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  1. No surprises- that I assure you. Doesn’t mean something can’t break - but all the major stuff is fucking perfect. If you wanna talk about it I might let you split into a couple payments. ID rather it go to someone how will take care of it - it’s taken care of me.
  2. Tired of looking at it in the driveway. Board members and friends only - $6000.
  3. Mines been a daily driver for a decade...
  4. iPhone 6 64GB Verizon - SOLD

    Not longer avaliable - sorry.
  5. All that said - a stock 7.3 doesn't make near the power of a 6.4 or 6.7... as the expense of reliability I suppose.
  6. Theres on 01 on the Powerstroke claiming 1.3 million on stock bottom end and trans. The 7.3 is a crazy reliable engine.
  7. No doubt in my mind. I’ve two friends that have greater than 800k on theirs.
  8. Love it - she’s never let me down. I just got the bug for something different. I love the new truck, but sometimes when I take this one out I find little things I like better in the old one.
  9. This truck has been very good to me - but I’ve bought something newer and need to find it a good home. 1999 F-250 7.3L - 4x4 Lariat Crew Cab. All stock, 368k flawless miles. Lots of recent parts - new glow plugs and glow plug relays, new rotors and pads, new front calipers etc. Pulls my 8k lbs trailer like a champ and gets better fuel economy than my new Cummins. All major systems work perfectly but does need a few very minor things - most major is the factory radio is junk. Drivers side window tint needs redone, overhead temp/compass is inop (there is a service on EBay fixing these for $25 including shipping - just never pulled it out). Factory leather seats in the front were pretty bad - I put nice seat covers on it and never looked back. Dash is perfect. Has bedliner. Good tires too. pics taken this morning. Asking $8k. Might consider interesting trades.
  10. Phone in case since new, but did discover a small crack in the very very corner glass when I took out of case today. Doesn’t interfere with function. Phone set to factory defaults and sim removed. Works on Verizon, not sure about other networks. Wife had a big credit from Verizon on a different issue so I used this to help upgrade to an IPhone X - otherwise I’d still be using it. Case included if you want. Make a reasonable offer.
  11. DaveK or DaveQue? Same thing... DaveQueso?
  12. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    So, I'm not rocket scientist - but cant the sticker face out on the glass or something?
  13. NC30 scam?

    I had one for awhile that was painted up Repsol colors and had a Suzuki style headlight. Bought it for $3000 and later sold it for $4200. Wish I still had it.