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  1. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    It is but it is also not just your company, many are doing the same and more. Most of the company owned trucks in the gas fracking industry not only have real time GPS which they monitor speed and position in real time but also have cameras with one pointing at the driver. Yes, it is big brother but hard to get away from it.
  2. If you need them, that's cool. I have some but it was a good deal so. They are yours if you want them. Let me know.
  3. Craigslist find

    I have to get me one of those Blackhawkxx's.
  4. Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    Race fuel must be the same stuff because years ago I left race gas in the fuel cell of my drag car that ended up sitting for some years. When I did look, it was empty with no issues.
  5. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    He is either asking if you prefer your skirts past your knees or if the pistons required custom length skirts.
  6. Vacuum leak???

    Please do because you never know who else that info might help.
  7. early ignition rotor into later bike?

    I have the adjustable one on my 97 but that don't answer his question which I don't know either.
  8. Vacuum leak???

    What about the fuel pressure regulator?
  9. Larry's CB1100RD

    I googled rego disc holder and didn't come up with anything. Enlighten me please.
  10. Larry's CB1100RD

    Not too shabby. What is the sliver thing to the left of pass peg?
  11. Larry's CB1100RD

    Interesting but unless I am missing it, I don't see the link to the auction.
  12. Rear Brake Pad renew

    I have a Z shaped screw driver or use a screw driver bit and a box end wrench.
  13. Mouse Trap

    The link said the reason for the antifreeze is so it don't freeze (who knew) and to keep the body rot down. No doubt but a couple dozen more may have passed on. The more I have been around rats, the more they amaze me by their learning from deaths of their kind.
  14. Mouse Trap

    I think this might work when they are in the lean season. Now rats would be too smart for it after 1 or 2 "took the bait".