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Supplements 15 min prior to meal to help reduce Blood sugar spike and duration.

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I'm gonna go with the bullshit flag on this as far as having such a huge impact.  Studies have always shown berberine to have a subtle improvement in AMPK activation, which would explain the reduce shock load.  But not one has ever shown a HUGE improvement.  That said, I don't think any have combined it with ACV, though I'm trying to find some.


But, it's cheap and nearly zero risk to try...


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He posts a lot of videos combining fat or more protein to reduce the glucose gain by eating a high carb meal.  His results seem to be validated with his meter and combination testing.

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Fat+carbs is the deadliest combo in the long run.  It's absolutely true that fat will slow the carb absorption.  Dr Gregor and others have done presentations on this.  And pretty sure I posted a podcast link about it before.





High-fat diets, especially those high in saturated fats, can worsen insulin resistance and negatively impact diabetes management. The key points are:
Impact of High-Fat Diets on Insulin Resistance in Diabetics
Studies show that high-fat, high-saturated fat diets decrease insulin sensitivity and increase insulin resistance in overweight/obese individuals. This can contribute to the development or worsening of type 2 diabetes.
The negative effects of high-fat diets on insulin sensitivity appear to be driven more by the high proportion of fat, especially saturated fat, rather than just excess calories. High-fat diets impair insulin's ability to stimulate glucose uptake in muscle compared to isocaloric low-fat diets.
Saturated fatty acids have been shown to directly induce insulin resistance by inhibiting insulin signaling pathways in cells and promoting accumulation of metabolites like diacylglycerides and ceramides that impair insulin action.
Switching from a high-fat to a lower-fat diet can rapidly improve insulin sensitivity in obese individuals, even without weight loss. This suggests the detrimental effects of dietary fat on insulin action are reversible.
For diabetics, reducing saturated fat intake and replacing it with unsaturated fats may help improve glycemic control and insulin sensitivity compared to a diet very high in saturated fats.
In summary, the evidence indicates high-fat diets, particularly those rich in saturated fats, promote insulin resistance and can worsen glycemic control in diabetics. Moderating fat intake, especially saturated sources, is recommended for better diabetes management.

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1 hour ago, SwampNut said:


I wasn't suggesting a high fat diet, but the insight of combining healthy fats and proteins with real effect of reducing glycmic spike and duration when eating a meal.  His videos of regular products illustrate that effect.   SCV appears to have a great benefit, so if I was going to cheat and have pizza, then the benefit of a supplement would reduce the effect of a spike.

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Good conversation, Chris.  Are you using this?


I took them for the first time before a meal last night, middle Eastern tofu, rice, and veggie.  700 calories, 75g carbs, 30g protein.  It's not at all scientific since I've recently changed my blood sugar control drugs, and it's not a super common meal (the profile is common, these specific actual ingredients are slightly different).  However, I'm quite certain that it took some edges off the response.  I'm still on the bullshit flag for it making a BIG difference.  However any tool that lessens the impact is a useful tool.  I wonder how much it would do for someone with less of an issue with blood sugar (and I'm thinking it would do more).


The safety profile is high, cost is super low.  And ACV is well proven to have other benefits.  I had not tried non-dihydro versions of berberine because of the ultra common gastrointestinal issues, which are already present with the other drugs I need.



Based on the search results, the main potential side effects of dihydroberberine include:
  • Gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach
  • Headaches
However, the search results suggest that dihydroberberine may have fewer side effects compared to regular berberine, especially at lower doses:
  • The study found that 100mg and 200mg doses of dihydroberberine produced significantly higher plasma berberine levels than a 500mg dose of regular berberine, with fewer reported adverse events.
  • A product description claims dihydroberberine is "less likely to experience GI side effects when compared to a berberine supplement" due to its greater bioavailability allowing lower doses.
Regarding potential dangers, the main concerns mentioned are:
  • Likely unsafe for pregnant women as berberine can cross the placenta and potentially harm the fetus, including risk of brain damage (kernicterus) in newborns.
  • Likely unsafe for breastfeeding women as it can be transferred through breastmilk.
  • Likely unsafe for newborns and infants due to risk of kernicterus brain damage from high bilirubin levels.
  • Lack of safety data in children.
  • Potential interactions with prescription medications metabolized by the liver enzymes affected by berberine compounds.

So in summary, while dihydroberberine may have a better side effect profile than regular berberine at appropriate doses, caution is still advised, especially for pregnant/breastfeeding women, infants/children, and those on certain medications.





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This is one of the reasons that many think it's bad to combine carbs and fat, particularly animal fats.  This is what the combo does to me, and many people.  It's the body trying to chase a new normal.





Versus just spike and get it over and be normal again.


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