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  1. I hooked up a mock tether kill. It was entirely lacking function. Raced that bike four years and never was questioned.
  2. Test drive??? Is the noise gone?
  3. "We evaluated the improperly installed chain you sent us. It was readily apparent that the correct tools were not used on this chain, damaging it and rendering it unsafe. For legal reasons we are unable to return it to you. We are, however, sending you a decal and hat. Thanks for supporting our products!"
  4. Now I putting you on ignor. Don't waist even more posting energies.
  5. I am amateur. I only know old engines. I will now go for fucking myself.
  6. Is that the R1 crank you melted down in the background? You never did explain what you did to nuke your motor.
  7. Changing the bearings is foolish. Pack it with saw dust and 90-120 hypoid. That motor won't make enough power to do shit. Sell the jack wagon pronto.
  8. Jt wants the chain back to relieve you of any evidence of defective product, and eliminate any actual liability on their part. Once they get it, it ceases to exist. They aint testing shit.
  9. They are suffer. Should consider sock puppet like above.
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