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  1. Well look at you two quick little wheeler dealers! I can live without it. I’ll just take my cut of the commission and I’ll be on my way.
  2. I keep coming back to look at this ad. I don't think I've ever worn a large on my melon, always XL. I notice the other helmet you are selling is an XL. Does this one fit you? Is Nolan L like an XL from anyone else?
  3. Size? I've been liking the smell of Old Spice "Bearglove" for the last two sticks.
  4. Thread title had me thinking this was about Dave filling his cars. Never heard of Houdini product before, will keep an eye out for it. I like that a locksmithing product is named after an escape artist. I once bought some graphite powder lube for a sticky gas cap lock and accidentally dropped way too much in, what a mess. Key would not go into lock fully until I extracted the plug of powder at the bottom.
  5. What action/changes were involved in the "dial down"? Was it hot or cold when these changes occurred?
  6. When you can't get it to run, have you pulled the plug? Is it wet or dry?
  7. Nice tool strap! Looks tidy and and well sorted for the age/miles. GLWS if you consider parting out I'd like to put dibs on your aftermarket rear shock. I don't think you mentioned above what shock you have on it.
  8. Maybe it holds some additional fuel? He's talking 6 gallons in that write up. Actually maybe the risers are hollow and hold a gallon.
  9. Wicked good, thanks. It's too fuckin nice out today so I'm going to ride with the pussy hairs. Will R/R the pads as per your suggestions soon. Thanks
  10. Thanks hawk, good suggestions. Will keep my eyes open for z drivers. Sound handy for lots of tight jobs. Seems like I'll be removing caliper so getting at the pad pin & cover will not be tight and my silencer can stay where it is. Thanks all the same.
  11. Thanks Slappy, sometimes the truth hurts. When you say pull caliper, do you mean remove completely from bike and clean it up on the bench? Or could this be done without too much headache while removed from caliper mount but caliper still attached to brake lines? From what I read on here before I started this thread was a lot of guys having issue with air in lines after bleeding, etc.
  12. Hi, So there's maybe a pussy hair thickness of meat left on the rear pads on my bike. They don't make any foul sounds and seem to work pretty good, there's just hardly any pad left. I picked up some EBC HH's and put on my grubby clothes to swap them out when I realized that my seemingly fully extended pistons are really crudded up. I'm not wanting to push them crudded up pistons back into my caliper and risk fuckin up the seals and/or introducing crud to the system. What's the best way to clean such pistons? I sprayed with brake cleaner and scrubbed with an old toothbrush but have limited access (rear wheel still on, caliper still on bike). Any tricks to get pin cap and pin out without removing left exhaust silencer? I don't think I have any screw drivers small enough to get in there as is and was hoping to not have to remove silencer for risk of fucking up seals. thanks
  13. Thanks lads, I'm really lichen these plant suggestions and will be sticking some in my nemesis.
  14. Any suggestions? I hate mowing the fucking hills and would prefer some low maintenance semi attractive ( read semi very loosely) vegetation or otherwise. Obviously I'm in Nova Scotia so something with big enough balls to survive winter is required. Fuck mowing hills.
  15. Is anyone still using this or are others using something else these days? I've always used an excel file then an app that went dead, but am now exploring other options to track/log maintenance schedule items. Oh, above link is dead but I think I found the same program here: http://touringmotorcyclists.com/tech_tips/download.html but M$ is warning me the .exe is scary.
  16. As per the title, looking for some stock signals rear that I can hack and mod for use with wing rack. Let me know what you got, how much you looking for them. I have an American address things can be shipped to. Thanks
  17. Hi, So in a moment of 3 beer haze stupidity I thought it would be a good idea to use metal polish on my gas cap cover, not realizing it was painted to appear to have metallic finish. I realize there is no turning back now and that I'll have to strip/polish the whole cap now. Do do I need to apply a clear coat or anything else when I'm done? I've never metal polished anything with a finish before. Thanks
  18. Wow, crap I totally missed this thread. Good deal. What are you using now DK? SCB, lemme know if the trayvax doesn't work out for you ...
  19. Well I have two places that I'd like to work on. Location A) our existing gravel driveway. The city came and did some work on the road in front of our place a few years ago. This involved them ripping up the curb and asphalt in front then replacing it. When they were replacing the curb I asked them to make the curb defining my existing driveway wider making it easier for us to park side by side. They did so gladly. Since the outer side of the existing gravel driveway has deteriorated as expected to a muddy mess in spring & fall. In this situation I'd like to widen the length of our driveway properly by about 4 extra feet, maybe more. Location B top of yard. The curb to street is cut for a driveway here but it's been grass/lawn since we've been in the house (~15 years). According to neighbors, the POs parked a motorhome up there seasonally. You'd never be able to tell though, no gravel, no tire ruts, nada. This top part of the yard can me mushy/wet in spring & fall. There is tree cover from neighbors trees which keeps it shaded from sun most of the time. When you say "getting the chosen path graded and crowned,' what sort of company should I be looking for to do such type of work? Excavation company? Landscaping company? I have no equipment, but can/will explore rental options. Not afraid of elbow grease. A friend of my bro's owns a dump truck so I figure he has some connections I can leverage but have not hit him up yet and I don't really know what he does with his dump truck business-wise. When is the best time of year to aim to do such work? Thanks for info, I'll get some measurements for the areas I'm considering soon.
  20. Looking to add one to our small, slightly hilly/sloped property this spring. Any of you guys done this? All pointers, experiences, suggestions, resources appreciated.
  21. Hi, Where is the most likely culprit for clutch fluid loss? Level through reservoir sight window noticeably down after several rides. Second time I've noticed this. Bike is stored inside and there's never been a drop under it. Does not seem visibly wet anywhere clutch-ish. I realize the volumes involved are very small. Thanks
  22. Thanks all. He's planning to wash the inside of the frame out at a coin op car wash, then run kerosene through it repeatedly until no sand is coming out, then flush cheap oil through it to get rid of the kerosene. Local vintage triumph guru is heavily recommending against adding any sort of in-line filter. Says the slightest restrictions have caused catastrophic failures in the past.
  23. So my brother is restoring a '70s Triumph he bought in boxes. The unknown PO had the frame sandblasted and painted, but there is still sand evident in the frame. This is an oil-in-frame bike with only slinger filtration so any residual sand is going to knocker the engine. What's the best way to clean out this frame and get rid of the sand? Shop vac? Flush with kerosene some how? Something better? thanks
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