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  1. For the love of god do not buy a Vanderhall.
  2. And GAP, PPM and paint protection.
  3. Ok - my dealership did lol. Traded him for a new Motus MSTR. For those of you who know what that is - bow down to my salesman-superpower. Have net ridden it. Want to but scared to hurt it. Possibly the most valuable bike to ever pass through my hands. Owner of my store heard about it and he’s buying it.
  4. Got this beast on trade today. It’s really something to behold. 230+hp and light as a feather. $72k new - several on Cycle Trader in the $65k range. This one is not a garage queen at 15k miles but all the service work has been done and everything works. Going up for sale at $49k - probably take $40k from one of the crew. Rare beast.
  5. Still got the Full Akra. Does have a ding in the can from my move apparently.
  6. Ok - not sold with the bike. People... lol
  7. Possibly sold with the bike. Will update.
  8. Just sold it 5 minutes ago - guy hasn't even picked it up yet and I'm regretting it. I'm also just not riding it - and now with my 5 five bikes I really didn't have the space. Back to the goodies. The Akra I noticed doesn't have the "decal" on it anymore. I believe I have metal Akra labels in my box of much misc. I've had this several years wrapped in bubble wrap always with the intent of installing on old blue - just never did it. Can, header etc are all complete and looks ready to install. Corbin seat is in good condition but dusty. I'll wipe it off and take some pics later today. Still not sure what the correct pricing is for this stuff. I'm thinking $700 for the full exhaust and $250 for the seat?
  9. Bike didn’t sell tonight. Will get my shit together when it does.
  10. Just like that - all the way to the header.
  11. So.. if tonight goes as planned, I will be XX-less for the first time since 2005. I'm a bit bummed about it - but I put less than 1000 miles on it last year for the first time ever - and I keep adding other bikes to a crowded garage. Somebody tell Bowen old blue might be sold... Anyway.. I've got a couple good parts in the garage that might be wanted around here: Full system Ti- Akrapovic exhaust. Near new condition. Supposedly for first gen XX's but I'm told with a little tweaking of the radiator mount will fit any XX. Corbin seat with backrest. Custom built up in the front for taller/wider riders. Will post pics if the bike sells tonight - I'm still trying to figure out fair values.
  12. Pretty much - if you drag a nail across it you can feel a little more rubbery texture than just glass - but its really thin. The whole thing is molded to the shape of the watch and fits tight. I had put a number of small scratches on my series 2 over the last couple years.... nothing like the TSA added up still enough to annoy a little. I'm hoping this reduces that... and for $12...
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