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  1. Haven't had to open my carbs in ten+ years. Riding sensibly I see around 40ish on the highway. Start running it hard and I've dropped into the high 20's. The bike fires readily, warms to choke off quickly, and has good response. It's been too long since they've been synced and it shows, but livable.
  2. Throttle cable being pulled due to interference? That's my first guess.
  3. I have no idea what you just said.
  4. How about just taking 30 minutes to put a new CCT on? Unless it's the stock as delivered clutch rattle.
  5. Ordered one. Not sure when I'll install it, but I'll report back.
  6. Was it the low or high note?
  7. Did yours come with the relay, or did you source one?
  8. I saw these too. Did you put it in the stock location?
  9. I was looking at these. You put one on your bird?
  10. No pressure, if it's easy whenever you get around to it.
  11. If it's not a hassle could you post a pic sometime with a ruler for scale?
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