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  1. XXBirdSlapper

    Amazon oil

    Don't use WD40.....no matter what.
  2. XXBirdSlapper

    Motivation frame slider install

    Just an fyi John, the website is not working for me, using phone access.
  3. XXBirdSlapper

    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 club Cab Transmission issue

    Fluid level checked?
  4. XXBirdSlapper

    Tire wear

    Go with the car tire. It's well known to be the performance choice.
  5. XXBirdSlapper

    Fast idle

    Bird loves revs. I set the idle on mine to 5500rpm to help launching. Hell, it spends most of it's time over 9k. I can't see wasting time with " the idle speed"....
  6. XXBirdSlapper

    Chain cleaning brushes

    You all up in that shit yo?? You luvs you some stanky senior citizen shit on your tool....word to you, Colostomy Pirate.
  7. XXBirdSlapper

    Chain cleaning brushes

    WD-40 destroys chains, firearms, and high end fishing reels. It's made and promoted by manufacturers of chains, firearms, and fishing reels...
  8. XXBirdSlapper

    2010 Kawasaki Concours w/ABS

    Afterwards the seat, and Dave's underwear, could be shredded and loaded into a cluster bomb casing and dropped on Issis. 100% kill rate on the entire nation state of Afghanistan.
  9. XXBirdSlapper

    Wanted : VFR bars for XX

    Party on Garth!!
  10. XXBirdSlapper

    Won't start

    I never found any of those things on my 97.....
  11. XXBirdSlapper

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    Exactly. A couple years back zero posted a thread about his battery. I advised he voltage, and load test it and not overthink it. Afterwards I did just that before leaving on a four day trip. All was good. We took a short ride up a really washboarded road to stop, rest, and check out the view. My bird was about stone dead when we went to leave. Perhaps the rough ride contributed to some cells shorting out in the battery....we did manage to push start it but it barely ran, and backfired profusely. Luckily I took the other bike to a Napa store 45 minutes away before they closed on a friday night. They had a charged battery for the bird..I rode back and we changed it out in the dark. It's still kicking.... That changed my opinion on the reliability of testing procedures and old batteries.
  12. XXBirdSlapper

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    How old is the battery?
  13. XXBirdSlapper

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    I have read about other bikes with this exact symptom. I believe there was a pressure relieve passage in the master, very small, that could be obstructed and lead to pressure build up in the rear caliper. Have you regularly replaced your brake fluid?
  14. XXBirdSlapper

    Black art of keeping the Bird cool

    I'd find a local shop that does quality recore work, but they are getting hard to find around here now that the newer automotive radiators have plastic tanks and aluminum cores. I'm lucky to have two near me. My bird has the original radiator. It is fairly low mileage too. It just hit 25k on a trip a few weeks back.
  15. XXBirdSlapper

    Black art of keeping the Bird cool

    My 97 runs stone cold. Even when it's over 95f + and humid, in stop and go traffic, its never overheated. Get an infrared temp gun to check the rad, cylinder head, cylinders, and water pump when its running to cross check the gauge. The sensor that trips the fans to cycle should be verified as well as the fans themselves. Inspect the radiator to make sure that the cooling fins aren't damaged or plugged with debree or insects. I installed a new Yosh system on mine the year before last and took the time to give the rad attention while I was in there working.