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  1. Nice looking lid. It would be great for someone in the need on the cheap. If no one here grabs it, throw it on Craigslist.
  2. Like a magic marker.
  3. Those are nice and look new.
  4. True but it looks good. I do know how much work it can be because I have a lot polished on my bike.
  5. Or cameo duck tape or........
  6. Or pick up another one off of e-bay?
  7. Great to see some of the names in that link. I miss some.
  8. Refresh my mind. Also, to keep the chain adjustment, the adjuster bolts should be turned in or out (can't remember right now, have it written down) after the axle bolt is torqued.
  9. Is this on Craig's list? I was looking around on it last night and saw one like it.
  10. Couldn't find any last year when I was looking but didn't check too much over seas.
  11. Sounds pretty good for the price for a 2003 with low miles and extras.
  12. Just so you know, you can still buy them new if you want a perfect one.
  13. I guess so as my bike's speedo don't go to 320.
  14. It annoys me that people try to sell their car or bike with dark in the garage photos. Too lazy to push the bike out into the sun and give photos from 360.
  15. Thanks for explain. Didn't know a header could make that much of a difference.