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  1. Hooplehead

    03 Slips out of 6th at highway speeds..

    Bike has been put thru its paces since putting in the Honda oil. Im back to lazy shifting as my usual, but havent had a single missed gear or clash issue since the change. I hate it, but the evidence supports that at least MY '03 prefers gn4 over valvoline. I cant say much more than that, but the results i am sure of.
  2. shit, trackday prices. Looks like a good learner bike, hehe.
  3. Hooplehead

    2003 Honda CBR1100XX

    Not a beginners bike? Surely ye' jest. Smokin hot looking for sure!
  4. Hooplehead

    Craigslist 1998 $3000

    Common excuse. Plane tickets are cheaper than a night of drinking sometimes. The ride back with a bike or flight back without one is both doable... Do it, buy it!
  5. $3000 new is what i paid, and another $225 for the cover for it. Both had to be ordered. Nonetheless, it has been SOLD. I got more than i posted here for it, btw.
  6. Hooplehead

    GPS vs Odometer?

    I just go by the odometer and fuel gauge. Once you get a baseline established in your memory, you don't need the extra thought or gadgets. I know this... the first half tank goes a lot longer than the second When I'm riding the bike off interstate, i mentally calibrate the difference. I recall a recent trip that i was being VERY mindful of fuel consumption. Turns out, I made it to the station without a clue the miles i had trekked, just using the red blinking (oh shit ima b walkin') light.
  7. Selling a mixer thats about 90 days old, $2000 FIRM. Purchased from Guitar Center and I waited too long to return. It works flawlessly and has always been covered with the $200 decksaver cover. The screen has its plastic still protecting it. I have all the packaging and the original receipt. I'm including the cover for the mixer with it. Nothing wrong with the mixer, I just found that I use its little brother (qu-16) mostly. Its never left the studio. I'll miss the larger screen, but I cant justify having both and using one. I will ship this, but buyer is going to pay what ups charges to box and insure. Its in original box, but insurance doesn't help if you don't overpay THEM to box it. I'll sell in person cash or paypal when shipped. Located near Marshall, NC 28753. Will meet anywhere within 40miles of marshall, NC. Pm with inquiries. Thanks -Hoople
  8. Hooplehead

    2000 vs 2001 birds

    Ethanol in 'gas' is a definite no-no for ALL my vehicles. I don't know the science behind it much, but i get better mileage in every vehicle i run it in. The cars as much as 10-15%. I liked to run the '97 low in the rpms, it just seemed to like the higher octane better for that bottom grunt when luggin up a mountain. I was always under the assumption that when running a hi-compression engine, its safer to run a higher octane (less explosive?) for fear of detonation. Add some carbon buildup or miles and it becomes more a worry. Who knows, i may be wasting my money on hi-grade, but the local station offers low and hi grade in non-ethanol... I choose the latter. Most dangerous for my engine is probably the loose nut behind the tank but in front of the seat.
  9. Hooplehead

    2000 vs 2001 birds

    This is totally a California Model bike. States so on the sticker near the end. I had the evap can and solenoid with the extra tubing on the ports, tying all together. It also has the o2 and pair systems. From memory only, i recall the 97 being a hell of a lot smoother on the throttle with a lot more oompf. I run stock pipes always. I am getting about twice the mileage on the '02. I see near 40's on the '03 and was getting 22mpg or less on the 97. Always run hi-test non-ethanol in mine. So many variations on bikes because of changing import and emission policies. Hard to know what you are really getting, i suspect. The Fi bike runs a TON hotter on the legs than the '97 did. I suspect it is from increased backpressure in the exhaust from the emissions crap, or maybe i was running WAAY rich on the '97. The differances between models is NOT as slight as one would think at first glance. Everyone else seems a lot faster now on the roads, so BOTH birds seem slower in the year 2016, than they were in 2006. Fwiw, BLACK is the fastest color by far.
  10. Hooplehead

    stomp style tank grip pad

    Got the pads. I like the texture, but a far cry from cut to the right size. I ended up mounting low and upside down. Cutting would have worked, but i have doubts i would do a good job. The current edges are beveled, so i just left them. Low mounting as usual. For those that hang off the side of the bike really far, i would suggest mounting them higher. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161799054354?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. Hooplehead

    fender showmaster for sale $450

    Now $400, tired of storing it.
  12. Selling my Fender showmaster, to make room for a new Gibson arrival. Its a 24 fret guitar in good shape, has a cpla small extras and is priced right. Just needing it gone, I am officially a Gibson player nowadays. Selling it with a NEW Skb case and a little orange amp. Pretty sweet deal if someone needs a spare or a good floating trem guitar that won't break the bank. Prefer local pickup. Im willing to accept $450 or nearabouts. Asheville, NC area http://asheville.craigslist.org/msg/5596791275.html
  13. Hooplehead

    stomp style tank grip pad

    Took a while to reply it seems.. I looked for those pads and couldnt find them (tho i found the ebay store still). I wound up ordering another brand from china. I hope its cheap ass thin as well. 3M backer is what matters.Kinda hard to find sheets with recessed tips. I plan on cutting the sheets smaller, i prefer just a TINY bit to grab the knees. Oh, I'm on a newer FI bird, tis why im relooking my old farkle pages Still the fastest color made....BLACK! The flat black bird was done with Fuzion spray paint. It looks decent enough, but it isnt what i would consider a professional solution. Impossible to keep clean. I resprayed rather than washed. Better than the awful white marks you get when she falls over on rocky ground.
  14. Hooplehead

    Random motorcycle tubes

    Still got em. They are heading to the landfill this week if noone wants em. This close to halloween, a bag of candy is even cheaper
  15. Hooplehead

    fairing repair

    plastic welder (looks like a footed soldering iron). Prepare the breaks like you would a normal weld and bevel the edges to give more surface area. Weld some plastic into it. Sand until the spot is just below level. Get some FLEXIBLE hobby ca glue for model airplanes and some accelerant. fill liberally with the FLEXIBLE glue and then shoot with the accelerant. Sand like hell (glue is very hard to sand), then wipe off and do it again. Eventually you will build a layer of flex glue and it will be without air holes or imperfections. The more you work it the better it will be. My first motorcycle saw the plastic welder guy a few times. Eventually he showed me how he did the repairs and told me to learn to ride...