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  1. Holy cow. And I gave up the idea of putting ABS on an XX. Dude, there are not enough years in your life to accomplish this. Swap engines or give it up.
  2. The last time I threw stuff out and admitted it, I was chastised for not posting up first. So here we are. I just broke down an injected XX engine for a forum member who needed a set of cases, so I have all the eviscerant available if anyone is looking for XX guts. And of course, you all know to contact me for all matter of leftover XX parts, they come and go pretty regularly here. 😁
  3. Update, ordered 2 used sensors off a wrecked truck from a junkyard in Louisianna or some godawful place for $30 off ebay. They had multiple pictures of the truck they were parting out and it was well wrecked and lower mileage, so I took a light risk they were good. It took a month or so to get them. Heated up the bungs and got the old ones out without grief, no-seized up the "new" ones and popped them in, took about an hour laying on the frozen driveway. Truck has been error free since. Bought a new OEM one off ebay for $30 to put in the glovebox, I don't want to be in mid-bumfuck and hav
  4. Yeah, so respect your elders, colonists or not. 😜
  5. 50 years ago I was dating a lovely lass who's mother was cockney.
  6. British humor does take a bit of time, doesn't it? 😜
  7. I actually saw one of them. A Robin, I mean. Back to the original youtube, I hadn't considered the car would be quite that light, and laughed like hell when he picked it up and wheeled it into work like a hand truck.
  8. This is the state of healthcare at this time. 20-30% of front line workers are out sick. the rest of us are just bailing.
  9. Break? Bill, some people at work wear attends because there's no opportunity to go to the bathroom. Not to derail my own thread.............
  10. Yep. Just have to get the generator mounted to power it.
  11. Update on the 6.4. Finally got the EGT sensors I ordered and found a day that wasn't snowing, raining, or 20 degrees out AND I didn't feel like I recently lost a UFC fight. Changed out both proximal and distal cat EGT sensors. Truck has about 12 starts and 50 miles on it in short jaunts without a hitch. It feels a little brighter as well. So we'll see. The 6.0 turned out to have a lot more cab rust than the guy realized or related. Oh well. Stay the course.
  12. You are correct, I'm typing through a foggy mind. Thank you for catching that. Stock chain length is 110 links.
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