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  1. I did! ...and I had VFR bars on a couple of my Blackbirds.
  2. Not sure if they are taller but they are WAY more adjustable...I rode one of Cal's bikes with a similar set up one time when we met up near Mt. St. Helens.
  3. Don't forget the Ford abortion year 1997 when they had 7 lug wheels and an F-150 body with F-250 component underneath.. LOL Can't make that shit up. Years ago I remember an F-150 driving by sporting F-250 badges and had to look it up. https://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/qotd-1997-ford-f-250-seven-lug-wheels-marketing-bs-or-engineering-brilliance/ https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/197222-who-has-info-on-the-97-f250-that-looks-like-an-f150-2.html
  4. Damn coat and great deal in my size. My current bikes are a Yamaha FJR1300 and a Suzuki DRZ….still tempting.
  5. FWIW, I have a new address (PO Box), and it is probably even higher now.
  6. $30 is nuts for such a small package, I will hold off…maybe someone here is down for the USPS option. I don’t trust receiving them until the sewage is cleaned out of the post office. We have a PO Box and can’t get in for who knows how long.
  7. Boomer question....how do I use them with my laptop for video meetings? I see people doing it at work? Is there a dongle that plugs into my audio port or USB port? Could be SOLD...if you don't send them USPS...I am in a running gun battle with the USPS right now. The local post office flooded (sewer backed up) and is holding my packages and mail hostage...😲 They only allow pickup in the alley between 10am and 2pm and are a disorganized cluster fuck.
  8. I still have the Apple watch I bought from Dave. Arrived minty fresh and in brand new shape. However, I don't find myself wearing it. Ironically, it sits next to my bed on the kickstand charger and it is the most expense bedside clock possible. I really like that I can lightly tap the nights stand, it turns on displays the time and then automatically shuts off. My wife thinks I am nuts, and is super annoyed by it. But she should know me by now. 😂
  9. You are the crasher? Hopefully you are doing okay!
  10. Joe just tried to casually say he wears a size 14 boot and is hung like a field Mule. 😜
  11. Wish I had smaller hands. I bought a pair of Held gloves a while back as they were a screaming deal, but like yours they were too small. Gave them away. I wonder if Trump needs any gloves? 😁
  12. It is headed to Chicago so including a heavy vest, plate carrier, mags and an AR would have likely been a better gift. Nice job on the sale Alan, that was a nice bike!
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