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  1. Great price, and great comms, too bad they only fit certain helmets, I'm glad mine is one of them! Mine didn't come with JBL speakers so I bought a set as an upgrade, it's not audiophile quality but a noticeable difference. GLWS
  2. HOLD UP! aren't you a drag racer? A knee down would be a bad thing in that situation IMO.
  3. I've heard the Angel GT's get great mileage, and are decent in the twisties. However, is it possible you're riding the BMW a little more aggressively that you did the bird? It would explain the increased tire wear.
  4. Most of those tires are for touring rigs. Like gold wings, baggers etc… I’m not sure how happy you’d be with a set of 888's on your BMW. They wear like iron and are about as sticky.
  5. I remember that, but I thought they were the same colour.
  6. Nice looking bike, I wonder if the Aussie blue was different than the 99-00 Canadian blue?
  7. The road 5 comes in a GT version, it is supposed to last a little longer. That being said I've never had a tire last 6500 miles, it must be my fat ass. My road 5 gt front was toast just under 6000miles, I'm lucky to get 5000 miles out of a rear. I run weights up front and balance beads in the rear, I've never had an issue or cupping of a tire until it was due for replacement. Unfortunately, Michelin has discontinued the 5gt in my size, so I'll probably run a 5 until the front wears out then replace them with a set of Angel gt2, unless the Dunlop Mutant drops in price is in stock.
  8. The involved part would be balancing the tire. The guys I ride with do their own and use balance beads front and rear. My tire guy can't use weights to balance my rear because he doesn't have the large hub adapter necessary. I'm running beads in the rear, 2 tires now with about 7500km on each. No unusual wear or cupping (no really the tire isn't cupped!). I got a flat in the second tire at about 1000km and patched it with a rope plug. The tire now has about 6000km on it and the plug is holding and the balance was never off due to beads sticking to the plug. I still have massive chicken strips though 😕 My tire guy(s) charges about $50 per wheel off the bike, I could borrow my friends tools for free, but for the price it's not worth it to me. You may also want to check with local riding/racing groups on facebook, both my tire guys do track days so they have the machines and do the work for cash. They're done in less than 15 minutes whereas it would probably take me over an hour and a few skinned knuckles.
  9. That's only for teslas, might as well do an oil change while you're at it.
  10. Nice, I noticed your desired outcome will have no back seat, why the monoposto? Either way: gorgeous.
  11. YMMV, because you didn’t say how many watts you need. I’ve got dozens of APC back UPS pro 1300. Most have been in service for 10+ years without issue. I’ve had to change batteries in maybe 4 units, and it’s super simple to do. I even have a couple at home, one for the PVR & modem, the other for my cpap. I’d like to say the UPS let’s me sleep through brief power failures (because I have the alarm muted) but the wife insists on waking me up by telling me that the power went out. 😒 Edit: I’m sure there’s a newer model by now.
  12. http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20140304 I'd post just the picture, but I get a 403 when trying.
  13. I said new watch and phone, not new motorcycle!
  14. Asshole, now it looks like my next phone will be an iphone, and a new watch. </s>
  15. I had an apple watch (I think I bought it from Dave) I loved the thing, I had put one of those plastic covers on it, I'm glad I did, first day on the job (HVAC) I put a gouge right through the cover. After that I would take it off when doing something mechanical. HVAC is a little different than other trades as there's always a sharp edge someone didn't take care of during installation, and I always seem to find it. If I had a job that was watch/jewelry friendly I'd have another apple watch and it would tip the scales (further) to my next phone being an iphone.
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