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  1. Sounds good. No no need for a special 130 mile trip. Just thought if you were back in the orifice I would send a reminder. I was cutting metal for a dryer vent the other day and can see how it is razor sharp. Damn dryer is larger than my laundry room. I've tried it all, looks like I will have to go with a side mount kit.
  2. Loving the watch. Let me know if you are in the office this month and can pick up the leather watch band.😃
  3. I am in the same boat. No reference point for Apple Music as I have never used it either. However, I added Amazon Music Unlimited and LOVE it! I hated all the commercials on Pandora, Spotify, Xirius (sp?), etc.
  4. That is a beautifully equipped bike. I ran those carbon fiber D&D pipes for a bit, loudest thing I ever experienced on a bird, other than open header blast. Some will likely say it is over priced, but that thing is packed with expensive goodies like the Smuggler and Beetle bags.
  5. This tickles me you little dwarf hand mother humpers.
  6. And Dave has small hands. LOL, I bought a pair of his gloves and it felt like a virgin on prom night!! 😃 You just have to stretch them out!
  7. Funny, I just bought a 2011 FJR1300 for $3500 with mucho mods. You boy is "Loco en la cabeza" Lots of drinks onboard.
  8. The watch arrived tonight and looked as minty fresh as the undercarriage of any of your road worth vehicles. 😃💗 Thanks man! Happy Christmas to me. The wife will likely get me sweaters, this is way better as I don't fucking wear sweaters. On another note, my son and I were in the attic last night and found some Mig Hi Mount slip ons, that had placards which read, "Ride it Like You Fucking Stole it!" It also had "CBR1100XX" engraved above it. I told Colton you had them made....that was my recollection and I am pretty sure I am right. Any chance the shop that made them is still aroun
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