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  1. Both. I can boot the little on and put files on the bign.
  2. Always lower here. Median income is low, with covid restrictions the riding season is starting late, and this isn't a dealer serviced bike.
  3. Okay, i have a use for a small SSD. The power went out yesterday and took with it the boot drive on my desktop. Whatcha got? Trying to work with my phone is getting old very quickly.
  4. Agreed. I highly doubt that it has any super crazy expensive mods to it, and now is the time to sell here. Things are opening up, the weather is good, there's a buyer...take the money and run.
  5. She didn't price it yet. She was offered $3500 and I told her no. I thought she could get 4-4.5 fairly quickly. She wants it gone, but doesn't feel like giving it away.
  6. A friend is selling her late husband's 2006 zx10r with 16k miles. She has an offer on it and texted me to see it out was fair. I'm on the road and can't research it. What's it worth private sale? I don't think there's anything fancy except pipes and he didn't abuse it, but he bought it used. Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. I typed an answer, don't know where it went. I do ship at a post office. Fancy, huh? And an axle is pretty good sized, if it fits in an envelope it will be really fat to be protected enough not to get outside the envelop by the time it gets a thousand miles away. A little over $8 for an envelope, $11 and change for a box. Still cheaper and faster than UPS. Shipping is a rip. I marvel at how I can get free shipping on a $10 item that comes in an 18x24 box, yet it costs me nearly $20 to ship the same thing.
  8. USPS has doubled domestic, and tripled prices over the borders in the last year.
  9. I'm sure there's a straight one around my yard someplace.
  10. I thought you bought a wiring harness from Australia?
  11. Ordered this pump for the 3rd time today. Apparently "in stock" has a different meaning now than when I had a store.
  12. I got a small winch. But I do some bigger things. I don't drag cars up over banks or yank trees out of the ground, but I'm thinking it would be nice to have a winch that will easily pull a car or truck onto a trailer without a hassle. Do any of you "wheelers" have any feedback on the Badland winches from Harbor Fright? Online reviews are mostly "hey, I took this out of the box, it looks great." Thanks!
  13. That is super nice and almost completely stock. So many have ricer turn signals and the rear end cut off. Even original levers. Nice.
  14. Oh, my goodness....you have a Ford truck!
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