together.
  12. I think he was making another run but I'm not sure. Keep in mind the post you're replying to was made 7 years ago. Best place to find him is on Facebook.
  13. I'll look in the morning
  14. If I had the money to spare, I'd offer you $3500, but I wouldn't be rude about it. Tell him okay, you'll meet him at Walmart and to look for a red XX and your wife will have a yellow corvette to give you a ride home. After he spends an hour there waiting for you, maybe he'll stop bothering you.
  15. Different colors were available in Canada than in the US. As I understand, there were even two colors in the same year. Imagine!