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  1. How many miles are on the rear? Most never change the rear oil without issues until high miles.
  2. You could check out the oil in it to see what you see.
  3. How old is that thing? I never saw one of those. https://blog.askforney.com/history-of-forney-welding-machines
  4. I will be interesting to see if they take responsibility for not only the chain but the bike.
  5. And clean the clutch pushrod also. You could try JB Weld, don't think that there would be anything to lose.
  6. Did the chain damage anything else? BTW- I run a 16 tooth front with no issues so far and don't think that it has anything to do with your problem.
  7. I'm a Shoei guy so that is all I needed to know, thanks. I have also never had a issue with using water.
  8. Do you use this on your helmet shield which isn't glass? The cost of shields are high enough that I am afraid to use anything but water.
  9. blackhawkxx

    Hail dents

    How long have you been waiting to use that?
  10. It should make you a little less hot in the heat of the summer but it would be hard to measure. As far as water temp...... I think Swamp has a coated header.
  11. These are going to so hard to find in the future. If it was for a 97, I would grab it as a spare.
  12. My 1978 Subaru 4wd wagon also had no cat but did have points. Great little car that I never replaced one drive line part. I don't remember the mpg, but it was geared real low and a four speed trans.
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