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  1. The ipad was wifi, but it was a 3rd generation. I'm sure things have changed by now (hopefully for the better)
  2. @Nova Scotia Mike I'm not sure if this is still the case: I bought a used ipad from the USA (gen 3?) yes it was years ago, I couldn't get it to work with my Canadian apple ID. This may have changed, but my friends wife (american) can't seem to get her iphone X(something) to work with her Canadian apple id either. That being said, I don't like the woman enough to see if it's still an apple thing or just her.
  3. Damn, now I need to add another bike to my list "post ducati" sale.
  4. EDIT: I wrote this before reading all the comments and OP. As someone who lives in the north I'm no stranger to dry and chapped skin itchy as fuck also. A good moisturizer is the easy solution. I'm not a fan of humidifying because of all the possible issues. mold, scale buildup in the unit, but if it's causing medical or for that matter computer issues, then obviously, humidify, just buy a good automatic unit. Air conditioning is just a heat pump it's pumping heat from one place to another, as it's impossible to pump "cold" . The dehumidification is a byproduct of the cooler air being able to hold less water, causing the relative humidity to drop. Air temperature and humidity are related, google psychrometric chart if you're into that kind of detail (I'm NOT). It's probably why the same size A/C in Arizona might work better than the same one in mississippi, because the one in AZ isn't dealing with as much humidity and therefore less total heat assuming the temperature is the same and not 140 degrees. It's also the reason some idiot will say it's not the heat it's the humidity, because you feel it more when it's a damp heat.
  5. <facepalm> Why the hell didn't I think of that? I literally have a motion detector in my garage hooked up to its own light. DOH! Of course it was easy for me to do the install as it's an unheated detached garage, so running the wiring was pretty easy. The light comes on and stays on as long as there's motion, so as long as I'm not having a nap in there it's lit.
  6. I'm thinking there's a delay timer inside the opener. It's probably on a circuit board (duh) but it should be easy to spot because it will have a relay for the 120V to the light bulb. As for reprogramming it, I"m sure it's possible, but it would be a hell of a job just for a light. Why not just hook a wifi switch into or onto the garage door opener. If it's on the top you won't see it or the wires. It won't be as elegant, but it sounds easier to me.
  7. Unless it's a new superefficient unit you should be on Aux heat at 20 degrees. If you're getting heat don't worry about it. I;m not going to explain the parameters for when the AUX heat comes on, I'm sure there are more than a few long and boring articles about it via google.
  8. I don't really see the need for a CO2 monitoring device for homes. But I guess there's a market for any gadget. As for CO monitoring there are several consumer units Kidde makes most of them, I've got 2 that plug into a regular outlet in my home, they are as loud as a smoke detector. One of my hard wired smoke detectors is actually smoke and CO now that I think of it.
  9. You're making this way too complicated. How expensive and durable is your radiator? Just wire the fan to come on at the same time as the pump, if you're worried about how much current the fan draws versus how much you you have available for the pump, use a a relay. Don't worry about the few btus of residual heat you'll have in the heater core, unless it's an old cast iron monster, it won't keep much heat after the furnace and pump shut off.
  10. I realize it was a typo on the part of Zero. However there are CO2 detectors. I can get you the brand once I'm back to work. Were using them in schools (yes for covid!) because CO2 is an indicator gas* of how much fresh air there is in the space. They're about the size of an iphone 3gs and twice as thick, wait... as a pack of american cigarettes. *I'm sure there's another term for this, but it refers to indoor air quality. I should also mention that my work is using them in old as fuck schools with little to no mechanical ventilation. Depending on PPM levels: it's either OK, Open window(s) and classroom door, leave space immediately. The sensors monitor continuously but the display only reads out a 5 minute average. This is to prevent any fuckery by a bunch of kids blowing on it to get out of class. They are all iot devices, but I don't know enough about the network side of them if it's inter or intra net, I do know there is a bridge connected with a cable to the network switch to bring the info to, I presume, our building automation foreman. The school principals get a weekly summary.
  11. Yes it's called an HRV, we use them in Canada, I'm not sure how popular they are stateside. It's also a decent solution for radon gas. https://www.lowes.ca/product/air-exchangers/venmar-air-exchanger-with-heat-recovery-and-hepa-filtration-3-000-sq-ft-536768 The HEPA is a decent addition for $150 especially if you have pets.
  12. We keep the good ones to ourselves, sorry. (not sorry). Anything mass produced is just like McDonalds, it will fill the hole and the crapper, but it's not satisfying.
  13. For historical reference: This is how the Canada USA war started in 2022. Just kidding, because you're talking about micro brew, it would be a war fought by hipsters. Seriously though, if you're ever in Canada around Montreal, hit me up, I'll get you a list of micro breweries that are worth the detour.There are some amazing micro brews on both sides of the border, but generally I avoid all brewery beers like molson coors etc.. The exception being Yuengling. Q: What do american beer and making love in a canoe have in common? A: It's fucking close to water.
  14. Unethical LPT for Mc'd breakfast mcMuffin. This works 8/10 times for me when it's busy. I order a sausage mcmuffin, on the app. Receive a sausage mcmuffin with egg. I'm admittedly a "trying to reform" junk food junkie. Mc'D is supposed to be almost the same all over the world, but even between the US and Canada there's a big difference, their meat is different and US chicken nuggets are gross and nothing like the ones in Canada. Maybe I should say more gross?
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