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  1. Agreed, even if a Frankenbike, seems reasonably priced.
  2. Over 20 years later, and this place still requires "Chicken Fucker" jokes, Especially if it involves Mr. ChickenHawk996. 😂
  3. I always found those to be a unique looking bike.
  4. ...or a few pounds, pun intended.
  5. Knife arrived and is nice. However, I can see why you would like the plastic one.
  6. Oh, Federal Park Rangers...I have stories about those clowns. I called them "Mr. Green Jeans", but Squirrel Cop makes sense too. Funny, Mike talked about Ruger being headquartered in Prescott....I had no idea.
  7. My friend was a local deputy and used to ride with us. We got pulled over by a Washington State Trooper. When the Trooper told him, "Sir, I had you on radar at 90 plus miles per hour." My buddy shouted, "That is BULLSHIT, I was going at least 100MPH!!" Fortunately this Trooper was cool and let us off with a warning.. Probably a topic for another post, but I also fondly recall getting pulled over with Cal, Jeff, Joe and others when we were coming back from an XX meet in Bend, Oregon...Pretty sure I was leading us all passing on a double yellow....LOL. One of them said later, "I was just going to let Tim talk to the cop..."
  8. I was tempted to put SEX or DRUGS to see what kind of notifications it might trigger. Funds are in your account.
  9. As Carlos advised it is a tool. Constantly in use, cutting boxes open, strings off things, zip ties off stuff. Convenient clipped to a pocket. I also carry a firearm, but a knife serves a slight purposes as a back up fighting tool if shit got that bad. I keep a multi tool in the truck and SUVs for the reasons you mentioned.
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