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  1. Oh and the time warp from my iPad 4 to this 2nd gen Pro is impressive! It's buttery smooth, tiny bezels and much quicker, but where's the home button? <jk>
  2. iPad arrived today. Excellent condition, nice case/og box & accessories/packed nicely, thanks Carlos! I held my iPhone near it like it asked as my old iPad is too old to transfer, and my deets went to the new iPad seemingly fine. Then it did an os update and now I think it's restoring from an icloud backup of mt iPhone. Seems like any inter-country drama is non-existant thankfully. Woo! Thanks
  3. I pulled some back muscles early on during the pandemic putting on my fucking socks on a Monday morning. I realized that I had been a self quarantining couch potato the whole weekend and that likely contributed/caused my pulled back. After recovering from that I made a point to walk around the block at work on my lunch breaks. Did that for a year then my role changed a bit and I lost some flexibility to get my walks in. I found they gave me a reset mentally for the afternoon, very refreshing. I had been using some cheapo Panasonic wired in ear monitors then upped my game with some BT Jabra Elite 75s but have opted lately for some older open Sennheiser PX 100i headphones. I like being able to hear whats going on around (behind) me to some extent and the iems were seeming to isolating. Never know when I'm going to have to go all kung fu in the hood with my birkenstocks on.
  4. I just called Apple Support and talked to Britney who sounded like someone from Alabama. She looked at a few things on her end and doesn't think there will be any issues. If it was a cellular model there might be issues but where it's wifi only and if wiped/factory reset before it gets to me all should be good. Thanks for call out all the same.
  5. Thanks JoWhee, that never would have crossed my mind. Was the one you bought wifi or cellular? I think Carlos already has this one on the way to me ... I see what I can find out.
  6. Hi, Inspired by someone in the Weight Loss thread saying they walk 30 miles a week (Dave I think) ... got me thinking about walking. I walk my dog but other than that I do not often purposefully go for a walk. In fact, when I've found myself in-between dogs I recall wanting to go for a walk but feeling odd about in having no dog/reason to go for a walk. That's just something odd in my head. Our bodies have evolved to be great long distance walking machines. When I've been stuck behind a desk for too long and I go for a walk I can absolutely feel my body getting back to a more natural state, my back cracks, my posture improves, etc. I'm not really sure how beneficial leisurely walking is. I'd guess there is some slight cardio benefit but calorie burning is minimal. I do find walking clears my head (especially so in the woods) and I sleep better on days that I'm able to get some walking in. There's some Japanese challenge that became an unofficail health thing to walk 10000 steps a day, can't hurt, right? Shorts/sunglasses, comfy shoes/sandals, iPod with good tunes, cannabis vape pen (optional), a dog/wife/kid and an hour and I'm good to go. All seasons. Morning, lunch break, evening ... all good. City, woods, beach ... all good. Do you walk? What is your walking routine, goal? Favourite walking footwear? In this thread, let's talk the walk.
  7. PM'd, thanks. Stoked to jump up from and iPad 4 to this one. A6X to A12Z, 2012 tech to 2020 tech. If my math is right that's like ditching my wife and dating a 25 year old instead ... I do shutter to think what sort of wtf images it has displayed to date in it's life so far (no offence) but I'll give it a run for it's money too ... heh
  8. Hi Swampy, Is this still for sale? And if so how do you feel about shipping to Canada? Just inquiring at this stage ...
  9. Necro-bump I recently started having what I would say are similar problems to above (inability to post replies - no window to type a reply) but clearing history in iPad Safari did not resolve. My bedside media consumption iPad is an iPad 4. I realize the thing was released about a decade ago and it's capped/max'd to iOS 10.3.4 .... I'm thinking there has been an update to the forum recently that no longer supports devices on older iOS's. I'm likely the only one rocking such an old iPad (run it into the ground!) that has this issue but I thought I'd throw up the flag all the same.
  10. The quesadillas admittedly are likely sacrilege. I checked with my wife and she is making some healthy version of them she got out of a cookbook we have called LooneySpoons. This looks to be the recipe: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/chicken-case-a-dee-ahhs-1267629 Yield 24 Wedges Ingredients 1 cup canned chickpeas, drained, rinsed & mashed 1/2 cup low-fat sour cream 1/2 cup salsa 1 large clove garlic, minced 8 - 7" flour tortillas 2 teaspoons vegtable oil 1 chicken breast half, cooked & shredded 1/4 cup finely chopped red pepper 1/4 cup chopped green onions 1 TBSP chopped fresh cilantro/coriander 1 cup shredded reduced fat Monterey Jack Cheese Preparation Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine mashed chickpeas, 2 TBSP Sour Cream, 2 TBSP Salsa & garlic in a small bowl. Mix Well & set aside. Brush one side of each tortilla with oil. Arrange 4 tortilla's, oil side down, on a baking sheet. Spread 1/4 chickpea mixture over each tortilla, leaveing a 1/2" border. Combine shredded chicken, red pepper, green onions, & cilantra in a small bowl. Spread 1/4 chicken mixture over the chickpeas, followed by 1/4 cheese. Cover remaining tortillas, oil side up. Bake for 8-10mn, until tortillas are a light golden brown, remove from oven, Let cool 5 mn before cutting. Cut each quesadilla into 6 wedges. Serve with remaining sour cream & salsa. Variations: you can leave out the cilantra. You can roll them to make an enchilada type dish as well. You can leave the oil out as well if you need to. I would have guessed garbanzo and chickpea were the same bean. Will try the bean, corn and sauce wrap. Thanks. I'm guessing there will be Farts. Salt intake is a whole other thread, one thing at a time for me.
  11. We don’t seem to eat much of anything that comes in cans. I’m taking it you are not talking about the kinds of canned beans I’d be thinking about; beans in tomato sauce or beans with pork. What kinds of canned beans are you rocking? My wife does buy canned black/kidney beans for making chili. And the odd can of chick peas for making quesadillas… Beans are the magical fruit …
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