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  1. Sprint 1050 guess it was three sexy nozzles. Always loved the look of that bike.
  2. These are super impressive to look at in-person. There is a 2014 Valkyrie for sale near my house, and they are cool, but not nearly as impressive as the Rune.
  3. 2003 with low miles, down the street from your place. 😲😃 https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/mcy/d/sumner-2003-honda-super-blackbird/7203474972.html
  4. Worked well with my bike when I had a single side hi-mounted and allowed me to keep the center stand. Stan had made a bunch of them back in the day.
  5. This thread is full of win....or fail depending on your perspective! 🤪
  6. I am in the same boat. AND I love the patriotic colors. My 21 year old son would pay to have a kidney harvested to buy this bike. Going to be a dick here as there was a 2016 for sale last night in Seattle for $6900 with 300 miles. My son corrected me and said the 2016s have fork issues. But, as another member said , just a "little" high. You may want to consider $11,499
  7. You mean 1996/1997? David Silverspares used to ship the XX racks over the pond. I looked at them back in the day. If I recall they used the VFR800 bags? I had a 2002 VFR800 and considered buying the racks to move them over to an XX.
  8. Had a C14, was never an issue for me. I never found the Blackbird to be too hot either.
  9. Still waiting for our checks....no free gubment cheese for us. I should list some stuff for sale.
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