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  1. Interesting and I don't even have a PowerStroke.
  2. I see semi trucks with snap up cover for their rads. I used to watch Ice Road Truckers and they claimed the actual temps would go below -40F without wind chill. At times they had to put alcohol in the air lines to keep them from freezing and they never shut the truck off.
  3. I think Joe is right, carefully use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the boots and rock the carbs in all directions while pulling.
  4. It would be easy to take apart but maybe hard to put together.
  5. More details and more photos would help it sell quicker. Also what is the mileage?
  6. Air does work great for grips. They kind of float on or off.
  7. Well, you can always lower it.
  8. That seat makes it.
  9. I don't remember without going through all the pages, did you ever use the carb tune kit and fancy screwdriver?
  10. It should be called a safety tax. 😉
  11. I grew up saying yinz but never really spelled it. Thanks for the explanation.
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