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  1. Funny how much we have in common besides first names. I literally typed the same commentary regarding the “excellent condition” mentioned and erased it due to the nature of the For Sale thread. But, feel it is important to point out this was a serious mischaracterization of condition. I may have to play with KBB to show the true value when 98K miles are added to the equation. Somehow I smell Joe circling this ad licking his junkyard dog lips!
  2. Edited, should now read : “Nice color of bike”
  3. Nice setup on a 21 year old bike. Plan on around $1500 to $2K from the uninformed masses on CL or Offer Up. Perhaps a little more if you wait. Need to to sell your extras individually, (but time is money) and then sell the bike for $1500 to $2K. Based on the admission of damaged OEM clip on it would appear the bike has also been down at least once. EDIT ADDED: I was posting the above comments when Mike appeared to be searching for a price. Mods please feel free to delete my comments as it now appears to be an official For Sale thread.

    Free books

    Awesome way to share. The signed Twist of the Wrist really should have been sent my way for obvious reasons as I’ve never read it! 😃
  5. I will take these! We can put them in my son’s Suzuki Samurai.

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    I keep up with him and his lovely family on FB.

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    Cal, if I recall correctly the spacers are different size on the FI birds. Put me second in line for those wheels. I tried to get Sean to sell me his, but it never happened.

    Tool Kit - and strap.

    Who needs a tool kit on a blackbird? 🤥

    Goldbird on Craigslist AZ

    Gold Wing meets Electra Glide meets Blackbird....for the WIN!!!
  10. TOXXIC

    SOLD: 1997 CBR1100XX

    Just in time for their second season. They have Winter and Road Construction seasons in PA.
  11. TOXXIC

    SOLD: 1997 CBR1100XX

  12. TOXXIC

    CBR1100XX Coin

    Very cool, I’d buy one.