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  1. I worked a window manufacturer that had the same model window with different washed-out soecs for a certain retailer. It saddened me.
  2. So, Windows system restore allows me to restore Windows without losing my documents. As it goes through recovering windows, it does not automatically run the check disk slasher off. It asks me if I want to bypass that. Two times through Windows updates or whatever the hell it's doing, and I am at a Windows explorer folder that I can get at my documents. Bill Gates is the devil.
  3. ....or.... . . . https://www.ranger-forums.com/general-technical-electrical-18/riddle-me-major-electrical-problem-98-its-oddball-need-help-136394/
  4. General Electrical Module? https://www.ranger-forums.com/general-technical-electrical-18/electrical-problem-1998-ranger-3-0-a-167462/ My wife and I replaced ours a few years ago. We saved hundreds of dollars, but it took a good deal of time.
  5. Ha, guess what other product I used daily before Snipping Tool. Glad you survived Windohs.
  6. That needs a punchline. Do they have coconuts in Italy?
  7. LOL I tried to be careful and not use any phrase which might indicate the least amout of affection for Microsoft or any if its products. (I do kind if have a weird fetish for media player)
  8. I ran the diags on the Dell bios. Everything checked out except the battery is towards end-of-life... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/stuck-at-fixing-d-stage-1-5-26547-of-506368-total/c2346de2-ee46-48cb-95e0-3242c2b671d7
  9. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-cancel-chkdsk-in-windows-8 ...if I can get back to a command prompt ..
  10. AVG states that it's not their fault. They claim it is a bug with Win-11. (They did not put that in writing to me)
  11. AVG sent me down a rabbit hole. They offered to compress my F: . I tried it. It is an SSD drive. ...bork... My old Dell M6600 is stuck. I got past this a couple times through heroic means, but generally it seems like it's trying to run chkdsk /f It gets about 66% and just stops. It sits for hours and never finishes.
  12. Is it effective at channeling the airflow iver your head though?
  13. Brussel sprouts and beer....
  14. I'm 6'-4". I’m willing to chance it
  15. https://www.laminarlip.com/cbr1100xx.php ...maybe not...
  16. Is this what these look like?
  17. I like the little windscreen add-on.
  18. They didn't poop at tge feeders. Thet are nesting about 20 feet away in an ornamental crab tree. I parked our bikes under it kibda fir shelter and because there was a oaver sidewalk for our side-srands. They were doing their business out if the tree.
  19. One of my fellow travelers sent this. He does not mention them pooping. ...perhaps a sequel? Biagyb7AcK8
  20. XXitanium

    Car Battery

    I bought a new AGM battery for the CBX. I brought it home and put the trip trickle charger on it. It took a charge.
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