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  1. http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20140304 I'd post just the picture, but I get a 403 when trying.
  2. I said new watch and phone, not new motorcycle!
  3. Asshole, now it looks like my next phone will be an iphone, and a new watch. </s>
  4. I had an apple watch (I think I bought it from Dave) I loved the thing, I had put one of those plastic covers on it, I'm glad I did, first day on the job (HVAC) I put a gouge right through the cover. After that I would take it off when doing something mechanical. HVAC is a little different than other trades as there's always a sharp edge someone didn't take care of during installation, and I always seem to find it. If I had a job that was watch/jewelry friendly I'd have another apple watch and it would tip the scales (further) to my next phone being an iphone.
  5. I will send you $5 to burn that copy of paint your wagon. Also, I thought I was the last person on earth with a stack of BD/ DVDs it looks like I will be soon.
  6. Captain obvious here: if someone wants the bike they will have it, not matter what anti-theft or tracker you use. If it's a joy rider, he'd probably have crashed it before the ink on the police report was dry, if it was a theft ring, they probably have the tracker removed and stuck to a bus somewhere. I understand vaguely remember being young, I'm surprised age would have much to do with theft insurance, but then again I can't think like an insurance actuary. 10k is a hard lesson to learn, but as you said, divine intervention: better to get a stolen bike back in pieces than a
  7. I've pre ordered a pair of these. Fortunately I'm travelling to the USA soon, so I won't have to pay the amazon.ca markup, the v2 is $40 up here.
  8. He never said cost wad an issue, and it's his mom so no expense should be spared. It's certainly fits the requirements. It's not like she would be in the basement.
  9. Now that I think a out it, why not a SPOT? https://www.findmespot.com/en-us/
  10. Wow, the only analogue lines I've seen up here are being used to monitor the digital phone equipment or cable pressure, like a watchdog. The phone company also uses old analogue alarm monitoring equipment as a cable theft alarm. The panel is hooked up to ~8 pairs of wires shorted out a various intervals. When someone cuts the line, they instantly know which line and at about which point it was cut, it has caught more than a few copper thieves, one of which was an employee 🤦‍♂️. So have we completely detailed the topic yet?
  11. Wait, analogue (POTS) still exist south of the border? I figured everything would be fibre now. Also FTFY
  12. Of course you'll find a reason for it to not work. Your mother falling down isn't a reason for the internet to go out! If this was the pub I'd make a "yo mama so fat" joke. Oh fuck it I'm making a joke:
  13. I got this for my dad. https://vsnmobil.com/products/v-alrt/learn_more and get a phone and network that supports wifi calling.
  14. 75 miles to work, so what you mean is a leisurely 45 minute drive. (Stolen and misquoted from Clint Eastwood in the Eiger Sanction). I hope Jess gets to ride to work occasionally, that would be a nice decompression ride, assuming she could still feel her legs after a shift.
  15. It’s something to do with the fumes it emanates if the pipe should burn. However with a 95% efficiency furnace, something would have to epically fail for it to get hot enough to melt or burn.
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