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  1. I apologize in advance if this has been answered in a previous thread, but I couldn't find it. It seems that the alternator output for the 97 bird is 390 watts. What I don't know is what stock load on the electrical system is. I'm getting heated gear and don't want to overload the alternator. Anyone with full gear have any experience?
  2. Do you still have your stock pipes on? The move to slipons cured my flat spot. Made it noisy as hell tho... Yeah, still have the stock cans. I don't have any particular interest in changing them out either, but if you also had the flat spot that resolved itself with new cans, I think it pretty much means a re-jet if I want to keep stock cans.
  3. I have a carbed bird and just changed out the OEM filter with a K&N and noticed I have more torque but there's definitely a very pronounced flat spot around 5500. I'm curious if the increased airflow on the carbed models require a re-jet.
  4. Since a significant number of you have replaced your stock cans with something aftermarket, I was hoping at least one of you might still have your old cans (so to speak) laying around for sale. My recent lay-down has me searching for a left side stock can.
  5. What year is you're bird? My '97 would clunk alot through 2nd, but I never had any issue with it. As I got to know where to shift it was quieter. My '01 has less clunking, but more whining through 3rd. Go figure. What ever, it's still not missing any gears or falling out, so no worries IMO. I suggest slap some nice clutch-up 2nd's and break that damn thing in. The Honda tranny is very strong. As well as the clutch. That may smooth things out for you. My 2 cents. -Obbs It's a 97 also. It shifts very smooth 1st-6th, it's just the shift from neutral to 1st. I've owned several bikes and they've always shifted very smooth into first. I'm not terribly concerned.
  6. When I shift into first from neutral, there is a significant "clunk" as shifts. I bought the bike 3 years ago and it had 11k on it and hasn't improved/deteriorated since. I also changed the oil to mobil 1 synthetic, hoping it would help/eliminate the phenomena. I figure it's probably normal for this model, but I keep hearing others on the board talk about how smooth thier bikes shifts so now I'm starting to wonder. Is this normal, or should I be concerned?
  7. Tell the midget inside to stop whistling and get to work.
  8. 20 mpg :shock: I can only imagine you're figuring your mileage wrong or...you're driving everywhere in first gear. Hell, you should be getting close to 30 mpg even if you were constantly ripping up the pavement. I have a carbed bird and still consistantly get 37 mpg. Make sure you reset your odometer (I ALWAYS do) and take an acurate reading when you fill up. If your bird is running smoothly, you should be averaging 35-37 mpg for combined riding and around 42-44 on the highway.
  9. Not really tweaking, but I did a K&N (Dynojet) kit on my bike, and now it has a MONSTER midrange. You know that power that comes on at 6-7K rpm? Now it hits more at 4-5K, with no flat spot. This is how they should have come from the factory! Did you just do the jet and filter replacemnet, or would I have to go after-market cans too?
  10. Is there any carb tweaking that might help reduce/eliminate the infamous 6-7k flat spot?
  11. I agree. That's the FIRST thing I'd check.
  12. Had a close call last night that definitely excercised my sphincter muscle. There I was, riding down one of the twisties on the way home at dusk. I enter one of the sharper curves in the road that is somewhat blind due to the long grass on the shoulder (drop-off) and dense woods just outside that. About half way through the curve a huge f'n deer lies dead, virtually blocking the entire lane. To make things worse, there's a truck in the oncoming lane. In a rare coincidence of common sense and courtesy, the oncoming truck obviously sees the impending conflict, hits the brakes and pulls right as much as possible, giving me enough room to miss the head and dive back into the lane. Afterwards, I stopped and helped the other driver clear the deer from the road. He must have thought I looked odd, walking over with the seat sucked up my arse.
  13. I am also fairly new to LBS. One thing I did when I first got the 'bird was to actually see what controls what. After reading this thread, I'm concerned something might be malfunctioning with mine. According to all posts I've read, both brake levers control their respective brake and a proportion of the other brake. I put my 'bird on the center-stand and actuated the rear brake pedal and both brakes applied. However, when I actuated the front brake, only the front brake applied. No matter how tightly I squeezed, the rear spun freely. I have a '97, so is the LBS on that year different, or is something wrong with mine.
  14. Got mine completely stock with 10k miles and not a scratch...$5000
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