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  1. TPXX

    Sena SMH10

    I have two of these and the batteries are pretty much shot. Has anyone taken them apart and replaced the batteries? How difficult is it?
  2. Dealer was not helpful at all. They said it was way to long out of warranty to cover. I showed them some forum links where Kawasaki had replaced the abs units out of warranty and this appeared to be a bit of an issue with the bike. They called Kawasaki and they said no as well. So I did a bunch of research and found that the ZZR 1400 abs unit has been used as a replacement for the concours, and I was able to get a used one for about $300 vs $1300 for a new one. It is on the way. In the meantime I played with my abs and think the solenoid to the rear wheel is sticking. I wacked it a couple of times with a dead blow hammer and it worked for a few miles, then locked the brake pedal again. So the rear wheel abs is bypassed right now awaiting the new unit to come in. May be time to sell it and get a ktm adventure
  3. Recall for sticking pedal due to road debris was done. They added a deflector or some such. Now the pedal is hydraulically locked That is an option, just hook the rear master cylinder directly to the rear caliper and bypass the abs. No more warranty, I should have gotten the extended but did not. Mine is a 2007/2008 model.
  4. Yeah, I know it's a Blackbird forum. The ABS pump module is clogged. The motor appears to work and the front brakes work, but the rear brake pedal is locked up.Brake line can be bled up to the unit, but on the other side it can't be bled. A new unit is almost $1300. Has anyone had any experience cleaning/fixing one of these things on another bike?
  5. Wow this is a way back thread. Glad to know you still have her Jeff.
  6. So Auntie, you're the maintenance man? WTF
  7. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=857GC7M4sOE
  8. I've got an original 2008 and still has original batteries in the sensors. When it gets cold the last couple of years they go wonky but come back once the tire heats up a bit. These people http://www.murphskits.com/ will solder them in if you need replacements I think cost was like $20. What did Ben go through with his? I must have missed that thread.
  9. I'd be interested, but don't want to do a bidding war. If Kelly is 1st in line let her have it. EDIT: Sorry reread and saw it is the 40 liter, I need a bigger one.
  10. That would wedge in my butt crack real nice.... Need something a little bigger! LOL The wife already has a Shadow 600, so lf we get another bike it will be so we can two up on it and still have some performance.
  11. I still have the Connie, so no immediate need to do anything, The wife is a cruiser chick, so maybe a Suzuki M109? Probably wait for the fall and try to get something at winter prices.
  12. "Dang, you got shocks, pegs, ever take it off any sweet jumps?"
  13. Thanks, it would be nice to have a quick sale just to free up garage space, but who am I kidding, I'll be looking at other bikes in no time. It only seems appropriate for this board!
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