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  1. Definite interest in the Penske and I keep meaning to buy lowering pegs. Good luck with your sales, hate to hear you are selling, but it happens!
  2. Migs are awesome! Welcome back to the nuthouse. What other Farkles are you selling?
  3. Totally agree! Who rides the 250?
  4. PlastiDip looks pretty cool, plus it peels off!
  5. Throw it in the truck and bring it up here. We, um...I can pull the carb, we can clean it. You can meet my daughter and we can get drunk. Done!!!!
  6. The Barbie bike!! I had one with the pink included color scheme. Great bike. My 17 year old son lusts after a KLR650
  7. Hank, He has advertised on both sites. Here is a link to one of his ads.
  8. Happens when you use them as oars.
  9. Glad this might be sold, the temptation was making me weak.
  10. Looks like he cut speakers into the saddle bags. Interesting. Wouldn't mind test riding one just for shits and giggles.
  11. Guess Glenn sold it as the ad has been deleted.
  12. Glen's bike always looked pristine. Shame to see him sell it.
  13. Can't wait for mine to arrive!. Oh and welcome to the nuthouse, little different here than the other forum.
  14. Pretty sure a terribly painted Blackbird was featured in one of the Fast and the Furious type moves, bit focused on bikes. Sadly,if I recall it was painted brown.
  15. I certainly remember when a 27" unit was a big TV, especially when I had a color 13" TV in my first apartment and thought it was great!