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  1. Champagne - mettalic titty.
  2. I asked my neighbor that upholsters boat seats and stuff to stretch it.
  3. 'Small screws" I know, not as sexy...
  4. It's meant to be fun? My redneck sense of feng-shueu. One-off one time deal - two week long ride and done. If it works, I can recover it or sell it.
  5. Putting small screws in the tank and wrapping it up in a blanket in the dryer. (Poor man's bead blasting)
  6. This how I'm going to do my CB900F tank.
  7. Yeah, sage green and "true timber" camo.
  8. The eBay seller referred to this as a three piece pattern, but I think it's actually more than 5.
  9. XXitanium


    The old CB1100Fs shared shims with Toyotas I think?
  10. The extra layers, I don't think they're OEM. They weren't glued down well/anymore?
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