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  1. Keep on looking. Next 6 months or so is buying season. Clean birds are out there.
  2. $275 for a weathered 9 year old helmet? That's a bold move cotton.
  3. Works well for burn outs. A small puddle in front of my buddies house helped keep the street covered in fresh rubber.
  4. Ok, what's the price differential on a Ricks stator vs the FI later model? Which is preferable for longevity?
  5. Agreed. Let's keep the mask issue separate in the garage where masks belong. Tomek's pollution belongs in the pub.
  6. Price. Letter them up with Biden hair sniffing propaganda.
  7. Riiiight. Because 20 year olds are dropping dead by the truckload. Swampy's germaphobia is at an all time advanced level.
  8. Your son is a young man. He has little to worry about. The mask and type of mask will do little to protect him. The sooner he builds some immunity the better. Has he been tested for antibodies? Is he seriously worried??
  9. I never owned one, but long ago looked at buying one. Read up on the cam issue. There was a top end mod that supposedly improved oiling and cured the problem
  10. How many miles on yours? The issue is pretty well discussed.
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