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  1. I guess you are right but then we don't get to live it through you. 😃
  2. Yet. Just like the ATF I'm sure they can make up some kind of law. 😉
  3. I bought some One Shot because everyone talking it up here. I found it made my knives super slick opening and it did clean but didn't last long. So regular type lube was better in the long run.
  4. Nah he just needs either a shew or a couple of giant centipedes to take care of the scorpions. Link For the termites, maybe a ant eater?
  5. Wow, that is more saw than I thought from the other thread.
  6. So was he implying nothing to see here folks, move along.? 😉
  7. blackhawkxx


    I wonder how far parts of that plastic disc will stick into you when it explodes?
  8. I was also trying to work out the connection.
  9. Cal was looking for some pets, maybe box them up and ....
  10. The Rock Auto isn't a Ford part and there is three different sizes. I believe it is a universal part. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=2848932&pt=1000334&jsn=510&jsn=510 $12.99 shipping to my house.
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