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Adding L-Track to a truck bed


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My Gladiator had cargo rails and the typical sliding anchor points.  Super useful.  It was very heavy and could be used to tie down anything, load limits were realistically nearly as good as solid tie down loops.  So I decided to get a similar system for the Rivian, and after looking at so many options, went with generic aircraft L-track.  It seems lighter than the track in some trucks, but people seem to love it.


Anyone have this?  Experiences?  Tips?


The bed has a series of existing threaded holes intended for mounting tie-downs or MOLLE panels.  I'll use those, and if needed, some spacers to attach the rails.  They are said to be solid.  My routine usage will be random small shit with light straps (Ron Straps, bungees) and occasional motorcycle loading with ratchet straps.


CleanShot 2024-05-21 at 06.41.59@2x.jpg



I got these for more heavy duty use and flexibility.




And these for casual hanging stuff, low load needs.






Edit to add:  I got four tracks.  One for each side up high, and two across the front.  This is how the factory mount holes are set up.  I have seen some motorcycle chocks that can go into the front rails, not sure if I would want them or not.

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Well you guys were useless, LOL.  Works great, pretty cheap for the utility.  That odd looking thing with the two plugs is the Rivian's gear cable, it locks/unlocks the connectors with the truck lock/unlock.  So you can secure shit in the bed even if you have to leave the cover open.






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On 5/26/2024 at 9:15 AM, SwampNut said:

Well you guys were useless, LOL.

I don’t know shit about this track stuff but was trying to visualize how to put it on the floor of the TJ or somehow fab a way to put it under the gun rail in the rear cargo area,

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For light use, self-tapping screws would be just fine to attach.  Next up would be outserts if you have single sided access, and of course normal bolts and nuts is ideal.  


10 hours ago, TOXXIC said:

gun rail


...?  Gunwale converted by Siri?  The cargo area lip should be just like a truck bed right?  Where they are meant to go?



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1 hour ago, SwampNut said:


Correct, thanks Siri.  😜


1 hour ago, SwampNut said:

Next up would be outserts if you have single sided access,


The lip of metal on a TJ is pretty low profile and single wall if memory serves. Oscar might know better. This past weekend I had to use an old school bungee with curved metal ends to get under the Jeep equipped lash points in the cargo area....look like footman loops. I like the track system idea to add great options and convenience for lashing down chairs, coolers, tool boxes etc.


I am not familiar with "outserts"?  I have used nutserts to attach to the frame and A pillor posts on prior rigs.

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What I do with my truck is my business.  


Totally unrelated, for no reason, any idea how I can remove the escape button for the powered bed cover?


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