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  1. You've fired a black powder revolver continuously for an entire day???
  2. It's awesome when TOMEK posts pictures on the internet of his illegal driving exploits.
  3. A twenty five year old truck? WTF?? PUT SOME NEW SPRINGS AT ALL 4 CORNERS.
  4. Start the bike and let it run regularly
  5. Why the fuck would you start researching before commenting now? If nothing else it makes great humor for the audience. Take another hit......
  6. What is the oil pressure currently??
  7. Is this the part where you describe your built?? You could start a thread on drain plugs, and how to operate them!
  8. But wait! What about your built?
  9. Any updates on the built? Does a titanium valve stand a greater chance of seizing in a guide and subsequently dropping into a cylinder than a stainless one? Are we going to start a bet on how this engine fails?
  10. Always drill the crack assuming you can essentially zero relieve, or even negative relieve the drill lips and also know you can control the drill as the center penetrates the off side. You probably have no choice but a lower or zero helix angle will be better. Fiberglass mesh can be effective but more critical is the glue/bond strength and equally glue stiffness IMHO.
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