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  1. Hooplehead

    Harley Mentality

    Dear Zero How does one become a mental midget and love Harley Davidson?You know, LOUD, inefficient, heavy and hard to handle vehicles, allowing a form of pride with fellow idiots. Are they wannabe truckers w/o the dedication or skill? Please enlighten me on why a step back is something to be proud of?
  2. Hooplehead

    Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

    Still waiting for the REAL answer. Is Zero off somewhere repairing the earth's infrastructure? Geez, we have REAL issues here to be answered.
  3. Hooplehead

    HVAC problem

    AFAIKBZITE just turn the sticker around so it goes the other way?
  4. Hooplehead

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    AFAIKBZITE An honor well deserved and hard worked for. I am pleased to admit i have shared airspace with the ZERO!
  5. Hooplehead

    Is this why the .org was down this morning?-2 part question.

    Afaikbzite. I think for us simpletons, that means "no" it wasnt Zero causing it... this time.
  6. Hooplehead

    Dear Zero

    Uh oh. Now that you mention it, that does seem odd. Failure to notice the oddity, says volumes doesnt it?
  7. Hooplehead

    Dear Zero

    That is soo wrong on so many levels. LOV IT!
  8. Hooplehead

    Barack Obama

    AFAIKBZITE, eligible to be president, and American are no longer synonymous terms. Hell, criminal or not doesnt matter either. Confusing question and wasn't opened with "Dear Zero".
  9. Hooplehead

    Ass burger

    Your question is invalid. You did not begin with "dear Zero". Either by the grace of Zero, or the pity he took on you, you got a response. This has been your warning. Carry on gentlemen. Please Zero, don't let this infraction influence your wisdom in the future. I apologize for his actions...
  10. Hooplehead

    03 Slips out of 6th at highway speeds..

    Bike has been put thru its paces since putting in the Honda oil. Im back to lazy shifting as my usual, but havent had a single missed gear or clash issue since the change. I hate it, but the evidence supports that at least MY '03 prefers gn4 over valvoline. I cant say much more than that, but the results i am sure of.
  11. shit, trackday prices. Looks like a good learner bike, hehe.
  12. Hooplehead

    2003 Honda CBR1100XX

    Not a beginners bike? Surely ye' jest. Smokin hot looking for sure!
  13. Hooplehead

    Craigslist 1998 $3000

    Common excuse. Plane tickets are cheaper than a night of drinking sometimes. The ride back with a bike or flight back without one is both doable... Do it, buy it!
  14. $3000 new is what i paid, and another $225 for the cover for it. Both had to be ordered. Nonetheless, it has been SOLD. I got more than i posted here for it, btw.
  15. Hooplehead

    GPS vs Odometer?

    I just go by the odometer and fuel gauge. Once you get a baseline established in your memory, you don't need the extra thought or gadgets. I know this... the first half tank goes a lot longer than the second When I'm riding the bike off interstate, i mentally calibrate the difference. I recall a recent trip that i was being VERY mindful of fuel consumption. Turns out, I made it to the station without a clue the miles i had trekked, just using the red blinking (oh shit ima b walkin') light.