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  1. Gorgeous bike, would love to ride one someday. Before the XX I had a 1st generation Sprint and loved it, nothing sounds better than a triple.
  2. I do, and I suspect they have an unharnessed market in Central/South America and Asia. However, I didn't have the time or desire to mirror their marketing strategy. Good luck on your sale, much less expensive then when they were new!
  3. Oh, and mine had Zero scratches or scuffs.
  4. I got $240 for three iPhones, two 5S models and a 6S. With the 7 out their is zero interest in a 5. Just threw away two Otterboxes.
  5. More like hooking up with a crazy ex-girlfriend for a one-night stand....because crazy fucks the best.
  6. If Joe doesn't have what you need I have several in my attic, but am on the wrong cost shipping cost wise.
  7. Have (2) Verizon, iPhone 5S phones. Both look new, lived whole lives in phone cases. Screens and case are scratch free. Have an Otter box I can throw in. I cut the screen out as I didn't like looking through the plastic. $120/each plus shipping Next, I have an iPhone 6 (also Verizon) with a cracked screen. $75 plus shipping. All are 16G models.
  8. Very cool move on your part Mike. Hopefully Furbird uses them in good health.
  9. Maybe the speedo cable leading into the transmission or transfer case, if 4WD. Hopefully Oscar chimes in. But that's where I would start. Work from there to the back of the gauge cluster.
  10. Interesting. You would thing our resident Apple savant could fix it for us.
  11. Sounds like a really nice bike! I keep getting the same error and had to upload to Photobucket for off-site hosting. Though I never had a problem with my iPhone 5S, just with the 7.
  12. Cool, feeling pretty good about my stout, screw-adjust 24" jack stands. Especially since they were free!
  13. What color are the bags on the bike you might sell in the spring? 99 black?
  14. I've used lumber the same way, but would never consider a cinder block!
  15. Curious to hear how tall the HF stands are.