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  1. Why would you want it for street use? Just for looks? On the tire, I have never seen a rotation direction arrow point both ways but than I never had a bike slick.
  2. Usually not much ground clearance on those for the street.
  3. Are you sure, I mean really sure? Or is that what they want you to believe?
  4. I thought this was going to be about a Harley. 😀
  5. I don't think that it counts if you set it on fire. Or if you replace them with junk.😀 I put a vacuum gauge in my Mustang and the line it came with would collapse, like you, had to replace.
  6. Z, maybe you should call A Zone and ask them?
  7. 🤣 Sorry but...............
  8. If you are getting it replaced under warranty, it shouldn't cost you anything for the part, right?
  9. I do have both but don't have a scale to weigh them. My OEM is from a 97 but I think that they are the same. I enjoy garage discussions but they are so much better when they are civil.
  10. I just looked at my OEM and the only thing on it is a 45 with a paint dot next to it.
  11. Aluminum but it doesn't get a lot of miles but has been at the strip more than once.
  12. If I remember right back when the bike was newer, there wasn't very many all steel options for non stock tooth count sprockets. There were many aluminum ones and mine has been on for some years now. That is why Supersprox took off, they had many tooth options. I still have a new in package 47 tooth one that I got here on a group buy by Northman.
  13. Be sure to post up pics when done.
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