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  1. Looks good John. Did you drill and tap your swingarm for the spools?
  2. That plate is way too easy for the cops to pick up on. Does it have a meaning?
  3. That was 2006 so I don't remember much about it. I have a Clear Alternative integrated tail light which of course has the turn signals in it.
  4. I just want it for storage, can't think of any reason why I would want to work on it. It looks like the kickstand just fits into the tray.
  5. I also have been looking for VFR bars, I guess they are getting rare these days.
  6. Have you used this for the Bird? It looks like something that could work for me.
  7. I have run dino car oil in my 97 most of it's life but had a hard time finding the right weight so I have been running Mobil 1 15w-50. While I have never rode a F.I. Bird to compare, it doesn't seem to drag a unusual amount. Have you checked the clutch push rod? Is this the bike without the hydo clutch slave unit?
  8. Since no one else asked, why would temps go up with oil that supposedly has less friction? The same weight of oil?
  9. I agree with that but if someone is getting very poor mileage on a mostly stock bike without running it hard, it may be a signal that something is wrong.
  10. The header is the lowest point on the Bird and is off center making it hard to use anything under it that will be stable that looks like the O.P.
  11. I'm guessing that it is a 2 wheel drive?
  12. Rode the Wing to Cedar Creek state park and did some hiking on the trails. Sorry I didn't set up a good photo but I was hot after the hike and wanted to get the breeze going.
  13. Make sure that you ask them how they did it but it wouldn't surprise me if they weld a old allen wrench to it.
  14. Crazy money but... 3,141 miles. https://motorcycles.autotrader.com/motorcycles/1987/honda/cbr1000f/200735477 Here is a bunch. https://www.smartcycleguide.com/motorcycles-for-sale/honda-hurricane-1000
  15. I have never seen them on sale, will have to use a coupon. I'm guessing that they may not work on the larger super stuck bolt, the teeth will shear off but who knows.
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