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  1. Is that a gas can above the exhaust can? That might be interesting during a lowside if full.
  2. Any nefarious acts must be posted here by the full weight of Swampy law.
  3. Beautiful!!! I would like to see one more shot from the side of the whole bike.
  4. Post up a photo of your install. I'm glad that it worked out.
  5. Like Joe said, just take the bolt out but I'm not sure that you will get enough length with the stock line.
  6. Neither of my 1983 V-45s had high miles.
  7. Not either of mine nor my 1000 Interceptor.
  8. It is says the same thing in Chrome. No one here is secure or sane. 😬
  9. You might want to fix the title year. Nice bike, I had two V-45s and they were a very modern bike for the time.
  10. Did you turn the valve back on and did you connect the vacuum line?
  11. Did you coat it with anti-seize?
  12. There are some window AC units that have a dehumidifier setting on it.
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