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  1. rockmeupto125

    FS: Corbin Beetle Bags for CBR1100XX

    I still have them. I will PM you additional pictures.
  2. rockmeupto125

    Bar End Weights

    Bill.....if you're asking about the '97, those are VFR bars........exactly the same fittings as a stock XX bar, just a little higher.
  3. rockmeupto125

    99 Front axle

    I'm sorry....a little stressed today. Yes, its a '99 (fuel injected, later model).
  4. rockmeupto125

    99 Front axle

  5. rockmeupto125

    99 Front axle

    The forks should be the same, at least at that end. When you swap parts, the wheel, axle and spacers should stay together.
  6. rockmeupto125

    99 Front axle

    So what size are your spacers? And do you have the short one on the left side and the collar all the way into the fork?
  7. rockmeupto125

    Lowering front end

    I used 4. 6 was a bit much. I suppose it would be very dependent upon the tire's profile, though. Then I ran out of ground clearance and raised them up.
  8. rockmeupto125

    99 Front axle

    I can't get to one right now, but here's a pic of the WRONG axle for you, so if yours matches this, its for a carbed model fork .
  9. rockmeupto125

    Goldbird on Craigslist AZ

    15k miles, didn't do a lot of touring, did he. I'd like to see the bar assembly in a little more detail. The bike looks pretty good. Everyone has their own physical issues to deal with and maybe this works well. As far as the backrest, I would have had one if they were available seeing as Bullroarer had a tendency to fall asleep when he was back there. My only concern is that rear rack is not as substantial as a Givi and there could certainly be a lot of stress on four mount points so close together.
  10. rockmeupto125

    replace header/downpipes

    Dejah, where are you? I do not have a carbed header for him.
  11. rockmeupto125

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    What about H2 SE?
  12. rockmeupto125

    replace header/downpipes

    It's most common for the nut to have more friction against the stud than the stud has against the head, so you just end up unscrewing the stud, which is a lot better than breaking one off. Soak them up good and let them set overnight.
  13. rockmeupto125

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    Not much in the album, did find a couple from an older camera.
  14. rockmeupto125

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    Well, I'm pretty proud of it, LOL
  15. rockmeupto125

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    No they don't roll over at 100k. I have an '01 with 9300 on it.