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  1. They did a terrible job spackling.
  2. Hey Mike... keep watching videos. Like 3 trillion more... then check back in with us. It's working too slow.
  3. He's got some cool info. His delivery makes you want to fucking kill him.
  4. Trust me when I tell you... as I have restored an old bike. They are absolutely MISERABLE to actually ride. Even my brandy new 2013 Thruxton cafe racer was miserable to ride. But... it was perfect to ride to the cafe' to hang with the boys.
  5. I have a MacBook Air that has been sitting in my closet for 5 years and it's most likely 11 years old. Prolly a Gen 1 or 2. Apple was giving me like $100 on trade and it just wasn't worth the shipping. Plus, I have no idea where the magnetic charging cord would be. Only reason I don't just toss it in the trash is I can't get it going to wipe it clean. You...I'd trust to wipe it before giving it to someone. I'm sure you don't want it but thought I'd mention it.
  6. You’ve got a good deal here Fred. Send me your address and I’ll have it out by Wednesday the latest. It’s all brand new. I think I have all the boxes too.
  7. Paid over $650 for all listed. Apple Watch Series 7 (mint cond) California Poppy Leather Band (OEM) Red Sport Band (OEM) Yellow Sport Band (OEM) 2 OEM Chargers Free Shipping $450 must include fees.
  8. I never wipe. Bidet, pat and go.
  9. Breakfast biscuit every day. Done.
  10. As long as it works... free is best. Sincerely, Jew
  11. I thought the chromecast thing is circular.
  12. I am not sure if it's a powered port.... but I have a bunch laying around too. Yes, WH address... and thank you. I was waiting for the little round circle device to go on sale. Appreciate it. No rush.... at all on shipping.
  13. I’ve been wanting one for the TV at the cabin. Let me ask you. The router died last week - so I didn’t have TV until I got another one tue next morning. I stream out there only. This device will allow me to stream from my phone to the tv? This particular tv doesn’t have that built in like my NY TV’s.
  14. I miss super drunk Dave. Alcohol is a part of my past life.
  15. All that needs now is a neon PEPSI sign and it’s perfect 🤩
  16. I'd like my name to be changed to IGNORE ME
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