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  1. Some factory hoses are N/A for my 97 last I checked. Any other sources for quality replacements?
  2. How about just having yours checked and possibly repaired??
  3. You could also cover the tachometer with black tape.
  4. If someone had listed that thing here the usual suspects would be shit posting a storm all over them, and explaining nobody will pay that much then estimating it at a 3k sale after a long wait.
  5. Ever change your brake fluid? Water in the fluid can cause pistons to ultimately corrode and seize. Same for piston seals. Since ive paid more attention to these issues my brake longevity has gone WAY up.
  6. I guess. Does anybody "race" these things??
  7. Lol....."never raced"...... Instead a of paying 17k for a 16 yo tank, why not by a sportster used, bolt about 8 50lb plates to it and have newer machine that performs the same?
  8. The bird has a stator, not an alternator.
  9. But the electrons are still "excited" by movement of the magnet regardless of how the regulator controls voltage down stream right? How is the stator consuming power?
  10. How does this result in a theoretical gain in horsepower? The stator is always producing current as ling as the motor us running, correct? Why would the stator run cooler?
  11. One short whiff of burning brake cleaner can lead to life long lung and organ damage. It converts to phosgene, a deadly chemical agent used in WW1 and now outlawed. Brake cleaner should not be used for welding cleaning since there's just too much risk of heating it up somehow and...boom you're fucked. I always use acetone when working on tires.
  12. My 97 is still going. Hope to get some time to upgrade it before it gives it up.
  13. Keep on looking. Next 6 months or so is buying season. Clean birds are out there.
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