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  1. I haven't ever seen a deal on current model Apple stuff. So far - I'm glad I did it rather than fix the old one. Slightly larger screen is surprisingly more useful.
  2. I just got one after Apple quoted my $280 to replace the screen/glass in my series 2 - and the guy like UBreakIfix said they wouldn't touch it. Definitely a nicer / faster screen.
  3. No worries. Now I get to file a claim with the TSA and wait 6 months. Ass wipes.
  4. Still got? The TSA just managed to kill mine...
  5. racer212

    Clean 99

    So buy this one and uship it to your crib. I'll go check it out for you.
  6. racer212

    Clean 99

  7. The watch case is silver or white? Can’t tell.
  8. Thinking about owning a bike with miles on it is making his eye twitch anyway
  9. You really gonna hold out over $200? You spend more than that on a Starbucks run.
  10. https://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2003-honda-cbr-1100xx/6642881657.html
  11. racer212

    Garage door opener troubleshooting.,.

    Ended up replacing with the latest version of the same old Craftsman. Same track/shuttle and everything so the motor went right in. Apparently they made changes to the controls because the old wall switch and remotes wouldn’t work. Had to swap everything - no big deal. New model also has the option to operate on your phone through WiFi. Not sure I’ll use that but I set it up too.
  12. Cheap Craftsman 1/2hp opener. Very basic but always worked fine. Earlier this week the wife complained that the opener wouldn’t work with the touch of one button - but rather had to hold the button down, both inside and remote. Opener not flashing which indicates it’s not the safety beams. I set the manual release and ran the door up and down by hand several times - very smooth with no binding. Opener operates no problem with the door disconnected. Reconnect the door and now the opener won’t operate more than a couple feet before stopping and running back to full open. I climb up on a ladder and look at track and the shuttle, all seems fine. I climbed up on top to watch the drive sprocket run - seems very jerky and uneven. Cleaned, lubed, and adjusted the entire chain and greased the track just to be sure. No change. Now motor will not go up and down regardless if the door is connected or not. I’m about ready to chuck the whole opener and install a new one - but anything to check beforehand?
  13. LOL - you say that Dave. But you have never had a vehicle with 70k miles in your life!
  14. I can get a quote together if you want. Figure 3-4 hours labor at $119/hr for the seals alone. $300-$400 for tires depending on what goes on it...