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  1. You better cut back on the Wheaties.
  2. I have some of that stuff but never tried it on stuff with fuel. I think Dollar General and Walmart have it.
  3. Because it sounds like a bigger can of bolts?
  4. I wonder why when I put the Bird in I get this? This part is not compatible with 2001 Honda CBR1100XX - This part is not compatible with 1997 Honda CBR1100XX --.
  5. Maybe a seat thread should be started in the garage instead of taking over here? BTW-Love my Smuggler seat.
  6. You do know that you have to drill and screw the fender right? I know how you hate to do that.
  7. If the plywood isn't covered with lead you are wasting your time.
  8. I had no idea of the work that is required to keep a place like this running. BTW-thanks.
  9. I have seen news reports on TV saying they used info from one of these type of sites to catch the bad guy but I have never checked it out myself.
  10. Too bad about the spill and it's cool that your are so supportive. I wouldn't want my wife to ride her own ride because I would spend the whole time worrying about her. Back in the day the wife and I were each in our own cars and were playing down a curvy road. I kept wicking it up until I looked into my mirror seeing her understeering right across the road. She made it but I learned my lessen. Your woman will look good on the back of that BMW.
  11. Might had something to do with hookers and blow but I'm no expert.
  12. Bird Power: 164.00 HP (119.7 kW)) @ 9500 RPM Dry weight: 224.0 kg (493.8 pounds) Year 2003 https://bikez.com/motorcycles/honda_cbr_1100_xx_super_blackbird_2003.php 999 Power: 138.12 HP (100.8 kW)) @ 9750 RPM Dry weight: 186.0 kg (410.1 pounds) Year 2006 https://bikez.com/motorcycles/ducati_999_superbike_2006.php
  13. I'm glad that I got to see J.T. back in the day at a smaller venue. Richie Blackmore opened for him.
  14. It is pretty hard to argue that but the emotional price of what one thinks it is worth is something different.
  15. Someone here should buy these. They will be so hard to find in the future.
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