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  1. I saw and am giving strong consideration. Need to lock down this employment thing first.
  2. PM me details.
  3. How the fuck did I miss that! Very interesting. i wonder about doing this setup with aftermarket/low weight ZX wheels. I really want to try and drop 20 more lbs off the old girl.
  4. So - is there a list of exactly what is needed for that somewhere.
  5. So is it worth swapping to a ZX front end - or just try to jump full Ohlins? And is there a full Ohlins for the XX?
  6. See also realistic.
  7. I think you may have missed the point. Its not about what I need - it's about what would the ultimate build be? My current XX is Josh's old Blue one. It has a TBR exhaust of some flavor, VFR bars and Buell pegs. Aftermarket wheels for bling not performance - RComponents I believe. 40k miles. HID lights cut they are cheap and clunky - maybe need redone. Suspension would be my first direction - either a swap to ZX or some other front end, maybe a full Ohlins swap over if it can be found, and for sure a shock out back. Aftermarket wheels for weight would be great - not carbon fiber though, too much hassel. Marvic's or something maybe. Engine, maybe 2mm bore, Falicon knife-edge crank. Back-cut the gears and freshen everything up. See if the head can be flowed better and 5-angle the valves. Cams? I still want very linear streetable power.. I've got an Akrapovic full-Ti that has been following me around uninstalled. Sort of programmer to dial it all in..
  8. Yeah, I believe this is the red one I was referring to. I saw it when it went up for sale and always wished I'd bought it. I'm thinking of building something like this - in blue.
  9. I've been giving a lot of thought to my bikes. When my employment situation settles back down (soon I hope) I'm either going to purchase a new bike, or make a huge investment in upgrading the XX. I have some thoughts on a new bike - but for the sake of this thread, what would you do if you had something like a $15k upgrade budget for my 2000 XX? This all supposes I cant buy a certain red XX in Florida Only rules are - must remain street-able and usable for sport-touring. Emphasis on the sport. Lets not talk about luggage - I've got most all of that already. Any mod suggested should be realistically available. What's the best suspension/brake/wheel mods? Big bore engine? Fuel inection mods? Weight saving mods? Badass tail tidy mods? What is really out there and has been/can be done. Thoughts?
  10. VFR has been paid for and delivered. Guy picked it up in 19 degree weather wearing a Snap On jacket and mesh Bilt pants. Enjoy your 9 hour ride home sir...
  11. Ebay mediator added to the list.
  12. He ain't getting his deposit back, that's for damn sure. I don't care what eBay may say.
  13. No. He texted me to say FedEx kicked him off the flight he was deadheading on.
  14. And he's a no show. Says hes hired a shipper to pick it up next Saturday. I told him it's back for sale 6pm Saturday and no not bother contacting me after that.
  15. This is just one of the lines of drama in my life at the moment. Guy won the bike on Ebay and paid the $500 deposit back near Thanksgiving. He was supposed to come twice in December and canceled both times. Guy is a Fedex worker in Memphis - and claims during the holidays he is super busy and hectic - cant make it. So here we are in January - almost February. I tell him he can either come get it or I am keeping his deposit and relisting it Feb 1. So he messages me last week and says he is flying in Saturday (Jan 28th) and will pick it up and ride it home. Then he asks me where I want to meet - and I tell him my house. Johnson City, TN. that's what the Ebay ad says. Then he proceeds to start whining that he is deadheading into Knoxville and I need to meet him there. This means 3 hours round trip for me. I say no, he proceeds to whine, and I say fuck it and agree to drag it there. Then he tells me he needs be there at 6am... uh no. So I will drag it down to Knoxville tomorrow when the fuck I feel like getting up. Weather forecast is calling for cold and possible snow - I made sure dude knows this and brings warm gear. It got to be 7 hours or more home, on a bike he hasnt seen or ridden.. He says he'll be fine. I see this turning into a cluster fuck. Look for the bike to show back up for sale next week.