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  1. Yeah, but by his third workout in a rowboat, he'd be so far offshore he couldn't make it back home for the weekend.
  2. Cheese is my weak spot. If I could find good fake cheese, I could probably manage completely plant-based through an average week.
  3. Perfect use of empty space! Fill it with booze! Very nice.
  4. I make the oats sort of to the label with just water, and add oat milk after microwaving. The microwave is tricky, but using the same amount every time and learning that three, 38-second doses are what it needs to keep from exploding is key. Overnight oats sound like the bomb, but as I eschew planning ahead, I've never tried them. Gave it some serious thought while camping, but evening festivities always occluded turning the thought into action. Seems like the perfect answer for low-effort prep - some dried fruits, nuts, oatmeal, water, and don't stare at it too hard.
  5. Oat milk is creamier than rice or almond, in my opinion. I wonder which is more taxing on the environment. My doctor tells me that probiotic yogurt is good, but not to eat it first thing - he says stomach acid is too strong and will kill the good little buggies, it's best to have it as a second course ~ 15-30 minutes after having something else.
  6. My "usual", as in a couple days a week, is multi-grain toast (or multi-grain tortilla) with either peanut butter and a banana or Marmite on it. Or a handful of dried apricots, figs, dates, plums, and a handful of mixed nuts. Sometimes a bowl of granola with dried blueberries and oat milk. I might get back on my quest for the perfect breakfast oatmeal cookie. Oats, banana for sweetener, nuts and/or nut butter, maybe dried blueberries. I love eggs - but for me, the call of the salt shaker is too strong with them on my plate. I bet the onion and garlic powders help.
  7. I have some 1980's Snap-On ratcheting box-end wrenches, they feel like clunky old cave-man tools carved from rocks compared to the Kobalt combination ratcheting ones I got a couple years ago. My guess is the Snap-Ons would hold more torque, just from the feel of them.
  8. My old Snap-On combinations (vintage 1980's) are my favorite for hand fit. Plus, they're slimmer than most other brands so they fit in low clearance areas where some others won't. That said, the Husky and Kobalt brands (Lowe's and HD, can't remember which goes with which store) aren't bad and have a lifetime warranty as well. Some are a little clunky in the hand (Kobalt ratchets come to mind), but they certainly work. Only once did I have a Snap-On retailer show any reticence to repairing one of my old tools. Have you stalked a truck and asked them to honor their warranty?
  9. https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters
  10. I thought they were more "ricer" style, but I like both rice and beans.
  11. Somebody marketed that as a kit at one time... "superbike bars" or some such thing.
  12. Based on the time I've spent chasing issues that weren't, I would simply replace the battery. I have the luxury burden of having several motorcycles, so I almost always have a battery I can swap out to test with. Though right now, batteries are missing, bad, or questionable in 4 out of 5 bikes.
  13. Can you quantify this? I only ask, respectfully, because I don't personally know your knowledge level, and in my experience, it's almost always the battery. If you can replace "fine" with "12.8v at rest after not running/charging it for a day", I'd feel better about going down the rabbit hole. FWIW, my '97 exhibited exactly the same symptoms on a road trip after I had just gone through and tested the system and upgraded the R/R. I messed with it for days in the middle of my vacation because I knew the battery was "fine". Guess what I bought at Autozone that fixed it?
  14. Not really "better" than OEM in most cases, but aftermarket can extend the service life beyond where the factory equipment begins to experience normal out-of-spec/tolerance variation - though in many cases, a performance upgrade is selected at the time of replacement. Some models with factory parts that were oriented more towards economy can be transformed into full-on race machines, though... usually accompanied by increased maintenance and repair costs commensurate with the increased performance level. Performance costs money - how fast do you want to go?
  15. There are custom-machined options as well, probably stupid expensive though. One thing I've noticed is that most of the super light aftermarket wheels use 520 chains to stay with the weight loss regimen.
  16. A friend tells me that several of the aftermarket wheel companies use the same sprocket - Marchesini Type A. Check out Supersprox rst-7090-45 or Sunstar RM-102. The dimensions seem off for what you measured but I don’t know how accurate you got - 76mm center and 100mm bolt circle.
  17. I'm living proof that you never know what the universe has coming your way. Mongo just a pinball in the arcade of life.
  18. Ah. Looks like a Ducati-ish adaptor. That's going to be a fun journey.
  19. JT gives the dimensions of their sprockets in their online catalog, but it can only be searched by application so that makes it *a little* time-consuming. Can you share the application? Or is it too obscure for a search?
  20. While I've gleaned a lot of personal satisfaction from original jugs, there are many advantages to aftermarket. You had to know that was coming, right?
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