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  1. Yep, garage is too small and you need more bikes.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=ZOLEO&ref=bl_dp_s_mw_21157464011
  3. Boundary Waters Canoe Area. ...couple acres of tamarac and swamp up-nort.
  4. ...I'm guilty of being obtuse once again, I'm 250. What I meant (picking on myself) if you rebuild the stock shock, it still isn't adjustable. A question I had was, can the components at least be set for a target weight, or is it one-size-fits-all? I have a stock shock out in my garage.
  5. BWCA people drop the phrase "satellite phone" https://www.outfittersatellite.com/Satellite-Phone-Providers--Which-one-is-the-best_b_188.html
  6. So, set it up for 250lbs and don't diet?
  7. Has anyone ever heard of rebuilding the stock shock?
  8. Shit, now I have a project.
  9. Stator/RR, CCT, wiring test-block, linked brake bleeding, are what I think of as issues. Get really good tires. For your nickname, did you just drop goofballs on your keyboard? JK - if you care to share.
  10. My used set has rhino liner on them. I like the look.
  11. Son no.2 is certified in all the "G" certificates. I have welded and enjoyed it. My wife said she'd like to learn. I have it in mind that son no.2 could make side cash with it. He's also, coincidentally, in a layoff this week. It's a 3-1/2 drive to pick it up.
  12. https://www.theturboforums.com/threads/is-a-miller-syncrowave-180sd-a-decent-tig-welder.300317/
  13. OK, replacement welder. Junior smoked the Fourney making his flatbed. Comments welcome. I don't think they make this model anymore. Nice chat with the old gentleman. I said I'd let him know if I wanted to pursue it. Price dropped from $1,800 to $1,500 today. I think the cart and tank and other extras seem to make it worth more than a bare model. https://duluth.craigslist.org/tls/d/barnum-welder-miller-tig-and-stick/7171266206.html 'Have a miller syncrowave 180 for sale with tank of argon and three different packs of rods, foot feed an
  14. Do we have any local experts on cleaning and lubing electrical switches. .....brought over from the auxilliary fan thread: CorrosionX is something I was just taught by no. 1 son. Five years at MiTech and I'm directly benefitting. It is a "conformal coating" used to clean and seal metal electrical assemblies. I haven't tried it on my bike yet, but it seemed to do quite well in my truck.
  15. I was just trying to tag the thread for retrieval, not completly resurrect it. My apologies.
  16. 2.8 miles long. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sault_Ste._Marie_International_Bridge
  17. You're LA-ish? Some places don't lane split. I wasn't through USA customs, still in Canada? The US customs can be difficult too. ...time slips by, but I'm pretty sure there are security cams mounted several hundred feet apart. The Soo is long. The ticket may have been cheaper than the repair, but the repair was inevitable in my mind. I did turn it off, pushed it some, restarted it some... I got what I got. We push started it after customs. The young gal was pretty easy on me. I probably reminded her of her dad.
  18. Seeing that other thread with the boots that are no longer available, can carbs really be rebuilt any more? ...thinking of grabbing a set for the kid. We never got his bike in to the shop. I could at least have a clean set ready on the shelf...
  19. My mechanic put dielectric grease in the kill switch of my Hurricane a few years ago to fight corrosion after cleaning the switch up.
  20. I did the stator myself. I got a feeling of accomplishment from it. Watching the temp gauge climb stalled in traffic with no sidewalk or apron to get onto was torture. Anthropomorphizing - watching a friend die of heat stroke. We were stuck on "The Soo" (Sault St Marie bridge) for over an hour in sweltering August heat. I made a bad decision and followed my friends across in mostly stationary noon-day rushhour traffic. I should have stopped for lunch as I suggested. ...but I got story to tell. Bike was at about 40,000 miles. It was probably about time by BB years/miles
  21. ...and no traffic jambs - ever.
  22. Poke, poke.... @JaBr Have you heard of the fan fix?
  23. I can never find this dang thread. I need to do this upgrade sometime. auxiliary, radiator, dual-fan, cooling upgrade, fan-fix.
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