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  1. When you go to fix it, it would be helpful to snap a photo of your failing plug so others will know what to look for.
  2. I have "used" John before also and was happy. We will have to talk him into carrying some other items.
  3. He puts it away when it is windy.
  4. I know that protecting the roof is job one but I would be temped to run the metal down the sides if nothing else but to keep the sun off the tires. Nice looking away home.
  5. Now there is a pair. Your blue Bird looks great.
  6. Congrats, you will love having a second bike.
  7. That is what I use and it does work better than anything else I have.
  8. Well, if you every do have this problem, you will know what to look for. BTW-I have sat in a corner at times also.
  9. I'll second that. With two, you can set one up to ride solo and use this one for two up. You wouldn't have only one gun would you?
  10. Are they silver in color? They look gold on my screen. Also, they do go over the stock cover right?
  11. It can but past life experience with cars have shown me, not always.
  12. Does the bike run and idle well? It would be good to check the spark plugs to see if they all look the same. I'm not a F.I. guy but I wonder if a injector could hang open just a hair when turned off?
  13. Nice looking lid. It would be great for someone in the need on the cheap. If no one here grabs it, throw it on Craigslist.
  14. Like a magic marker.