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  1. racer212

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    Well - I was guilty of that one I guess. But you still haven’t presented “the other side”.
  2. racer212

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    So you agree that Trump is doing a good job?
  3. racer212

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    Pretty much... her mom/my aunt openly wept on Facebook Live when Clinton lost. Shes a Professor at UC Irvine so I'm not surprised shes leaving though. My cousin on the other hand - she is a great kid who used to have a pretty level head and you could have reasonable discussions with even tough she leaned left. I fear she is following her moms path though.
  4. racer212

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    Which of his points do you disagree with and why?
  5. racer212

    2016 F150 Supercab EcoBoost.

    It wasn't. She sold to CarMax for $22500. Her fault for the failure to plan. She pretty well owned it outright and isn't planning to come back to the states so... Both her and her mom cited Trump as one of the big reasons they are leaving the US so I guess it does happen...
  6. My female cousin lives in Irvine CA - her father is Irish so she too is an Irish citizen. Couple months ago the parents announced they were moving back to Ireland. For reasons I cannot imagine cousin announced Friday night that she quit her job and is going with the parents - probably not to return. One of the details she seems to have forgotten is her truck. 2016 F-150 Supercab 2x4 with 3.6L EcoBoost. 37k Miles. Maroon red, XLT package. Guaranteed flawless. She he needs to sell it by end of day Tuesday. She’s got an appointment with Carmax Tuesday, however if someone was ready to move fast they could could probably buy it really right. KBB is 31k, NADA 29,500. She would probably sell it for 27 or a bit under rather than go to Carmax...
  7. No need for the touch at all...
  8. Some jack ass swiped my 5 year olds mini while we were at PF Chang’s. How about $150 so I can make it a kid replacement.
  9. You offered him $3500? i submit to you quit being lame and pay him $3800 if you want it. It’s $300 bucks...
  10. Shoot dude - you know you are looking at a XX right? They don't come any more reliable. This thing is clean, setup nice, and is priced on target. Quit messing around - I'll bring mine and we'll go ride.
  11. Just bought a dozen Kawasaki 2017 KX250 and KX450 from their press fleet and I bought them right - all have new tires and have been serviced. Blue book on the 450's used is like $7500 - I can put one on the family in the mid-4's... 2 of them were used by McGrath and have a few trick pieces on them.
  12. Yeah - you! Go pick it up. I'll let you store it here for a few months if you need
  13. So did you buy it or what?