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  1. Hmmm, thanks. I'll aim to narrow down on where this is happening ... and I'll look into eating some cookies. thx!
  2. Hi I need my .org fix all the time. On closer look it appears to be normal when I click to the .org on my MBA every time. I have to re-log in when I click the .org on my iPad (the one I bought from you) and my iPhone (14+). It would seem it is just me and my cookies. I’ve never been much of a baker. Maybe it’s Apple trying to save me from myself. I’ll see if I pour some milk and try to poke around my cookies. Thanks for all you do SwAImpnut!
  3. Is this still happening for others? It seemed to get better for a bit but it’s been back for me for awhile again. It might be happening if/when I switch devices but I’m not sure about that.
  4. Nice MBP, glws! What 4gig windows things are you talking about?
  5. Good call, I'll pop things' cherry with some beans. Seems slick that you can do the onions and sautéing in the same pot.
  6. Hi, So we broke our 6 quart slow cooker near Christmas and bought a similarly sized Instant Pot as a replacement. We have yet to fire it up. What are some of your favourite things to cook in your Instant Pot? I'm wanting to give it a whirl and have a few ideas but hoping we can talk about healthy Instant Pot recipes in this thread.
  7. Thanks. Where does one go to find this dark style sheet to apply it to their account?
  8. I forgot all about this and it looks like I may have missed a near successful russian ransomware attack. I brought this up as the .org is the the only forum I peruse that has the white background only. Makes for bright middle of the night surfing. How about this dark mode one to try ... https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9700-bravo-6-dark-theme-for-47/ ? Thanks
  9. Hi, Do any of these exist for a forum user to fiddle with? I can't seem to find in settings, but I'm not always the best to find such things. Thanks
  10. We had a storm about a month ago (hurricane Fiona) and in anticipation I stocked up on canned foods including a flat of Highbury Black Beans from Costco. I cracked the flat on Friday night and mixed a can in with some leftover taco meat and salsa ad ate with nachos and a spoon. So good. Yesterday I mixed a can in with a can of corn and some salsa and leftover basmatti rice. Delicious. Farts have been a tad more than normal but nothing outrageous. I just drained those cans, no rinse or anything else. I have been eating steel cut oats daily for over a month now so perhaps my farts are adjusted by the oats and thus the bean farts have had less impact.
  11. Resmed Airsense 10 over here. Nasal pillows and heated tube with humidifier. I love it. I’ve never tried a mask and I was definitely a mouth breather going into this but I’ve had no issue. My nostrils seem perpetually clogged, be it from plant bloom season, dusty rooms, sunny days, cats, etc. In other words pretty much all the time. The only time they are not sort of clogged and are very clear is when I’m using CPAP, cold winter days too. When I have a cold and my nose is completely blocked I look forward to bedtime when I can have that warm moist CPAP air pumping up my schnoz. It might take a minute or two but it clears out my nose and sinuses like a dream. In typical male denial, I did not think I had a problem with sleeping and snoring but I went to a local clinic to appease my wife. CPAP has been life-changing for me for sure. For her too, she immediately started getting better quality sleep. In a couple of years I’ve had it I’ve only missed a single night and that was because I was passed out drunk on a buddies couch. One thing I might throw out there as well is that I think CPAP machines are hard to come by these days. They were two major suppliers, Resmed and Phillips, and Phillips had a large recall. In combination with supply chain issues we see these days I’ve heard that new machines are like hens teeth. The machine they got you to test in house may have been of questionable quality perhaps.
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