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  1. What mechanical mods? I’ve been running a 90HP tuner on a stock Duramax diesel for the last 100K miles, no disasters. Stock exhaust, only other “mechanical mod” is a cold air intake. Truck is a 2002 Chevy with the LB7.
  2. WOW! Never heard of them getting that high. Impressive! Gives me hope for my Duramax.
  3. It's the same way with wives. Good luck with the sale, sounds like the truck has been dead reliable for you. Hilarious how in the 70s and 80s everyone threw away their car when it approached 100K miles. Bet that Power Stroke hits 500K miles easily.
  4. Spokane eh? Yes we definitely need to get together soon then!
  5. I thought $150 was a deal, asking for shipping too seems like you might need more than 2 posts here to pull that off. Alan is a friend, you sir, are more of a stranger. More stranger than me sitting on my left hand and waiting for it to fall asleep.
  6. That is a pretty bike. Good eye T1, I missed the Ohlins at first glance.
  7. If it’s too loud you’re too old. Good to see you posting again my friend!!
  8. Negative. Appreciate the offer, they are yours. I believe in the open market concept and the deal going to the first guy in. I’ve been first to say yes previously.
  9. Damn it! Good deal. I bought similar ones at the Honda shop last year and my kid left them in his truck and they were stolen.
  10. Gad damn that is sexy. Always wondered what happened to the Cisco Kids! Good luck with the sale.
  11. That seemed like a good deal for a nice watch. I just bought a Tissot last night. Watches are just plain cool!!
  12. Radar detector mounting

    When I bought my XX it came with a Valentine detector and a home made mount. The prior owner welded a pedestal and plate to the OEM front brake fluid reservoir cover. He then put male velcro on the plate and female velcro on the underside of the Valentine.
  13. Going to go out on a limb and guess the brand of the red ones is Hindle?