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  1. Skittles doesn’t like anyone she tolerates their existence . True about the tuna, and lately ham.
  2. If you're looking for a place to park a KLR I can make room. Who am I kidding? It would be in your room, you'd have to share the bed with it, and a cat.
  3. So, you 've never heard of Snap-on? Some products don't need millions of dollars in marketing.
  4. try google, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos comparing hid/led/halogen headlight(s) and bulbs.
  5. Just don't because then you'll have canbus problems. Cyclops are the shit, I just wish I wasn't such a cheap bastard, because I'd buy a set.
  6. Please tell me you labeled them "butt plugs" for customs. Otherwise they might get suspicious and open the package.
  7. I used metal rescue. 2 gallons, it took the patine right off. The hardest part was plugging the big hole for the fuel pump. I ended up filtering the first gallon and partially submerging the tank in one of those Rubbermaid bins. Awkward but it worked.
  8. Keep it over 6k then, I'm just here to solve problems.
  9. I've also found a used k&n air filter. It's included in the price.
  10. I found this while rummaging through my basement. I really don't want to bother mailing it but I can send from the states NeXXt week. Even better if you're attending NeXXt. Cost is postage. If you can pick it up then it's gonna cost two adult beverages.
  11. I’ve noticed with inverted units, they’re usually quieter outside than inside. All you hear is the fan(s). Not like some of the oldies I get to work on.
  12. Damn that's a good price on a awesome product. Too bad I'd have to go through hell to get it through customs (freon) plus it's about double the capacity I need.
  13. There is no Miracle gutter, no matter what you end up buying you still need to clean them out from time to time. My dad has spent hundreds on various gutter "shields" the only thing they did was make my job harder when I'd go over to clean them out.
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