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  1. Have you checked for plastic particles in the oil yet??
  2. Another Tomek professional race machine he "worked" on???
  3. Tomek's got plenty of pics of his engine after it blew up.
  4. So how the fuck did you destroy your engine?? Did you use a pry bar to force the timing chain back on after the cams got all retarded??
  5. What do you want me to do Answer the question. How did you destroy your engine????
  6. This is my public feed. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  7. What caused it??? Nothing is explained.
  8. I'm beginning to suspect Tomek is the cause of his motor destruction. Perhaps one of his mandatory hi-perf engine mods that have carried him through the pack of moto gp, like setting deck height to induce pistons crashing into the cylinder head, produced negative consequences. Will caps from oil containers fit through the fill hole in an R1? Perhaps the plastic in the motor was sabotage from another rider......
  9. Is that what was floating around in Tomek's R1????
  10. Funny you mention it. Your mom never has any problem finding it. But she doesn't know why your motor was filled with plastic any more than anyone else reading your ramblings.
  11. It was a legitimate question. You never explained why it happened originally. If there was none this time why? Why a manual cam chain tensioner? Are the cams OEM?
  12. Did you find any plastic floating around inside the engine?
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