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  1. You are correct about the 99-00 being the only FI bikes with analogue speedometers. The fi on them is a little buggy, they have a very rich spot (as most early century hondas did) but it's an easy fix with a power commander. IIRC there's also a minor change in fuel capacity between the early and late FI bikes.
  2. "Canada eh?" the XX came in black in '00 up north, source: Mine black with red XX stickers. Personally, I'd stay carbie or get a later FI bike.
  3. JoWhee

    Sprocket brands

    I've decated (Sorry Greta) the bike and bypassed the exhaust valve in the process, it's really smoothed out the bike. But as you said about your 999 it's geared really high, and I'd rather have the power down low instead of only shifting into 6th at 90+ mph.
  4. JoWhee

    Sprocket brands

    The factory OEM is 15t and rubber mount. I'd love to find a 14 tooth rubber mount but it's probably as rare as hens teeth. I'm finding that the factory gearing on my Multistrada is too high.
  5. JoWhee

    Sprocket brands

    GROAN! Not just at the joke, but I actually googled it!
  6. I'm considering a front sprocket change, from 15 to 14 teeth. Any insights on which brands are recommended or to avoid? It's not on a 'bird, but I'd bet folding money that someone on here has some experience/ intimate knowledge of sprockets in general. The brands I've seen so far are Supersprok and Drive system, all in steel
  7. Make sure you get a second controller, otherwise you're going to be bored watching me play Forza
  8. Mine magically vanished, I did have a chance to try it, the size of great for a bike and it cleans very well.
  9. I'm gonna say it, that tire is cupped. it happens. The Pilot road 5's are amazing, you can even see where the compound changes near the edge, it looks like really big chicken strips.
  10. I'd probably go with 2". But check with code, some jurisdictions won't allow high and low voltage wires in the same conduit.
  11. Skittles doesn’t like anyone she tolerates their existence . True about the tuna, and lately ham.
  12. If you're looking for a place to park a KLR I can make room. Who am I kidding? It would be in your room, you'd have to share the bed with it, and a cat.
  13. So, you 've never heard of Snap-on? Some products don't need millions of dollars in marketing.
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