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    Trunk Bracket

    I have a brand new in the box bracket, traditional orientation I will sell if someone needs it. I sold my XX and never installed this awesome rack.
  2. Sounds truly amazing!!
  3. Me too Rick! Hope you are staying cool and avoiding getting in cars reading 129 Degrees!
  4. I will be back. It was my 4th Bird. I intentionally pulled off my custom clutch and break reservoirs for my next bird!
  5. Sold to an asshole.
  6. I may need Chris Appel to go for a ride with me and take some pics, he has some photography skills.🙂
  7. I have some joker claiming her wants to come buy it tomorrow. I doubt he shows. CL flakes. I track CL regularly, okay daily. My old 2001 XX sold earlier this year for $5500, new owner is now willing to take $2800, but needs a beating for the horrible stickers! https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/mcy/d/2001-cbr/6640313817.html
  8. Mine is a custom white as well, prior owner was a painter at a body shop, it has blue glass in the white in it that really pops in the sunlight. Graphics have a carbon fiber weave in them, which is almost impossible to capture with my poor photography skills.
  9. Thanks. I had it up on CL for $4K, and received a trade offer for KTM990, but the guy wanted me to give him $4-5K on top, and sounded kind of nuts. She checked the ad and suggested I lower the price to $3750.
  10. Here is a link to my XX. $3750 was a starting point to feed the tire kickers. $3K for a forum member. Have a Yosh Carbon can in the attic which can replace the polished aluminum. Also have tons of extras not listed, which could go with it for a local sale. Not interested in parting it out yet, (i.e. returning to stock) and selling parts and having to ship stuff. Also really no desire to sell it, just listed it to placate the wife as I just bought a Rubicon. Sold my Concours, Cherokee, and Suburban I think I've done my part. Thanks for not looking at my half ass Craig's List ad. 😛 https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/mcy/d/2003-honda-cbr1100xx-super/6639218989.html
  11. TOXXIC

    1998 Cherokee XJ SOLD

    Thanks. The Cherokee was a labor of love, that facilitated my son and I spending hours wrenching together installing the lift, tranny pan, exhaust manifold, etc.
  12. TOXXIC

    1998 Cherokee XJ SOLD

    Agreed. I think Seattle is full of .com millionaires, and niche car market is strong. It is set up perfectly as a daily driver/mall princess, anything extreme or technical would require modifications. It was just too pretty for me to beat the shit out of it.
  13. TOXXIC

    1998 Cherokee XJ SOLD

    My phone and email blew up, guessing I could have got more than $6500 for the Jeep Sold my Suburban today too.