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  1. Thanks for the info. Once I get everything together in the same place I may reach out for more help. This place is awesome !
  2. Thanks Rexx, I have entered into a an agreement to buy with PTXYZ, if that falls out for some reason I'll ping you back.
  3. Dumb question. In the manual it states to put sealant on the crankcase face prior to the gasket in the "area shown". It looks like that is the two little areas on the right and left per this diagram. Is that correct ?? Not the entire surface ?
  4. Yep. That's kind of what I was thinking. Once I do the swap then I can figure out what to do with the Yosh set up. The XX, like my 999S, I hope will be a forever bike.
  5. Still deciding. I'd like to option for stock as on the freeway the Yosh drones quite a bit at speed...but on the back roads and while splitting lease it is nice....I can travel to the Bay pretty easily so let me know how they look and what you want for them. Thanks !!!!
  6. Looking for a set of stock exhaust cans. Bike is a 2002. Looking for excellent condition. The 4 - 1 Yosh that is on the bike is a little loud for my tastes and I'd like to go back to stock. I have a new header already on the way. Let me know if you have a set and what you would like for them. Shipping to 95762. Thanks !
  7. $100.00. I have black and am remodelin that bathroom. White would be nice, but not necessary.
  8. I started my wife on a CRF100 and sent her to dirt bike school. Perfect learner bike, light, easy to maneuver and pick up.. No problem flat footing on her 5’ 1” frame. The instructor was great and the class was full of people that had never ridden before. He taught her how to use a clutch ( something I had failed at ) and to coordinate the hands and feet. She loved it but never really got past fixating on the front tire on anything but a fire road. After one hilariously spectacular 10 MPH high side she told me she loved that I was patient and had helped her learn to ride, but she’d rather be on the back.....or play golfπŸ˜‚.
  9. I ran a search in Searchtempest for CBR1100XX in Motorcycle Parts...that is where it popped up. Houston, TX. Linky: https://houston.craigslist.org/mpo/d/pasadena-02-cbr-1100xx/7083429242.html
  10. Nomad, I know you want a 99-00...but this 02 looks pretty tasty.....
  11. The problem with buyers guides like KBB and NADA are that they are extreme averages for extremely pedestrian vehicles. Regardless of what they say about tying to a local market by zip code they are still not accurate for vehicles that have a loyal or enthusiast following or change hands infrequently. They do not take into consideration the decrease in the available market and changes in market desire. Try running a reasonably low mileage (50K) example of a 1994 Porsche 911 from the 993 vintage....last of the air cooled....KBB indicates that the private party value is $32K - $36K. I'd buy every one I could find at that price since the real "market" for these cars is more like $ 55K - 70K and climbing. People want these for the simplicity of drive as well as the aural sound of the motor and the general connected feel of these vs the isolation, interfering electronic nannies and drive by wire of today's models. In the end a vehicle, or item for that matter, is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay vs what someone is willing to sell.
  12. Looking for a 2018 H2 SE. I can find lots of fire sales on the SX version and plenty of Pluses. Did not see one on your inventory listing. Any chance you have one collecting dust in the back?
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