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  1. Nope. Magazine do not matter. Anything semi-auto. Tube fed, mag fed, doesn’t matter. So, shotguns, and any long gun with semi-auto action is an assault weapon. However, they haven’t banned them yet....just making them difficult to get. If you want a pistol you have to sign over your right to have your medical records checked.
  2. Should eat everything you feed it. I just picked up a Ruger Charger, added a KAK brace and red dot. Calling it my Chipmunk Slayer. Little known fact, effective July 1st your 10-22 is an assault weapon in Washington, requiring a 10day wait, mandatory training and host of other restrictions. Enjoy and congrats on getting reunited with an old friend.
  3. Great deal on one of the good ones. Hated my VTECH 2002 VFR800.
  4. Akra looks dented? Unless that is an imperfection in the picture? Just forward of the Carbon fiber clamp.
  5. One of the most gorgeous looking and sounding pipes for the XX.
  6. Very cool. I usually use a crushed beer can.😎
  7. I too would be a player closer. Nice bike!
  8. Does it surrender when being unbolted and throw itself on the shop floor during installation or removal?😀
  9. Interesting. Glad you posted this. Yesterday I was thinking about asking if you re-geared. I've found my rig hunting and pecking and shifting oddly. New Tires seems to be having a little effect.
  10. Great time to sell, in the dead of winter.
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