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  1. rockmeupto125

    FS: Corbin Beetle Bags for CBR1100XX

    2/19/2019 These are still available, and getting more rare. Again I'll be traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida and back in later March of 2019, and some sort of partial delivery could be attempted along the transportation corridors.
  2. rockmeupto125

    Brake pad info needed

    EBC EPFA pads are the recommends for extreme usage, ie track days/racing. EBC GPFAX are race use only and not certified for highway use. EBC does not make the GPFAX pads for a Blackbird.
  3. rockmeupto125

    Chain reaction

    That looks expensive.
  4. rockmeupto125

    Dana 60 Rebuild?

    Breaking news, lol. Qsteer used a limited slip diff, not a locker. Makes noises if the right fluid isn't in there. And Hank tells me he found evidence that qsteer came with 4.10's as well.
  5. rockmeupto125

    Dana 60 Rebuild?

    180 I think. There was a decent looking one in Wausau on craigslist...
  6. rockmeupto125

    Dana 60 Rebuild?

    Oscar, its the quadrasteer axle.
  7. rockmeupto125

    Dana 60 Rebuild?

    Hank, I sent you the craigslist. A bit more research shows me a couple things. 1: I think every quadrasteer out there has 3.73 gears. 2: Quadrasteer does not have a locking differential, RPO G80. Quadrasteers have the limited slip G86 rear end, and supposedly a 12 bolt rather than 10 bolt cover. They are also reportedly very finicky about the correct fluid for that limited slip, making plenty odd noises if fed regular old locker oil. Hmm.
  8. rockmeupto125

    Dana 60 Rebuild?

    Special rear. They're on eBay for ,$3500. I'd gladly go check it out, but it's a planned move...200 miles and through Philly to get there. That's a 5 hour trip. True it could be lots of things, but it's a car lot, and they might have a clue that they don't wanna fix it.
  9. rockmeupto125

    Dana 60 Rebuild?

    Looking at the ad for a truck. Nice truck. Priced nicely, because "selling cheep due to rear noise." Truck can still be driven. Never rebuilt an truck axle and diff. Is it a horrible thing?
  10. rockmeupto125

    On Craigslist 02 $3350

    I know...Cal is retired, he has plenty of time. Have him ride it to Racer, you fly in and you can both fly back. We'll find an extra bike for Cal to ride.
  11. rockmeupto125

    On Craigslist 02 $3350

    Get that poor thing on a truck to RacerXX............fly in and ride it!
  12. rockmeupto125

    GM Quadrasteer

    As I understand, it was a $4000 option, and not enough people bit on that big chaw.
  13. rockmeupto125

    GM Quadrasteer

    My curiousity has been piqued, and I've been looking at the Quadrasteer four wheel steering option that was available for a few years on the GM pickups (Sierra and Silverado). I've received good advice to just walk away simply because of the potential expense of an esoteric and long out of production item. But I'm curious if anyone here has had direct experience with the Quadrasteer option. The only thing I've picked up about them is from online forums, and those that have them seem to have a generally positive attitude of "I'll fix that pickup until it can't be fixed no more" because the option is no longer available. So again, anyone with direct experience with this system that can comment on it? Thanks!
  14. rockmeupto125

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    Awesome. Let Bill go first...he probably doesn't have boxes full of tapes like I do.
  15. rockmeupto125

    WTB: Orphan 8mm Video Equipment

    They are not compatible, and there are no adapters between the formats. You may remember that VHS-C can be placed in a VHS sized adapter and played on a "regular" VCR. That would do the job, John. Are you demonstrating, or offering that up for consideration?