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  1. I know that you said it isn't for a Bird (🙄) but the factory VFR 16 tooth did fit the Bird so maybe you could check the forums to see if there is a factory option for what you want.
  2. He didn't tell you what to do but asked a question. You could give a basic explanation and help him and others grow in knowledge.
  3. It takes a lot of hours to do all of that and I have never heard of someone degreeing old cams but it makes sense. Bike engines have always seemed more intimating than cars. Can you buy new dogs? You are so lucky that driveshaft didn't crap out on you on your big Alaskan trip. BTW-interesting photos.
  4. That is different. Going back home to Honda. 👍
  5. I sold my kill switch on here because my local track no longer required them for street type bikes, times didn't matter. Leathers don't have to be one piece, they can zip to your jacket.
  6. I have a old Verizon flip phone, how do I know if it is 4G?
  7. I got it out far enough to check out the teeth on the sprocket to make sure that everything is OK. I did end up loosening up the fairing a little to get things lined up right to reinstall the cover.
  8. Working in the garage alone has been the story of my life, there is good and bad in it, mostly good. It is good that you got her done though.
  9. Cool. I'll give it a shot when I get to it, thanks.
  10. Ptxyz, can I sneak the clutch slave and sprocket cover off without removing the fairing? I has been a while since I had it apart and don't remember if I took the plastic off. I want to take a peek at the front sprocket.
  11. On a stock Bird, are the bars near the top of the fork tubes? So the bars stayed in the same place but the bike moved away from them while lowering. I was obviously trying to keep the bars as high as possible.
  12. Thanks, that might work.
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