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  1. Not a bad price.... but not a steal either. Refurb Mini 2's are a few bucks more and have a better processor and the Retina display... Your's is mint and you're tossing in shipping....plus no tax....so your price is fair... The original Mini came out in 2012.... kinda shocked you hung on to something for 4 years!
  2. WiFi only? And how many gigs? And does mean I no longer have your telephone number?
  3. SPF to the guy trying to earn his man card back... (hey, Dave said it.. not me... )
  4. Fixed it for you... We are talking about Scott after all And sorry for your loss... Damn, it seems like we're all losing our firearms... It must be Bush and Cheney's fault... And nothing wrong with Thug Life..... WCTL's Matter... White Cracker Thug Lives matter...
  5. Text you in a few.. It would be a pretty good self defense shotty... 20" barrel, pistol grip and red dot... plus probably the best trigger I've felt on a shotty...
  6. This is way too much firearm for you... and I already have my IBA number... didn't have to kiss Kneebone's ass to get it either... You know I don't have cell coverage at FarmXX... I'll message you tomorrow...
  7. I had to put a LoJack on it so I wouldn't lose it in the woods!
  8. As for Kalifornia, isn't just about everything illegal now? A 3.5" in a magnum load would be one heck of a punch.... That's why the Choate stock.... Again, I haven't fired this but I know the difference this kind of stock makes when shooting heavier rifle calibers. If it doesn't sell, this shotty would be fed 3" for home defense work... As for the red dot, they're on just about everything now and pretty helpful in quick target acquisition. This would actually be a great home defense shotty..
  9. I always offer stuff here first... I took this in as small part of a trade and realized this really belongs in the field.. Mossberg Model 535 ATS shotgun, 12 gauge with Truglo Red Dot optic, Choate stock (they REALLY help on shotty's), 20” barrel. XX Full Turkey Accu-Choke (ported and extended). Accepts everything up to a 3.5” shell. LPA adjustable trigger system (like a Savage Accu-Trigger) breaks at about 2lbs now. 5 (exactly) rounds fired. A GG&G front sling adapter allows sling attachment in a much more logical location. (www.gggaz.com/mossberg-500-front-
  10. Whatareyalaughingat? That's the sexiest AR out there... Nothing like some wood to give a guy some wood...
  11. No worries.. I knew what you meant.. . If I can find a lower without the paper trail, I might take you up on your offer for an upper... and old school wood handguard and some walnut bling would look smoking hot on an ARF!
  12. Ouch Tim... 51 years of a pretty active life and no one has ever accused me of sounding liberal. I think a valid argument could be said that if a tool is a tool, and nothing else, then there shouldn't be nearly the variety we have in tools, firearms, cars, bikes, boats, and a lot of things as that variety is unnecessary. That actually sounds pretty liberal to me. Some folks don't look at all things as mere tools... Functionally, the AR platform in the .223 is a great fit... But there are also functional reasons not to keep an AR in the truck. Like being lower profile to the not-fi
  13. By mall ninjas and posers and wannabes... You do live in "the City," right? The hill is my backstop... so I can reasonably shoot anything... The coyotes come from behind.. and there is nothing but farms and trees forever... But no to the big bang... 22-250 or 243 class firearm.. Needs to be fast and flat and punch hard due to the winds swirling around and over the hill. Plus, there's just something about a great barrel on a beautiful wood stock... I can appreciate the ARs for their utility and versatility.. . but they have no soul... I digress... i
  14. You're right.. I know you're right... I'm admitting you're right... and it's a decent caliber for my needs... I only need to be spot on out to 200ish yards... But farmers don't tote ARs in their trucks! But it's something I've thought about..
  15. .338 Lapua... I'm thinking that on a coyote would be a bit of a "reverse Kingsman" (from the movie. In the movie, the head colorfully disappeared and the body dropped... A .338 Lapua on a coyote? Damn.. nothing left of it.. Or nothing left of the 50+ year old shoulder firing it... Dave isn't a very nice man to recommend that caliber to an old Tennessee farmer... The Ruger M77 sounds like a beautiful rifle... I'll come visit when you're hating it I'm sorry about you and your GF getting scoped... It's happened to nearly all of us... I think I've been able to avoid
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