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  1. He is making another run, he's posted about it on a few Facebook blackbird groups. I I stalled it a couple of years ago, no regrets. Then again I ride so slowly that it doesn't matter. Proof: Zero passed me.
  2. This is why I hate most people. If you want to browse go to the fucking mall.
  3. The title says unlocked, it should work with any gsm carrier.
  4. Have you checked to see if your ecu is properly secured? Those cheap Honda rubber straps tend to break. The ecu doesn't like to bounce around, and can make the first light come on. I ride in the land of horrible roads, a sponge and a new strap cured my fi light issues post loom fix.
  5. Slowridecx did an LED conversion I can't remember if he posted it here or on Facebook. Anyways, I bought the same LEDs off eBay from China for about $5, they look great and I'm happy with the results. I did buy twice as many as I needed because they're cheap, and as expected some were DOA.
  6. Didn't CBRBear spend about that much on his white bird? Sadly he ended up parting it out. Do the routine maintenance on your existing XX spend the rest on Gas Beer & Bullets or buy a trailer. If not then: Get a riding buddy and Suspension, Rear Ohlins protect it with a hugger. if you want to go unique I hear a '93 VFR single sided swing-arm is practically bolt on. Front some racetech gold valve emulators up front with some springs (not progressive), I like the looks of the carbon fiber fender, but it doesn't fit as well as Oem. Or go full retard and put on a hyabusa or ohlins front end. Brakes. If you don't change the whole front end, delink or beg Graham to fab you up a set of brembo adapters for the oem forks. Bars, I never liked my LSL bars, I ended up getting a set of VFR clipons. Heated grips and grip puppies. Throttlemeister bar ends. Cruise control: I've seen the fully electric (electronic?) one on a bird looks like a hassle to install but it would be OH SO NICE to have, it uses the entire clutch MC from a goldwing for the controls. Seat: I love my Russel, but it looks like a goldwing seat on a bird, but it's sofa fucking comfortable I don't care. I've never found a corbin that I liked.* * With the custom seat I no longer needed to lower the pegs, as it was made to my size. I hesitate to say a pro-oiler, because I bought one looked at it and said fuck it, it's easier to just lube the chain daily than try and find space for all the hardware. Electrical: USB port(s) or some way to charge your phone and Sena, if not for calls then for music/ gps. Also a 12v outlet for an air pump. Engine mods, I'd get a power commander and an exhaust, I like my staintune splions, but if I had the cash I'd keep them but change the headers to a delkevic 4 into 2 I have no experience with engine mods so I won't comment about big bore or turbo (just drool). Not in the luggage dept, but SW mototeck mounts for your luggage, so when you get where you're going it all comes off easily, no ugly wing rack hanging off the back. HID headlights or convert the entire headlight to HID projectors. I'm still looking for some kind of auxiliary lighting up front. A flashing brake light. I use a whelen tir 3 mounted where the reflector was, and it irritates the fuck out of anyone following me, so mission accomplished. Upgrade the dash bulbs to led, it makes a world of difference. Givi or MRA windscreen with a lip. Best weight saving mod, get a treadmill, I'll sell you mine, hardly used. Don't go with any wild paint scheme, it makes you more noticeable to law enforcement, then again, they mistook me for Aunt-Zero in Va. and gave me his speeding ticket on a plain ass black bird.
  7. 50% of men masturbate in the shower, the other half sing...While masturbating, now you can keep in time with the beats while you beat off. PS I love mine.
  8. You'd have to do some fabrication for the lower mounts but the top bolts are a snap. I don't have all my old pics, or thread pitch but heree's what I did. I also had different spacers so I could use a top box. You can see there is an extra nut there to keep the SW motek rack in place. For the front bolts I used an 11mm? socket and a couple of washers. The socket made it easy to adapt the large washer needed on the bags to the smaller washer needed at the fairing. You may need to try different size sockets.
  9. I've looked on Amazon. It's just a non powered hose with an on/off switch. It's a cyclo-vac, but afaikbzite most central vac hoses are universal. The only differences are length and if they have a 120volt cord for a power head. I ca t seem to find any info on hose wall thickness and kink resistance.
  10. I've got this old central vac. This thing will suck the white off rice. The problem is it's got so much suction it will either kink or collapse the hose when the filters are clean. Can anyone recommend a good hose in the 35' range? Something that won't kink or collapse. I don't need high voltage, just the 24v on off switch.
  11. Find that friend, get your tool back, burn down his house or shop as a thank you.
  12. I laughed because I thought you meant replace Mike. Are you draining the coolant? It may be a good time to change your hoses.
  13. I've had one for years, the power button went a little wonky, but it charges very well. It even recovered my motorcycle battery after I had left the GPS running and didn't notice for a week. Battery was of course flat as a pancake, I put it on the charger and it works, great, I keep it as a spare for my lawn mower. This is what I'm looking at now: It will do small and large batteries, my little one won't handle the two 100Ah batteries I'm currently charging.
  14. AFAIKBZITE, it's so you can look cool. I saw a Harley Davidson sticker on a mobility scooter today, and thought good marketing, and I bet it's faster and more reliable too. I never understood putting on or wearing a logo, especially one for a product you'll never own.
  15. Selling my oneplus 2. Condition is 9/10, the only blemishes are the sandstone cover looks "dusty" . It has a tempered glass screen protector on it and has always lived in a case, one of the three shown, which are all included. The boxes are a spigen, a J&D (generic Amazon case) and a genuine otter box. I have the box and charger(not shown). It has been rooted (this doesn't void the warranty)but it is currently running OOS and TWRP recovery. If you're in the states it's not a problem to ship it. I can get it to the USA on Monday or bring it to NeXXT. OPPS $250