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  1. I wish it was in Vancouver BC, I would be on my way!
  2. Thanks, when I saw French I just at the pictures. Is that $600 Canadian dolares? Seems like a damn good deal!
  3. Looks like an Arkra pipe/system.
  4. Cool old bike. The old school Ninjas always remind me of Top Gun when Maverick was racing along parallel to the runway.
  5. Nicely done and good idea. I owned three acres where diverted and plugged culverts upstream resulted in significant flooding of adjacent lands. There was a fair amount of beaver activity and I think bone headed human involvement by neighbors. I sold the place a little over a year ago. Loved the location near a river, but do not miss the issues with culverts, creeks and flooded fields.

    New 97xx

    Welcome to the Asylum!!
  7. Yes, like a SCAR 16!! 😄
  8. Haha, true. You only focused on the positive. Guess I must be focused on the negative.🤣
  9. Starter sounds unhappy, but choosing to start with the easy stuff!
  10. The negative terminal is brand new and clamped onto wire brush cleaned off poles. Feels like you didn’t read my whole OP. 😁 I cleaning the positive pole and inside of positive clamp. I will take apart and clean the other parts upstream up from the positive pole. Great call out. Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks for the insights, I will try a battery I have in my shop tomorrow.
  12. Forgot to add during first test drive after putting in charged battery and grounding strap It died within 200 feet of my house. I turned off the AC and it started. As I was driving it started to die so I turned off the radio and AC. Then the ABS came on and all the dash lights began to flicker. This was my first “test drive” as I acquired it without a test drive. Tranny sounded like it was whining and there was a vibration that felt like “U” joints, felt it in my ass as I drove. Here is some Infinity porn. My middle son graduates HS this year and he isn’t a douche bag between now and then I thought about giving the Infinity to him. However, he has a 1993 Cherokee XJ with a straight six, and though ugly it runs like a top.
  13. I acquired a 2002 Infinity QX4 from my neighbor Gary as it was too cheap to pass up.190K miles, V6, 3.5L. He got tired of trying to fix it. When Gary first hopped in it after it sitting for a while he thought the battery was dead. No lights on the dash, no chime nothing. When I walked up on him he was pulling the battery, and I stopped him. We put a volt meter on it and it read 12V. The battery is some no name, with a tag stating made 10/18, 700 cranking amps. I started wondering if it was a neutral safety switch, but the car would not start in neutral. Fast forward to last week. Gary called me and said he didn't want to deal with it and I acquired it. He and his wife are trying to move to the free State of Texas and the Infinity was blocking his driveway. I towed it across the street with a tow strap. When I got to start it the starter does not "jump to life", but drags and then the car starts. If I turn the AC or defrost on everything flickers, and sometimes the car dies. When running the alternator puts out 13.3V. Kind of low, but still making juice. I ordered a new grounding harness which runs from the negative battery terminal, has a 'Y' and an attachment point on the passenger's side fender. The strap continues then grounds to the right side of the engine. I cleaned on the points of contact and installed the grounding wire. Charged the battery overnight and installed it this afternoon. Car will start, hard cranking and then has all the same symptoms. Thinking of buying a new battery, but the fact it is only two years old and takes a charge gives me pause. Posting here as Furbird used to work in a Nissan shop, Oscar is an accomplished mechanic, and well this place is often a wealth of knowledge. 😃 I suspect it is some silly ground. I see evidence some critter chewed on the insulation under the hood, curious if it grabbed onto some grounding strap I may not be familiar with. Oh, Gary said the radio quit working a few years ago. Bose. Shame. Today during the test drive it worked. When I got home it quit working? A few years back our Murano was acting weird and a new battery cured it.
  14. Looks intentional. Like, "Before paint treatment on this side, after on the other side" ? 😀
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