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  1. We remember the night rider.......and we know where you live........
  2. When you take it out for a ride how do you get home without turning? Kid picks you up with a trailer??
  3. Its always out when I check it. Idles and runs fine, but riding just off idle it "grumbles". Once into the power band you certainly don't notice anything. But on a slow speed road I find that I ride a gear low to keep the throttle open enough so throttle response is smooth. After a sync it's smooth 100%.
  4. They ever been washed??? If not Tomek might pay extra. Polacy uwielbiają wąchać siodełko roweru.
  5. I pulled mine almost ten years ago when i got my 97 to check floats/levels and they've been untouched since. Aside from sync when I'm doing something that provides access to plug in the synchronizer.
  6. I got a harbor freight machine. They didn't scan it correctly so I'm in at $35. A coupon knocked 20% off that. Some plastic rim protectors and a pile of different tire irons gets the tires off and on. I have a compressor, so i pull the valve core out and use an air gun with a big orifice to set the bead. I just got the harbor fraught balancer last year. They didn't scan that correctly either, so with a coupon I'm in at less than $20. Before that i just used the axle and jack stands along with stick on weights. Works fine.
  7. Fine, but what's causing uneven wear? You ride clockwise at all times??
  8. Dropping an M80 into the recess would probably blow it out....
  9. Take a vote on adding a geriatric sub forum? We could call it Titanium Bill's Corner.
  10. Knock all this birthday shit off. This is the garage, not the pub.
  11. I believe this is the first time in all the years I've been here that Tomek and Superhawk haven't insulted mothers, threatened ass kicking, activated ignore buttons, and insulted every possible thought or evaluation in the discussion. You boys feeling ok? Tomek, did you start banging heroin over the winter??
  12. Some factory hoses are N/A for my 97 last I checked. Any other sources for quality replacements?
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