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  1. That is a new one on me.
  2. I wouldn't think the WD-40 did anything to your brakes as far as them hanging up. If the caliper doesn't slide freely on the pins, they can drag and heat up. I would pull the caliper and lube things with lube made for brakes. While different, some years ago I had a almost new F-250 and I was driving on I-70 and I could feel the drag getting worse and worse. I pulled over and while I was standing there checking it out, it was very hot, there was a big pop and it worked fine then. They replaced the caliper under warranty but no one knew what happened.
  3. Looks like the Ca guy gets them but it is great of you thinking of us.
  4. I have the C.A. front signals and rear tail light but not the rear signals. So I take it that I can't use them?
  5. Can I still buy the chrome bulbs for my Clear Alternatives lights? I can never force myself to throw good stuff away. It must be from hanging around farmers in my youth.
  6. Maybe someone already diagnosed it or.....
  7. Don't know why but it is there.
  8. I get this free magazine that you or your son may like. Just click subscribe in upper right corner to get it by mail or on-line. http://www.arcmagazine.pub/#
  9. A photo of where the oil leak is coming from?
  10. Edit: Nice looking work and would open some doors for sure.
  11. Post a photo of it installed if you can. I want to see how noticeable it is.
  12. Number 2 & 5 in this diagram. https://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c1f52f870023420a2f47e/cylinder-head-cover
  13. Last week my son picked a full sized used pneumatic tire machine that is made for car tires but will also do motorcycle tires. No more crawling around on the floor with tire spoons for me.
  14. I remember seeing people using a bumper jack to break the bead back in the day. There are many ways but sometimes the proper tool is just easier.
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