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  1. I'm not home, and don't recall exactly. Pretty sure a mity-vac and I'm guessing $40. Standard bleed screws.
  2. I just used a pump, and it was a pretty decent one. Not sure what problem you're having with it. I only bled them once I think. When Galfer used my bike to model their lines on, they used a big electric pump that made fast work of it.
  3. One of the things I really hated about my last XX is that it was delinked. Nothing about it felt right.
  4. Yup, if you choose to eat junk food, that's a really tasty one.
  5. Things could be worse. It was so warm in the house a few days ago we almost had to run the AC. And now I'm in FL where it's perfect outside, but they AC the house to 68 and I'm wearing a jacket indoors.
  6. If you are up for wiring it... http://senasys.com/thermostat-switches Just buy something at like 90 degrees and attach is to the radiator.
  7. A tiny amount of CO is very bad, period. An increase of CO2 and decrease of O2 is bad, but not deadly or quick, without you feeling it. Our bodies have no clue how much oxygen they get, which is why you die almost instantly in an inert gas atmosphere, without feeling it. We detect CO2, so if it gets high, you will feel like you're suffocating in your own house. Unvented indoor heat will deplete oxygen eventually without some exchange to the outside. I have no idea what the practical way to do this is, just adding the biology of it.
  8. Really? I've never seen one, and google doesn't find any.
  9. Both links are to the same product. Probably user error.
  10. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/cbgnaw011297/ https://www.amazon.com/3M-Indoor-Window-Insulator-5-Window/dp/B00002NCJI
  11. That's my point, the packages tell you to over-do it by far. The microwave guy is a retard.
  12. You don't get to be the most ignored person on a forum without some effort, but he's still stuck at second place.
  13. Depends on humidity, and yes, correct on the lube. The subframe is steel and takes some bolts, no?
  14. Thanks, but unfortunately that puts him in the same place he's now, about 10-12 year old machine and likely not able of much more. If you want to ship it to me to be wiped, I'm happy to do it. If it won't power up (big chance of that) the drive can be removed. Oscar lives with a guy who shreds drives, you could run it by him.
  15. This has been brewing in my head for years. Shit, can't even remember how many. But when did microwave re-heat times change from pretty rational to core of the sun levels, and why? Just as microwaves all got better, recommended heating times also went way up. I cut all of them by a lot, and still too hot most of the time. Today's example is a tofu rice sriracha bowl. Cook for 5 minutes on high, stir, cook for 2 more. I did 333, stirred, then did 111. FUCKING LAVA!
  16. For someone who can't really afford to replace his very aged iMac. He has basic needs for web and email, some photos, but they are coming from an old iPhone so nothing major, no video. I'll be paying for it and setting it up for him. Not looking to steal something but if you have a few years old Mac Mini in a closet for a few hundred...I'm your man.
  17. +1 Also, everything you get from Dave is like a retail box.
  18. Nope, I've never paid twenty bucks to have a garbanzo on my face. That recipe reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg joke. It's basically a normal junk food chicken quesadilla, but some beans added.
  19. If there are good Canadian beers, they never make it past the border. I mean, compared to swill like Budweiser, everyday Canadian beer is great. But I have yet to find any exceptional Canadian beers and I've tried (compared to today's great microbrews and craft).
  20. And now I'm motivated to make beans for tonight. This is the correct number of jalapeƱos for one pound right?
  21. I eat both plain canned beans and beans I make myself. I expressed it in measurements of number of cans because it varies, and because "can of beans" is a logical measure everyone gets. I buy no-salt pure beans or the ultra low sodium variety. Most canned products are super salty, and the chili and other pre-seasoned beans are ludicrous. Some cans have over the RDA of sodium for a single can. Even the typical "low" sodium cans are excessive. The Safeway "O Organics" and Whole Foods 365 brands are super low, under 400g per can. Your typical name brand can is over 1500g! Wait wut??? Chickpeas = hummus, how is this related to a quesadilla? Also, do you know the difference between a garbanzo and a chickpea? Hummus, when made without oil, is real food and packed full of fiber. But if you're not careful, one can has nearly the target amount of sodium for the day. Another super fast real food meal... Can of unsalted black beans, and a can of unsalted corn or equivalent in frozen corn. Microwave, top with sauce, eat. Most sauces have quite a bit of salt, but potassium chloride is my go-to salt without sodium as needed.
  22. Absolutely true. We eat way more protein than needed/good, way less fiber, way more sodium. I believe the statistic is that over 90% of people are fiber-deficient. I counted my intake for a bit, but it is super easy to get plenty of fiber if you stop eating the normal junk American diet. A typical hand-sized avocado (size marked "large" in most stores, which is a lie) contains over 10 grams. That's close to a third of the RDA. I eat at least five of them per week. I have at least six cans of beans per week, but usually more like ten. One can is about the recommended daily amount. Done. A typical easy lunch for me is two flax seed and whole wheat tortillas with 1/3 can of beans each, half avocado each, and some sauce or chiles. I'm at the RDA in one meal. When I was counting I was always hitting well over 50g/day, and the RDA for someone in my size/weight range is around 35. Dave's fiber supplement is a reasonable thing, but also needs to be weighed against two things. It only has 10% of the RDA, and it has 100 calories that are mostly from sugar. It's convenient, but far from ideal on a purely nutritional scale. Moriah found some that are slightly better, be using monk fruit as a sweetener which has a very low glycemic index and total carb count. They are also more decadent, with a creamy Nutella-like filling. In any case, I would consider all of these processed options as convenience, and just a crutch for not eating well to begin with. I travel with some, and some bars, for the necessary convenience when I can't eat as well. There is pretty good evidence that natural, unprocessed fiber sources are more useful to the body than processed sources.
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