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  1. I don't remember what he told me but it was good per the manual spec though I don't think he rechecked it after the fix.
  2. We have talked about chasing the unknown debris but it may be like a needle in a hay stack. Don't know if it was something that broke up or if the oil filter caught it. If he ever has any other oil related issue, then it will be a full on search.
  3. He seems to have found the problem. He removed the front of the motor, timing belt and then the whole rocker assembly on the head. The oil should flow from the head through the assembly. He then took a .035 mig wire and ran it through the oil passage in the head. Could feel something and poked through it. Couldn't see what it was. Put it back together and ran it with the valve cover off and is now getting plenty of oil and no noise. Hopefully it isn't something that will reappear but even if it does, at least he has a clue. Thanks again for the help.
  4. What year model? 2000 SE Anniversary model. Ridden just about every day. Oil pressure gauge was hooked up where the oil pressure sensor goes per manual. Bike was hot. I asked about pulling the other valve cover, he had not at that time. At first, it was only when hot but now it happens hot or cold. Running it with the valve cover off, very little oil coming out and you can see a difference in movement between two of them. The manual calls them lifters but are actually lash adjusters. They seem to be not getting the oil to pump them up therefore the tap is heard. My son is a mechanic and says the sound is like a lifter tap. The problem is on the left side. We are trying to work out how to chase this without doing unnecessary work and money. Thanks for the responses.
  5. Like I said, he used SeaFoam in a fresh oil change. I doubt there is gunk but could be some kind of other debris. I have never seen a nut in connection with a piston unless you are talking about the connecting rod cap.
  6. Just throwing this out there in case someone has some thoughts on chasing down this problem. My son has a low mileage 1500 Wing that he rides daily, like a car, just loves to ride. The other day it started tapping, like a lifter tap but ran perfect. He pulled the valve cover and he was getting little to no oil to the top of the head. He changed oil and filter and added SeaFoam, no change. He installed a oil pressure gauge and it has full pressure per manual. To me, there almost has to be a clogged oil passage to the head, maybe a piece of gasket. I suggested trying to blow air backwards through the head passages the best he can. Any thoughts or ideas how to find the problem without a full tear down?
  7. I would like to play with that.
  8. So the average American would turn the question into- So if I eat beans I can drink and smoke more? 😀
  9. Or make them so cheap that you just throw them away after one use. We are in a throw away world now.
  10. Try this. https://deals.dell.com/en-us/category/top-deals
  11. End of years savings. https://www.dell.com/en-us
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