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  1. I never owned one, but long ago looked at buying one. Read up on the cam issue. There was a top end mod that supposedly improved oiling and cured the problem
  2. How many miles on yours? The issue is pretty well discussed.
  3. I imagine they ate cams like the Magna.
  4. Parts are drying up on these. My buddy from back in the day has kept his, nearly mint. Valve recession, Kerker exhaust finally rotted out 35 some years later. Factory parts N/A has him shopping the net for used spares. Super cool how he maintains the time capsule. I just sold an 86 Eliminator. Same boat. I was surprised to see people from all over the midwest interested in it. I couldn't justify owning it though.
  5. Don't stop now. Ask him how the cam chain got fucked up. He has me on ignore so he won't know what hit him.
  6. What caused the damage to the chain?
  7. Different pressure specs...different head spacing....different case head thickness and case capacity...
  8. I've mentioned it in the past, while talking to some veterans that maintained a military armor museum, that they informed me they had been buying AV gas by the truck load. They reported it lasted in storage at least 4 years without problems. They also said that no commercial fuel stabilizers were worth a shit.
  9. Great to have an experienced wrench to call on. Back in the day I was bracket racing my GSXR, having rode it to the strip 75 miles one way. Eliminations went till 1am, and tired I left to drive home.......and....no low beam, and running lights. I high beamed it home, pissing off drivers on the interstate for an hour. Tore it down, and found a few wires had pulled loose from a connector. It sucked tracking it down, but I was happy it was a simple repair.. Holeshots and wheelies are hard on everything.
  10. Have you checked for plastic particles in the oil yet??
  11. Another Tomek professional race machine he "worked" on???
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