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  1. Going to go out on a limb and guess the brand of the red ones is Hindle?
  2. WTB: DC Power Supply

    Interrogating terrorsts?
  3. Well done and very unique looking bird.
  4. Hurricane- not mine

    I had the same paint scheme and year. Fondly recall waxing the wheels to make the red pop!
  5. Motorcycle Maintenance Log Program

    Because the blackboard wouldn't "work"?
  6. Garage cleanout

    Thanks John, I added some beer money into the shipping for you!
  7. I have a Concours as well and find it interesting how the ST1300s seem to either hold their price better, or bring more money.....even though the Concours is a more modern machine with more displacement.
  8. Garage cleanout

    PayPal funds SENT! Thanks John.
  9. Garage cleanout

    I am in for the passenger rear sets.
  10. Thanks for checking, may have a line on an OEM set on another site.
  11. power commander

    What is exhaust system is that on your bird? Not sure I've seen that header before.
  12. Still looking. Most the ones on eBay are aluminum. Looking for OEM or steel to quiet the vibes.
  13. That is a pretty bird! There are 7 on Seattle Craigslist today, including a decked out 1999 with 12K miles for $3K. Very tempting!