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  1. WTB Honda XX OEM bar ends

    Looked at the parts bike tonight. It has aftermarket aluminum bar ends on it. Sorry, I thought it had oem ends on it. :-( I keep intending to install the Throttlemeister on my bike, which does have oem ends on it, but I don't think I'll be looking to part with my only set of oem ends. Sorry for the delay and for not remembering about the parts bike details. It's been a while since I've needed anything off of it so I haven't looked at it in a while!
  2. WTB Honda XX OEM bar ends

    Crap! Sorry man, was prepping for a trip and totally forgot about this. If you're still looking for a set when I'm back in a week and a half, I'll find them and send those pics.
  3. WTB Honda XX OEM bar ends

    Fair enough. I'll find 'em and snap some pics.
  4. WTB Honda XX OEM bar ends

    I should have a set, but you lost me at "new condition". I'm sure mine are fairly beat up, scratched paint, etc. -Bob
  5. Yeah, JoWhee really came through in a big way helping me get the new plastics from up north.
  6. A good home, indeed. My wife's butt thanks you ahead of time for the improved comfort! Oh, and thanks for the opportunity for a test ride. Now, if the rain would just stop so I can ride it home ...
  7. You both make excellent points. I have been making at least some headway with the wife... I'm trying!
  8. Man I wish I could justify a second bike. That FJR is sweet and you're practically next door. Good luck!
  9. stolen bird

    That sucks! When my '02 was totaled a couple of years ago, the buyback was under $500. I paid that in order to keep it for parts since I knew I'd replace it with another XX. I'll bet you'll find someone on here willing to buy it from you and cover a buyback in that range in order to part it out. Good luck ... and I'm sorry for your loss.
  10. I found these sitting on a shelf in the garage. I took them off several years back when I sold my '95 F3 since the buyer preferred the stock footpeg location. Anyone out there still taking an F3 to the track? I think $50 + shipping is fair (Paypal works for me), but if I'm way off base feel free to tell me why it isn't. -Bob
  11. On the indigo lighting kit... what year and what style? Do you have any photos? -Bob
  12. I'll take the helibars if no one buys the lot. -Bob
  13. WTB used plastic bits

    BTW, if you're looking for the other left inner cowl part, the part that wraps around the tank, mine has a hole drilled in it for the switch for my grip heaters. The part # for that part is 64320-MAT-000ZB. -Bob
  14. WTB Beetle Bags for CBR1100XX

    I don't have any for sale, but what color are you looking for?