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  1. “She” sounds like a racist. 😁
  2. This is correct, I meant to post it, but figured he knew. Was most apparent when I had my 2001 and 2003 bikes.
  3. I have a Sarget low seat for a 2008/2009 C14, and a stock seat. and maybe some other stuff
  4. Nice bags, Bump! What do you run on your VROD? I am wanting to explore some kind of small hard bags....
  5. That is awesome, even better it went to someone who is damn near my neighbor. I am up the hill in Bonney Lake. The Smuggler and rear sets on your new bird came from one of my prior birds.
  6. Article I just read claimed the seat is eliminated, which seems odd.
  7. I can totally see that.
  8. Sad day! Was a beautiful bike.
  9. Funds sent, and addy inbouncd via PM. Thanks Dave!
  10. Done!! I can send you funds via PayPal. Thanks Dave.
  11. Tried to google this. May be interested if you have any more info? Leather, textile? Link maybe? Thanks!
  12. Nope. Magazine do not matter. Anything semi-auto. Tube fed, mag fed, doesn’t matter. So, shotguns, and any long gun with semi-auto action is an assault weapon. However, they haven’t banned them yet....just making them difficult to get. If you want a pistol you have to sign over your right to have your medical records checked.
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