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  1. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/1998-Honda-CBR-1100XX-Blackbird-5007140918 @Peepa 's neighborhood-ish.
  2. Yeah, I have a modular too. I like the flip up for my glasses also.
  3. I have a feeling that you are a chunck younger than most of our current active members. My dad passed in '96. Mom is 84 now... There is probably much of that going on for origional owners - along with aging knees etc on our own parts.
  4. https://bikebits.us/store?keywords=Tire&olsPage=search I couldn't find it. @John01XX ?
  5. Plug it and ride, unless you have waaaaay too much money or the dealer is going to pony up. I love fresh rubber on my bikes.
  6. ...go to the search tool and look for napping bird...
  7. ...sorry, I wasn't clear. Not sure what gear/software is on the other end.
  8. Auctmarts Repsol Black/White fairings, don't buy them if you expect it to look perfect. Good money was paid for a brand new product. Feedback was given, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't negate the ability to open a dispute. Ask for a new nose cone done right, or a full refund including shipping. Use your eBay protection. You will actually be doing them a favor encouraging them to improve their shipped product quality. Seriously.
  9. It's not what they advertised though. They have a customer contact page... eBay has buyer protection and you can leave them based feedback there. I don't know if writing a dissatisfied Google review would influence them, but it might help others. You told Auctmarts before they mailed it to you... https://shop.auctmarts.com/promotion/new-arrivals/1j12.html
  10. https://support.google.com/maps/answer/6230175?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en How much was just the noise cone piece, / could they just fix it or send a new one? What method did you use to pay for the bodywork? You may have recourse. Do you know anyone with a body shop?
  11. ...security issue from a barracuda or some such?
  12. They sold the black one they had. The other two aren't for sale at the moment, but Robbie said He'd keep his eyes open. ...way in the back. It's not Larry's old bike, but painted similar.
  13. My friend Larry got a custom paint job on his bike. I really admire it. I do,xt know where it ended up after he passed.
  14. I'm thinking that one might be a breakdown in communication. Larry did live pretty close though, northeast Indiana.
  15. Steering damper? MrCBX has two blackbirds they told me. I said you were looking for a black FI with analog speedo. ...Ohio. I didn't get clear descriptions. https://www.mrcbx.com/ "We unfortunately only have the 2 blackbirds in our lineup a candy glory red and a cb1100r edition. We can keep an eye out for a black one for you. I believe they all had analog speedos the only different was in 01 they went to fuel injection. "
  16. nomadicdread knows what he's buying. I agree with the running hot in stop-and-go traffic. The 162 HP is off, it's like speed, misquoted, and the top MPH varies by production year.
  17. "I have owned this motorcycle since 2002. It has always been in continuous use. It is the first year with fuel Injection. If you want a Blackbird, make sure you get one with FI. I just returned from two 3 day trips on this bike. The motorcycle has always performed flawlessly. It includes a full set of Givi luggage and Mono-rack luggage mounts. These were over $1000 alone. It has two stage heated grips, but the $5 switch should be replaced. The motorcycle comes with a Zero Gravity windscreen and Corbin leather seat (another $600 in upgrades). Also it has Heli bar risers for a more comfortable riding position, I don't think a better sport touring motorcycle has ever been made. It has 162 horsepower but it can be docile around town. It has twin counter balancers for a smooth, vibration free ride. And a knock sensor so it can run on 87 octane gas. I am not riding the bike as much as I used to so I thought I should sell it. But I am not going to give it away either. I have already turned down $3100 for the bike but now that it is in the middle of winter, there is not as much demand for bikes. If you buy the bike and don't like it, you can surely sell it for more come spring time. But if you are like me, you might keep it for 17 years like I did." it's his until he sells it. It looks like there are at least some cosmetic mods done.
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