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  1. Rear Brake Pad renew

    Pull the caliper. Hose it down with spay brake cleaner. Use a stiff nylon bristle brush or your ex girl friends toothbrush to scrub the grime off without damaging the piston seals. Press the pistons back in and reassemble. Now swap out the old brake fluid. Next go for a ride and hammer on the brakes to bed them in. You can now drink heavily. Tomorrow look at the fronts as they are likely not far behind.
  2. Radar detector mounting

    Fuck yeah. No way they catch you...
  3. Radar detector mounting

    Without other traffic bend over and take it.....hard
  4. Stainless brake lines

    Yes, they do help many people. I have long arms though, and have ridden my cbr1000rr for over 5 hours straight and can handle that. I really think the stock clip ons will be more better for me.
  5. Radar detector mounting

    Thanks for posting the steering head mount concept. I read that long ago but forgot it. Going to try to adapt the stem mount I bought to this system. Guess while looking at the socket head on the bike I didn't take note that it was a thru hole.
  6. Radar detector mounting

    That is simple. "Officer, I don't believe I was going that fast. Not trying to argue with you but I was keeping with the flow of traffic cause being on a motorcycle its not safe to have cars and trucks stacked up on your ass.."...
  7. Radar detector mounting

    Interestingly I was in a vehicle with a redline operating. Approaching a known speed trap location I was overtaking a semi in the rt lane and decided to move into the lane directly to his left. As I overtook him, i began to pickup a radar signal and let off the throttle. Still passing on momentum I saw the trap in the median to the left. The redline went 100% and I feathered the brakes to the point that I was slowly overtaking the semi. The semi was 15mph over, and traffic here routinely is 20+ over. At that moment I received a full laser warning and braked harder. I swear that dude had both. And he may have visually noted my overtaking the semi when the radar locked on the truck. Interestingly, he didn't come after me. Thought for sure when I got lasered It was a stop for sure.
  8. Ohlins fork valving installation instructions.

    Received the forks after shipping them back to the original company for evaluation. MUCH better. Guessing replacing the 7.5 weight oil they used with 10wt would be even better. Haven't done any hard braking to see if the level needs to be changed to reduce dive. It is at least very serviceable as it stands. Threw on a new Angel GT tire up front (had to have a shop throw on a GT rear on a long road trip some weeks back after taking it down to the cords) while I had the front end off, so she should be good for 7k + miles now. Need to run her hard before the cold settles in on us.....
  9. Radar detector mounting

    Looked at some mounts at cycle gear tonight. Non would work. They did have a magnetic mount but then I lose the option of having a tank bag. There has to be a better mount. I could machine my own but that's too much for me right now with time at a premium. Thought about simply making a mounting plate and drilling holes through the triple tree top ...
  10. Stainless brake lines

    Anybody run the galfer kit with helibars? I believe thats what are on my bike and the stock lines are compatible. I do want to put the stock clip ons back on the bike though. I have long arms and don't think I need the higher grip position at all.
  11. PC2 Maps needed

    Conserve fuel??? Are you insane? Do you ride with womens lingerie under your clothes???
  12. Stainless brake lines

    I like the ZX14. But, too heavy. They could rule the world if they could knock 50 pounds off it. And...lose the drain culvert sized nightmare they call mufflers...
  13. Stainless brake lines

    Under different circumstances I would love to do that conversion. Time is not on my side these days. Took all my free time just to get the forks addressed (for the second time) and to do a tire change. Birds are sweet. And super affordable for the performance level. If it were my only pursuit I would have a couple. The only modern equivalent in my opinion is the 1000 Ninja, and I just heard they are discontinuing that due to low sales. Sad really. I saw some non currents so cheap last year it made me think....
  14. Stainless brake lines

    That may be too much for me to want to dive into. Kinda makes me think about getting a zx14 though...
  15. Stainless brake lines

    Reviews on spiegler (sp) brake line products?