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  1. So you are buying a non running bike.😏
  2. blackhawkxx

    Is age an issue for Blackbirds?

    Anything exposed to the sun will be baked. But yes, rad hoses and such are not really affected. In my area you don't see any bikes sitting out for the winter that the owner care about at all.
  3. blackhawkxx

    Is age an issue for Blackbirds?

    I have one of the oldest Birds and still have the factory tool kit strap, rad hoses, etc. I wouldn't buy a bike that lived outside from anywhere but places like Arizona would be the worst.
  4. blackhawkxx

    Water Heater Question

    One man's trivial can be another man's..................... ☺️
  5. blackhawkxx


    Swimming should be great for heart and general health. Some weight training is said to be good for bone and joint support as we age.
  6. blackhawkxx

    Water Heater Question

    Maybe the best answer?
  7. blackhawkxx

    Water Heater Question

    Could you leave the power off to the tank but run the water through it to the new heater? I was thinking with a couple of ball valves, it should be possible and that way the water is always fresh.
  8. blackhawkxx

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    If you ever choose to sell them some day, put me in line. I don't know what they go for but one can dream.
  9. blackhawkxx

    Art/Homework Table

    I like the PVC leg cover idea. The whole thing looks good and should be sturdy.
  10. blackhawkxx

    Blackbird drag race parts

    What was the subject again? Oh yes, Blackbird drag parts for sale.
  11. blackhawkxx

    torque specs for header nuts/bolts

    That is the worst looking Blackbird header I have ever seen.
  12. blackhawkxx

    99 Front axle

    Joe, just to be clear, your photo is of a 99 up correct? This stuff is keepers because the memory fades over time.
  13. blackhawkxx

    Blackbird drag race parts

    I have all three on my Mustang, burnout, launch and max RPM. Speaking of burnout, I watched a guy that I knew casually with a perfect 68 427 Camaro hurt is really bad doing one by over revving it.