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  1. Funny, I had the same thing going. Lots of leg work and street hockey in high school, but nothing up top. I could leg press 700 and couldn't lift the bar on the bench.
  2. It's mostly assembled. It's fucking amazing. Over-built in every way, down to the motor cover being stout and not flappy sheet metal. I got the router fence (ridiculously stout and adjustable) to within less than a 1000th out of alignment. I need more meth to do better.
  3. They can have my syringes when they pry them from my cold dead thigh.
  4. The pharma protection racket is ramping up. The media, which derives billions in ad dollars, and the FDA which exists imply to protect the largest interests in medicine, are starting to spread fear and hype about alternative sources for these miracle drugs. Everything from "they could be mis-dosed (true) to "and could even contain fentanyl" (absolutely no and that's so fucking retarded). The FDA said they will "crack down" on this, but of course, had no plan because they pretty much can't, other than spreading fear. They even tried to hint that users could be prosecuted for buying it, which is absolutely false. This is not scheduled, it's not illegal to possess. The seller could be violating the law, not the user. Fuck them, and this makes me even more motivated to spread the word.
  5. The Hornady is really impressive, particularly being a simple do-all spray. It makes me well used Moisin bolt run smoothly and stop binding.
  6. When I was towing a lot, and when I had a tri-ball, I had these plastic covers that would slip over the balls. Keeps them clean, keeps the grease from getting on you. I mean, I'd still bust a shin on it, but at least it wouldn't have grease in the cut.
  7. We get plenty of those, if you mean California democrats. How did that become a term for an annoying woman? The animals seem just fine to me, and kinda cute. Also, an anteater sounds like a cool pet.
  8. Damn. I totally missed the opportunity to say "Crisco!"
  9. It's standard for sedans. The controller is in the "pocket" behind the left tail light, and the trailer cord sits in the sub-trunk. You pull it out to use it, adjust the length, close the trunk. The lube is Permatex silver anti-sieze. I was going to go with copper for extra bling, but forgot. I've had several balls get damaged by running dry, though it was with much more weight.
  10. It's slightly high with no load. I'm going to remove the tailgate to see if it helps with airflow. I'm seeing 380 watts/mile at 72 and the normal is 280. 75k battery. Also, lowering the hitch will mean the trailer is always going downhill so it will save some mileage.
  11. Probably 19.25, and I have the option to drop it 2" if it makes more sense. I'll see and adjust when I get there. U-Haul has a spec on their site, I think it was 18.5. The contraption is ugly, but seems solid enough. They rated it for 5k, I'll be putting less than 2k on it. The hitch itself is a big-ass piece of metal bolted to the "frame" of the car. Not worried at all. Imagine this on a Plaid and you step on it. With a travel trailer, you'd just leave the shell sitting on the ground like a cartoon.
  12. I was going to just try my router's built-in adjuster base, it was "free" and all that. It can be adjusted in 1/64th-ish with a repeatable precision of, well, who knows. Maybe it won't tear up the wood and/or shoot it at your face. It's cast aluminum with plastic adjuster threads. But there was a sale, you see...
  13. Early arrival. It seems a shame to hide that machining below the table. This is a high-precision router motor lift/adjuster. It can be adjusted at 1/512" increments and can reliably repeat 1/256 precision.
  14. They can have my saw when they pry it from my cold nubby fingers.
  15. Just the router table top itself is 112 pounds. The main saw cabinet with top is 518. These peoples' motto is "when good enough isn't enough." Add in the extension tables, and other accessories. I'm going to break it down to the main cabinet only while on the trailer, and have five people scheduled to help unload it. My old one was "only" 500-ish total, with everything.
  16. New table saw and router table combo on a U-Haul 5x8 trailer. Estimated around 700-800 pounds for the saw, and a little more for the trailer.
  17. Yeah, I was also considering bolts for the up/down holes if it's annoying. I have an anti-wobble/slop plate for the actual receiver connection, somewhere around here. Either way though, I'm confident that my trip this Friday with the trailer won't be terrible. Now, how often will I need to charge in 370 miles, and for how long... Worst cas.........
  18. It was funny, the guy at U-haul did not look like he would know anything. Very preppy/Chad, very nice clothing, and when I mentioned the angle thing he started to say the same thing you did. When he saw the look on my face, he said he was kidding. He'd figured out I knew better and could take a joke. He was shockingly knowledgeable. They had four in stock, $45 minus 25% coupon. I sprung for the $2 light tester, even though I'd tested with a meter, just for the hell of it. No fires, lights work. I held my breath when I connected to this supposed 12v (not 400v) terminal.
  19. I don't know if there are variables with other brands, but the long-shank versions that U-Haul had on hand were only maybe 1" higher. I really think I need a 9" rise (according to the online calculators) but was settling for 8. While I'd rather just have a solid one, for no reason I can actually verbalize, I think I will take Joe's advice and just go try HF in person today.
  20. That's what you do, and it's why I made this post. An adapter with a 10" drop has about an 8.25 rise. So when people said yes they had an 8" rise, they actually had an 8" drop. They assumed that meant 8" rise too. No, that's about 6.25 or 6.5, ish. I tested a 6.25 rise and the trailer was canted down quite a bit.
  21. That's my backup plan if the other one doesn't work out for some reason. The HF store, when called, said it's in the system and they cannot put their hands on it, no idea why.
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