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  1. In series, it will crank much faster.
  2. Not at all. The downside is that they probably suck as mats. The upside is I can make one easily and try it.
  3. I'm looking at a spare sheet of diamond plate in the back yard, and I have a plasma cutter...hmmm... Thanks, I might talk to him.
  4. Yeah, pretty cool. Would probably be nice in a jeep. Any idea if he puts in the "buttons" to mate with the OEM snap-in pins? I'd never use loose mats.
  5. I use the bacon flavored cheez wiz as sex lube, because the frogs like it. Or was that frog flavored, because the pigs like it?
  6. Nothing? Come on, that's blinker fluid.
  7. Tuf-Glide is phenomenal for knives, keys/locks, and small things like that. Doesn't leave any shit behind. It's very expensive, but you use so little of it. 3inOne dry lock lube is great for cleaning, as it sprays a lot with good force, and is cheap.
  8. I'm pretty sure what that needs is just a little Visine squirted into it.
  9. FYI, I don't find 70% any more (which still isn't mostly water). Everything I find on the shelves now is 91%.
  10. +1, thought that would be obvious but maybe not. The only tool I'd consider in there is a soft nylon brush like a toothbrush, and nowhere near seals.
  11. This will sound crazy, but...clean brake fluid.
  12. My scratched to shit S3 sold on ebay for $176 plus shipping. So the broken one still has some value. Pristine ones go for $200 and brand new S3s are $250.
  13. The logic tells me that scratching the case is easier, and just as annoying. So let me know in a few months if you think about it.
  14. Is the screen still as smooth and slippery as glass? I mostly would rather just have the wear, the effect on resale value seems to be tiny--$30 or so.
  15. Since you brought this up again.... HOLY SHIT THAT SCREEN! It's just fucking amazing. So much more space and info on it, yet it's more clear and larger too. I still look at the screen and get distracted by how fantastic it looks. I really like the Apple fabric Sport Loop. The best thing a watch can do for me is be light and not noticeable, that does the best job. The Amazon $12 clone of that band was good, but the Apple one is certainly better.
  16. SwampNut

    Chain reaction

    I suppose the uncanny correlations "prove" horoscopes are real? What I know of scorpio is killers and hotheads who throw things.
  17. SwampNut

    Chain reaction

    Feb 18, 2019 - Today you might need to run some errands, Scorpio, but they might prove difficult for a number of reasons. The errands could be personal or business related. Communication may be temporarily blocked. Messages may not be delivered or you could be playing phone tag. On days like this, you need to make a special effort to keep cool. Nothing is so important that you have to drive yourself crazy.
  18. SwampNut

    Chain reaction

    Ahahahahah!! A horoscope believer. You can't make up shit this funny.
  19. Found it at a neighbor's house. What a huge upgrade. At least as big a leap as my move from a 0 to a 2. That screen! And the speaker is so much clearer and louder (the other one was already good enough for real speakerphone use). Haptics are clearer, and the crown is much better, again. The official Apple cloth loop is definitely a little better than the $12 Chinese one, although if I were paying, I still wouldn't drop $50 on the Apple version. But I'm glad I got it for nothing. I wish someone here would have recommended that I upgrade.
  20. The pin is now inside a house, and hasn’t moved in five minutes. I wonder if my neighbor abducted him.
  21. Is it an addiction if I refresh this page every five seconds?
  22. Fuck you, BTW. Amazon had it with the sport loop band at the same price as the shitty rubber one, minus a $5 discount, minus the 5% for using the Amazon Prime card...
  23. Sam's had a great deal for a while, but it's sold out. What's your broken one worth on eBay? There's always a buyer. Mine will probably get $200, scratched up but not broken.
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