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  1. FS: 1997 CBR1100XX

    I wish that I had the space, would make a great back up to mine.
  2. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    There you go Bill.
  3. Poorly Bird

    Yes, air & fuel plus never a F.I. light.
  4. I don't know how you could get more bike for the money than the first Bird. If I lived near and needed a bike, I would be all over that.
  5. Pimp My Basement!

    Or maybe he is trying to keep the heat upstairs to have warmer floors?
  6. 1985 Kawi GPZ550 crossthreaded oil filter

    Some people just don't understand seasons.
  7. Move Free

    Maybe not to the day, not sure but it was quick. Don't know if it will help you but it changed the quality of my life.
  8. Move Free

    My hips were starting to hurt more and more until it was getting hard to sleep no matter how I positioned myself and when I sat for too long, it was hard to straighten up. The wife and I were shopping and stopped to look at the joint supplements and I didn't want to buy any until I researched them. My wife picked one anyway and bought it. It was the generic brand of Move Free called Joint Health sold at Wal Mart. It has in it UC-II which is cartilage and potassium chloride (providing undenatured type II collagen), Boron and Hyaluronic Acid. 1 pill per day at about $13 per 30. I found the Move Free name brand on E-Bay cheap so I going to try that next and it has the same stuff in it. After about 3 days, I was amazed, no hip pain when sleeping and no back pain when sitting too long. I would have never believed it but it is a blessing because when you can't sleep, everything is affected. I don't know why it works or for how long, maybe I was lacking something but for now, it is great.
  9. 1999 F-250 Diesel Crew Cab 4x4

    I think your claim is a little blown up.
  10. Pimp My Basement!

    In my cellar man cave, I used quarter inch finished plywood that I oil stained and attached the panels with rounded head screws so I could remove them if needed. I think that it looks OK for what it is.
  11. It says "It is there on consignment via the widow of the guy that owned it." So I'm guessing they are helping her out.
  12. I wonder what the paint would look like under that tank bra because it would have to go if it were mine. Good price with the extras.
  13. How does weather work

    A intelligent design.
  14. Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

    I am worn out from reading that. So after all of that, does the car feel and drive better now?
  15. Strut/Shock Replacement...Part Question

    Get a new breaker bar. I have put a four foot pipe on mine and haven't broken it. Most garages do run more air and have better air guns. Heat is your friend. Heat the nut up good and put a long bar on it and it should pop, just make sure that you are going the right direction (have seen it many times).