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  1. This makes no fucking sense. Douche.
  2. Hey douche - what’s your contribution here?
  3. How can I take your advice when you don’t know the difference plaque and plague? I love advice - you’re just being a douche. So I’ll join you in the douche party.
  4. About 20 times. You still can’t spell.
  5. Guess your still struggling with the whole spelling thing.... A cappuccino is actually called a cappuccino in Italy, but you'll also often hear people ask for un cappuccio, pronounced 'cappucho'. It's really just the same thing! Cappuccio means 'hood' in Italian - from the hood of foam on the coffee - so a cappuccino just means a 'little hood'.
  6. I'll call bullshit on you only eating 0 point foods. Although I have no clue what cappucio is....
  7. I don't disagree with anything from this post - but that's because I don't know what reefer or food like plaque is.
  8. Oh - down 4.6 from last week. Working well...
  9. Still haven't gotten laid I see. Might be hard in the cab of an 18 wheeler...so I get it. My apologies.
  10. Ran over my Series 4 watch with my car on Monday.... Apple just delivered a new one....FREE !!!!
  11. Yep...fruit, veg, eggs, chicken breast - 0
  12. DBLXX

    I need a switch

    We don’t use the horn either in NY. We use a middle finger
  13. I appreciate the hard truth. I know it and feel pretty much the same way - but I needed some outside motivator and this was my choice. It’s more of a jump start and hoping it works. I’ve stuck to it perfectly this week with 3 days on the road and eating out. In the back of my head it’s been the Sunday weigh in and also disappointing my wife. I’ll let you know what the scale says tomorrow after I step on it. Dave
  14. Started last Sunday - getting old, need to drop 50 pounds...would love to be under 200. Need structure and extreme embarrassment of the looming weekly weigh in. At at Bonefish Grill 2X this week....hard hard hard when you are on the road as much as me.
  15. If you change your mind let me know. I wear a large also - this brand/model was XL.
  16. XL Worn 2 times Full Sena SMH10 set up integrated Paid $200 for the helmet Paid $160 for the Sena $225 shipped
  17. Paid about $180 3XL - Tags are still on it. Never worn. $90 shipped
  18. Worn 2 times - minty shape. REVZILLA NEW $160 Here including ship - $90
  19. Tent designer added to the list.
  20. I’ve seen it in action by other bikers many times on long tours that I’ve taken. Works very well.
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