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  1. I would be interested seeing the difference between good gas and the garbage I have to use.
  2. For some reason I was thinking the chain was 110. If I were you, as you are looking for your noise (I think Super covered it), mark a link and count to be sure. Taking a spare chain is a good bit of weight.
  3. So what is the end of this story?
  4. Please let us know what you find out.
  5. Additional garages with a workshop is important, remember to keep your priorities straight. 😀
  6. I take it that you checked the calipers and all braking hardware, axle nut and pinch bolts?
  7. You might not want to say that before your big trip. 😉
  8. Who knew? Thanks. https://transmoto.com.au/Comparative-Oil-Weights-Table/
  9. So does anyone have a list of thick and thin 7.5w of the major brands?
  10. It might be better than nothing???
  11. So what parts did you replace in your rebuild?
  12. That is a great idea for a chilly R/R.
  13. Though I don't need one, thanks for letting us know.
  14. It could be but I was leaning more to magnetic repulsion.
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