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  1. For what its worth - TRX90 is the only recent Japanese youth ATV with manual shift - no clutch though. Hauls ass compared to most other 90's/110's.
  2. Looking for throttle body assembly / TPS and kill switch assembly.
  3. True dat.
  4. Seriously dude? Selling - never ridden? Just as the season hits? That's a new low for you!
  5. I saw and am giving strong consideration. Need to lock down this employment thing first.
  6. PM me details.
  7. How the fuck did I miss that! Very interesting. i wonder about doing this setup with aftermarket/low weight ZX wheels. I really want to try and drop 20 more lbs off the old girl.
  8. So - is there a list of exactly what is needed for that somewhere.
  9. So is it worth swapping to a ZX front end - or just try to jump full Ohlins? And is there a full Ohlins for the XX?
  10. See also realistic.
  11. I think you may have missed the point. Its not about what I need - it's about what would the ultimate build be? My current XX is Josh's old Blue one. It has a TBR exhaust of some flavor, VFR bars and Buell pegs. Aftermarket wheels for bling not performance - RComponents I believe. 40k miles. HID lights cut they are cheap and clunky - maybe need redone. Suspension would be my first direction - either a swap to ZX or some other front end, maybe a full Ohlins swap over if it can be found, and for sure a shock out back. Aftermarket wheels for weight would be great - not carbon fiber though, too much hassel. Marvic's or something maybe. Engine, maybe 2mm bore, Falicon knife-edge crank. Back-cut the gears and freshen everything up. See if the head can be flowed better and 5-angle the valves. Cams? I still want very linear streetable power.. I've got an Akrapovic full-Ti that has been following me around uninstalled. Sort of programmer to dial it all in..
  12. Yeah, I believe this is the red one I was referring to. I saw it when it went up for sale and always wished I'd bought it. I'm thinking of building something like this - in blue.
  13. I've been giving a lot of thought to my bikes. When my employment situation settles back down (soon I hope) I'm either going to purchase a new bike, or make a huge investment in upgrading the XX. I have some thoughts on a new bike - but for the sake of this thread, what would you do if you had something like a $15k upgrade budget for my 2000 XX? This all supposes I cant buy a certain red XX in Florida Only rules are - must remain street-able and usable for sport-touring. Emphasis on the sport. Lets not talk about luggage - I've got most all of that already. Any mod suggested should be realistically available. What's the best suspension/brake/wheel mods? Big bore engine? Fuel inection mods? Weight saving mods? Badass tail tidy mods? What is really out there and has been/can be done. Thoughts?
  14. VFR has been paid for and delivered. Guy picked it up in 19 degree weather wearing a Snap On jacket and mesh Bilt pants. Enjoy your 9 hour ride home sir...
  15. Ebay mediator added to the list.