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  1. I love it. I have three of them! Call MaxMoto direct. They still have the lift adapter plates and bike fitment kits. I bought mine last year.
  2. Ok folks, so I finally got my crap together and the add is up on CL for the BMW. Here is link in case you or somebody you know is interested. I hate to let her go, but I am tired of tripping over 5 bikes in the garage. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/mpo/d/el-dorado-hills-2014-bmw-f800gs/7334888188.html Once this is sold I can move onto make a decision whether to keep both of the XXs or sell one of them.
  3. Mens Jacket and Pants SOLD and off to their new owner. Ladies stuff still available.
  4. I wear a 40W in jeans. I think these would probably be too big.
  5. I am in the process of selling my vacation home and I had to bring two of the bikes back home. I am out of garage space so something needs to go. I bought this bike new in December of 2013 and it is in perfect condition. I have a Givi Trekker on the back and the BMW Aluminum Side Panniers. It has all the GS Stuff as well as some add ons. ALT Rider Skid Plate, Sidestand Foot Extender, Upper Crash Bars, Headlight Protector, GezaGear Cover and an bunch of other stuff I cannot recall at the moment. I was planning to list on Craigslist later this week when I get some time to take proper pictures and detail all the adds, but thought I would throw it up here first. I'll add the better pics as soon as I can... Bike is located in El Dorado Hills, CA. which is 30 minutes from the Sacramento Airport. Happy to assist with pick up for a Fly and Ride, work with your shipper, whatever makes sense. It is absolutely perfect. Never down, not scratches, well maintained, etc.....I also included a garage pic so you can see my storage issue....
  6. First Gear Kilimanjaro Jacket: Ladies S with Liner. Like new. Worn probably 2 times. $ 75.00 + Shipping Speed and Strength Mesh Jacket: Ladies S with Liner. New with Tags. $ 75.00 + Shipping.
  7. So I am in the process of selling my vacation home and that means stuff is coming back to the main house. I am out of room so I need to move some items along. I have the following: First Gear Kilimanjaro Jacket: Mens XL with Liner. Very Good condition. Worn probably 8-10 times. $ 75.00 + Shipping: Sold to TOXXIC TourMaster Over Pants: Mens XXL. Very Good Condition. Worn probably 5 times. $ 50.00 + Shipping : Given to TOXXIC
  8. If Rxx falls through I will buy. PM me your paypal address
  9. SierraKLR


    Dynojet does still have them and you do need a PC with a serial port. The USB/Serial converter does not work. Reach out to Dynojet's tech support. They will send you the maps. I just went through this on my new to me 2002.
  10. I agree with XXTitanium's comments. Big red flag fro me on the reduced steering on the replacement clip -ons. They also look "silly high". The reduced turning is probably because the bars hit the fairing or screen. California can be a PITA on title issues so make sure that gets vetted if you pursue this bike. Seaside and Monterey are notorious for causing corrosion on aluminum and other parts given the salt air....if it was stored outside or not in a good garage and cleaned regularly ( they pics on the listing show the rear wheel and other items...swing arm. brakes, etc...pretty dirty ) $ 2850 is a good price...but I would approach with serious caution, given the stuff I indicate above. As for my bike, I am in a shelter in financial place mode pending the outcome and potential response to the Election. I have a deposit in place for a new 2021 BMW R1250RT, so I will most likely be parting with one of my bikes...I am just not making that final decision for another week or so as to which one. I do not want to lead you on that I will part with the Silverbird...but the Seaside bike has enough concern that I would want a set of eyes on it before I would commit..if I was buying it. I would normally be all over doing that for you but my next month is pretty full with year end stuff. Maybe there is another board member that is closer that could do that for you ? This is Pot calling the kettle comment, but be patient. These bikes come up frequent enough that you should not have to settle....wait for the right one. If you wish a project, this one "might" be a good starting piont...but the dollars creep up quickly and dependent upon the corrosion present and the potential title issues in dealing with the Great State of CA I would want you to be eyes wide open.
  11. Hello Ken, The bars are stock, but I ordered a set of Gen-Mars for it that I have yet to install. The Redbird has Heli-Bars and they do make a nice bit of difference. I had the SliverBird out yesterday (100 miles) and the day before ( 200 mile) and that bike does seem to have a bit more oomph than the Red. Has to be because of the PCII and the Full Yoshi exhaust.
  12. Thanks Ken, I should be getting my head around that decision pretty soon. Pretty sure I am heading down that path. I'll keep in touch.
  13. El Dorado Hills, CA. 25 Miles due East of Sacramento. Tahoe is an hour away....less on the bird 😃
  14. What Superhawk said. Yes it is a full 4 into 1. Does the pipe include an O2 sensor? Not sure, but I don't think so, I'll check Does it have a power commander or similar?: Yes. PCIII Are there any related intake changes, like maybe to the airbox or injectors? Does not appear so. Was it tuned by a pro, maybe with a dyne? Not sure, the bike came with it installed. Is there a baffle in the end can? No baffle Is it loud "AF"? Nope. As Superhawk indicated no louder than any other 4 cylinder full system. It sounds great and I prefer the sound over the slip-on with Redbike...but the OCD in me likes symmetry so I am staying with that setup on it. Does it seem to run rich or lean? Nope. Runs like normal Does it run hot? No hotter than normal. It shows the same temps as the Redbike which has the slip-ons to the OEM Header so I would say normal. Do you get any pinging or backfires? Nope. Is the gearing stock? Have not counted the teeth, but it appears to be OEM . Was the mod done done because of a crash? There is no evidence of a crash. I checked it pretty closely before purchase. I've had all the panels off and can find no indications.
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