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  1. I don't know jack about it but anything with the name Siberian in it has to be able to survive the winter anywhere.
  2. Do plan on stop riding before 2038?
  3. Our old Stan comes to mind when thinking about someone who seemed to be able to do anything they put their mind to.
  4. Maybe in hell I mean Arizona, not Illinois.
  5. Are you changing them because of age? I figure that as long as my tool strap is still working, the hoses are fine.
  6. That was very nice of you John. I'm sure you could have sold some of these things.
  7. Or you could sell it and buy a XX.
  8. What would it be clogged with?
  9. Did this include adjusting the valves?
  10. Yes, it is a sign that you can't part.
  11. A cheap way into a great bike.
  12. Out of curiosity, do you have a photo of it off the bike?
  13. I think someone was looking for a Manual Cam Chain Tensioner a while back. I ran across this one on Jake Wilson if anyone is interested.
  14. Mine also. If the front tire is in good shape with normal air pressure, next have it rebalanced. I have noticed that some tires that are on the market have very stiff sidewalls, too stiff in my opinion but anyway, they seem to transmit more vibration at high speed. After that, what red said.