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  1. Be sure to check for rebates. There are some going on until the end of the month.
  2. If you are looking for a sport/touring tire, I really like my Dunlop Road Smart III. They seem to be wearing well with no cupping but I don't have miles on them yet to tell if they will be long lived.
  3. Just pushing the pistons back should answer that question.
  4. You have never changed the juice in almost 20 years?
  5. I think Roger doesn't care about your brake fluid.
  6. I have had my XX since 97 and have never chirped the rear using the front but there is always a lot of variables. How the bike is set up, tires, weight of rider, road, etc. can all make a difference.
  7. If you search de-linking brakes in the garage there is much to read. Here is one.
  8. You can't give up now as far as selling it. It can only be so many things and sometimes it just takes a fresh eye. De-link if yo have to but this is something that can be fixed.
  9. blackhawkxx


    That is for all years, correct?
  10. Is that cars or bikes? I changed my Explorer's a couple of weeks ago that has both (ABS & TC) and I had no issues.
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