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  1. Glen's bike always looked pristine. Shame to see him sell it.
  2. Can't wait for mine to arrive!. Oh and welcome to the nuthouse, little different here than the other forum.
  3. Pretty sure a terribly painted Blackbird was featured in one of the Fast and the Furious type moves, bit focused on bikes. Sadly,if I recall it was painted brown.
  4. I certainly remember when a 27" unit was a big TV, especially when I had a color 13" TV in my first apartment and thought it was great!
  5. My old 01 XX had cats.
  6. I've always thought wood furniture on an AR is sexy. Maybe not practical but cool as hell.
  7. Thanks guys. I have a set of VFR bars sitting on the shelf waiting for an install, but the Dan Moto product has peaked my interest.
  8. Would like to hear a little more about this Dan Moto bar. Pretty cool discovery by a little Hungarian, I wasn't aware Fuzz was back on an XX!?
  9. Saw your ad on Craig'sList, looks like a nice bike you are also selling. I will let you and SLYFoXX exchange PMs. I am just up the road from you and interested as well if you guys don't get together on a deal. His bike is silver and an easy fit. My bike is white. Thanks, Tim
  10. I just got a similar one at Cycle Gear, worked perfectly to slow the rapid flash rate of the LED signals in my Mototek under tail.
  11. Love the silver carbon carbon fiber weave Migs!
  12. Where did you order the HIDs from?
  13. Have to check the shop file cabinet drawers may have a wrecked cluster from a 98 bird. Different tach gauge if you are seeking an FI unit.
  14. Gorgeous bike, good like with your sale!
  15. Hi Rick, thanks for stopping by!!