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  1. You don't' remember when busas were catching fire left and right? I don't remember what caused it though. I crashed a busa party and two of about ten bikes there had fire damage.
  2. Moriah's Ruger SR22 is finicky, and each mag (all genuine) vary in what they like. It sucks. Great gun otherwise. The old Mark II and the S&W eat anything, to where I've dumped boxes of random shit in the mag loader and it just doesn't matter. Oh yeah, did I post about the Mark II/III/IV mag loader? Magical.
  3. No, not a problem. No idea what to expect. Still looking forward to it.
  4. I think he's just trying to criticize the marketing/site for Cyclops, not actually get an answer.
  5. If you don't know why you would want to buy LEDs, you're not qualified to buy them.
  6. As in showing the beam patterns? Or...???
  7. Is the beam pattern the same tight, flat pattern as a real bulb?
  8. Right, so it's just an audio connection you could use with anything.
  9. I can't tell you what you "should" do, but I haven't used a dedicated GPS on a bike in a very long time. It takes too much work to use, no voice control, etc. How is a helmet hardwired for some specific device? It's just audio.
  10. SwampNut


  11. I won't be anywhere on the bike for at least until the weekend, but will take some pic next time I ride. It won't be as interesting as above.
  12. As zero said, the rear brake now seems to be operating normally, though you can't be sure unless you ride it or find a way to compress that cylinder and test it. For the crazy signals my first go-to is grounding when I see odd behavior. Most often that's it. Since I haven't worked on a XX in a long time though, I can't recall any specific places to look. Possibly within the turn signal switch itself. Or possibly at the end of the cable coming from the switch.
  13. The Z4. I think it might be for the performance models, I know my friend with a sedan hasn't been doing that and I haven't heard of any warnings from the computer. It's a 35 also, but not an M-sport. Either way, for $80 every two years, that's an easy choice. The Z4 may be a little harder to get under than an Explorer.
  14. Then it will be on its way to you tomorrow!
  15. I sold my SKS and just found this. Pay for shipping which will probably be about $7 because it's so heavy. A priority mail flat box should do it. This is all surely cheap crap, like all SKS stuff. I have no recollection of where I got it or how much it cost.
  16. DOT 5.1 seems ideal, if it's on the shelf and not a crazy price. Otherwise, we've all done fine with DOT 4. The BMW specifies a change every two years, and I have a shop do it since bleeding through the ABS and traction control system is reportedly a huge change. $80 and they use DOT 4. Being slightly compressible, they'd probably hate to lose the brake feel.
  17. DOT 5 or 5.1? Because seeing 5 on a store shelf seems very odd. DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 are all glycol-based fluids that can intermix and work in the same systems. DOT 5 is silicon-based and changing to it is a very involved process. DOT 5 has a very high boiling point (close to the same as 5.1) and is not hygroscopic. DOT 5 is semi-compressible and can cause a softer, less defined feel for the brakes. Funny you call it orange fluid, because truly orange hydraulic fluid is LHS/LHM type, and used for some active suspensions as well as some unique brake applications. It's totally hydrophobic, but has a lower boiling point. There were also some other issues and I can't remember why it's no longer used. A relative, straight mineral oil, is used on bicycles for brakes.
  18. Yeah, Moriah has one. The huge shield is nice, as is the open feature. It would never be my everyday, but would like it as a short trip option.
  19. Damn, too small for me. I've considered one of those open helmets for short jaunts around the local area for errands. As opposed to saying fuck it and wearing nothing. Great deal.
  20. My original Watch was in really nice shape when I upgraded. I was really paranoid about it, and was super careful. The second was scratched up in weeks and looked like hell when I sold it. Current one is pristine even three months into it. WTF? I don't think I've changed anything. I still take it off only to sleep, not to work on cars, or anything else I do.
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