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  1. I'm ignorant about such things so I dont know if your comment was seriously meant. These were recommended by a nutritionist who bought a bike from us - and ive just sort of stuck with them.
  2. its not bad. I question the over all nutritional value but they seem to be working for me.
  3. Lol. Took me a second.
  4. Welll.... lol I had been trying to work out all through COVID. Elliptical a couple hours a week. Stuff like that. Never did anything for diet or anything else. Gained some strength and stamina but never really moved my weight. Back in February I took a real emotional hit. Really fucked my head up to the point I couldn't sleep. I started with pushing my exercise up significantly - 1:15 in the gym every work day 5-6 days a week - just to be tired enough to sleep. I started seeing some results so decided to tighten down on the diet. For 3 months now Ive kept up the workout routine but eat this: Breakfast - oatmeal with some sort of fruit. 6oz of OJ (orange juice has always been my drink - sometimes 20+ oz a morning. Tons of carbs!). 1 scoop of GNC protein powder mixed with 1%milk and water. Lunch: Solyent Green - 1 bottle. If I'm super hungry I'll have a few unsalted almonds. Dinner - whatever the fuck I want. If the wife orders pizza I eat that. We started doing HelloFresh though and many of those meals are really good and better for me than the stuff we had been eating. I also try to dial back on the portions a little. Maybe I eat 3 slices of pizza not 4. Stuff like that. I've also completely eliminated soft drinks from my diet except for a very rare diet soda. I used to drink 1-2 cokes every day. I've been using MyFitnessPal to track calories and exercise. Its not perfect but helps. Typically I've been 1300-1800 calories a day net of exercise. The first 20lbs came off as easy as taking off a jacket. The next ten have been slower - and now that my brainfog has started to clear I've found I'm slacking slightly too compared to what I was doing. I'm still losing weight but not nearly at the pace I was. My goal is to continue like I am still I see 199 again - then I'm to shift my fitness into a bit of muscle building phase. I'd like to put on some arm and shoulders etc. It could well be the emotional stress I was under at the start contributed to my initial weight loss - but at least it got me on track. I've been riding my mountain bike alot and just did 400 miles of street and dirt on the T7 this past Sunday - I'm moving around much more easily and have better strength/stamina for riding than I have in years. For perspective - I got married at 28, I worked out hard for 4 month prior to the wedding at was 212lbs that day. Ive slowly gained weight over the last 19 years to hit that 241 mark. That means I'm currently lighter and probably better shape than Ive been since I was 28.
  5. 241 on Valentines Day 208 (and falling) falling today. 💪
  6. 110/70. 7-day average. Resting heart rate 54 avg.
  7. Oh very much so lol. COVID killed it (the food suuuuuucked even before that) and now the South Park guys are gonna own it. Fucking hilarious
  8. https://www.outtherecolorado.com/news/south-parks-stone-and-parker-tell-gov-polis-they-are-buying-casa-bonita/article_6f986152-6f52-505f-b089-4e07171fc870.html?fbclid=IwAR28fuz965lVSeeh50HTW3N30LIlUscL3WzlA5PREZG0LDzGd4cRwh5Gxtw
  9. $3500 is just too low. A lot depends on the market - but I could get $6k for it around here.
  10. it's sort of forced near the surface - so a block on top means the block is sitting above ground in my yard. I've considered reburying it and pinning it downward with like a couple loops of rebar "stapling" it down in the ground. Dont know how long that would potentially hold. I assume having this drain is code or something (kudos to the two separate home inspections done before I bought the house that didnt note that its not connected) but doesnt appear to be doing a fucking thing.
  11. It connects to a drain built into the sidewalk so I cant real bury it any deeper - at least on that end. And where it ends up at the house is also fixed where it passes through the foundation...
  12. Ok - here goes. My house has full finished basement, but there is a crawl space under the floor and sump below that. Not easy to get to. In my front yard along the property line is gravel bed, and there is a black PVC line there that keeps bowing up and un-buying itself. Looks like crap. It apparently goes up to the side of the house then into the crawl space to the sump. Twice in the three years I've lived here I've taken a pick and shovel, dug a trench under the line and reburied it best I can - but I guess with temperature changes etc it just pushes its way back up. On the other side of my property my neighbor has the same setup. Except that 1-2x a day his drain pumps out a good bit of water - probably a half gallon or so a couple times a day. His is the only house in the neighborhood that seems to pump water at all. Still - I was concerned that our houses were that close together and he has all this water in his sump and mine isnt pumping. So I pulled up the little catch in the basement floor and crawled my fat ass over to the sump. To ad insult to injury someone ran the main sewer line right over the lid on the sump. Took me a minute to weasel the lid off and look down. There is a pump there covered in dust, and zero evidence the sump has ever been wet. Some heavy, dry dust in the bottom - no water line or any sign of water ever. I get the lid put back on and while I"m there look around a bit - and I notice that the drain from the sump pump to my drain outside isnt even connected - and as far as I can tell never has been in the 20 years the house has stood. The line from the sump and the line from outdoors kind of end in the same area but arent lined up and actually way overlap in length. Looks like it was half ass put in and never connected. So my real question is - should I either figure it out and connect the line like it was supposed to be - or more to my liking just cut and cap the line outside so it doesnt keep sticking up out of the ground. Just eliminate it entirely. Do I even need it?? A third alternative I guess is there is a deck drain in the area from the sump - it's connected to the basin under the water heater, I suppose to let water drain off if the heater leaks. Its a smaller diameter but I could probably tie the sump pump line into that drain without a too much fuss. Any thoughts? Never had a house with sump before.
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