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  1. If they remember to use any.
  2. Are we taking bets they actually fix it correctly?
  3. Did right? They didn't do shit.....
  4. You need to be correctly sprung for your weight. If you have original springs they're trash. Spring it as a base line. My stock suspension up front was undersprung and underdamped. It dove HARD on braking.
  5. pieprzyć się z serową głową
  6. The last CCT I installed lasted less than 10k miles.
  7. That's not what Tomek's mom says honcho.
  8. Uve nevr worked on modern motetcikle enjin before. Go away.
  9. I hooked up a mock tether kill. It was entirely lacking function. Raced that bike four years and never was questioned.
  10. Test drive??? Is the noise gone?
  11. "We evaluated the improperly installed chain you sent us. It was readily apparent that the correct tools were not used on this chain, damaging it and rendering it unsafe. For legal reasons we are unable to return it to you. We are, however, sending you a decal and hat. Thanks for supporting our products!"
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