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  1. Would love to sell it all in one shipment. Soft Top Boot Rear Rail Guards Whole cover Cab cover - never opened - water proof meant for when doors and top are down/off. Rear seat Diver Down Cover Passenger seat Diver Down cover Tail Hitch Fishing Rod Holder Grabar Foot Rests About $900 new for all of that - rail covers alone we’re $250. $350 shipped.
  2. Me too - I just can’t see a high end and very popular BMW dealer being mixed up in something criminal. Check is deposited and should be clear by Tuesday because the check is BOA and my account is BOA.
  3. Walked in. GM of the BMW dealer walked around the outside - maybe 2 minutes looking at the outside. Didn’t look under the hood - didn’t start it - didn’t look at the inside. Didn’t open any doors. 2 hours for paperwork/info to clear. He hands me a Mt. Kisco BMW check for $24,900. Told me they bought it and they will sell it. This place sells cars. While I was there they sold 2 $100,000 BMW X7’s to one family at the same time. In the 2 hours I was there - at lease 10 new cars were picked up.
  4. You will definitely get something. I had no clue about any of these.
  5. Auto Nation (KBB) - Now up to 24,850 Vroom - 24,500 Carvana - 22,500 Now all bidding for the Jeep. Truth be told...I'd take any of those offers.
  6. On the way = USPS 9405-5036-9930-0156-6407-53 Buy on of these >> https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Wireless-Powerwave-Upgraded-Fast-Charging/dp/B07THHQMHM/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3SPFSO695KYED&keywords=wireless+charging+pad&qid=1572961171&sprefix=wireless+ch%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-7 And just lay it on there when you need to charge it. It charges right through the silicon case.
  7. Nope - both services say “quote within 30 minutes”
  8. Vroom didn’t ask what “model” of wrangler. KBB asked if it was a Willys Wheeler. I’ll let you know what they come in at. My Jeep has exactly 6230 miles on it and I went through the engine bay with a Qtip before I put it away. Honda polished the wheel wells and the under carriage looks factory polished. I will tell you this. If it’s raining on Saturday - I’m not driving it there in the rain or if it’s wet out. Lol. It’s still mine !!!!
  9. Trying Vroom now but I’m locked to see the KBB people Saturday. The appointment is at a BMW dealer. 30 miles away.
  10. KBB offered $25. Appointment to bring it in Saturday. Feels a bit scam-ish. C - VIN
  11. I’ll check out tue KBB thing. Thanks.
  12. Got a guy from the wrangler board on to it. He said he’d email me tomorrow if he wants it. Have 3 people coming to look at it Wednesday. Told the guy - $500 discount if he makes yo his mind by Tuesday so I don’t have to deal with 3 more idiots Wednesday. lol
  13. They are yours. PayPal - davidkrauthamer at Yahoo com PM your addy too. thx
  14. Prob right. At $17 I’ll continue to enjoy it. I do love that thing.
  15. $24 guy turned in to a $20 guy. Never been to a car max. I’m not dying to sell it and now I have the rentals - I may need something to pull some sort of small hauler. If it’s still in my possession come April - it wouldn’t be the worst thing. I really love driving it. But - if it goes - it goes. I’d love to find someone who was like me to take it. I’m a rare bird. Was really hoping someone here would want it. That would be cool. Always makes me feel good to give someone an insane deal.
  16. Nope - price has dropped to $23K. Any lower - I’ll keep enjoying it.
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