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  1. DaveK

    less power

    Before you drive yourself crazy.... 1) Iridium Plugs 2) Air filter Start with the easy stuff !
  2. Ken..... Considering I paid 90 bucks to have my Avons installed....GO FOR IT !
  3. Turn signals....20 bucks...built right into the license plate....and bright as hell ! Dave
  4. Pyramid HUgger.....Between taking a dremel to the underside, taking a dremel to the holes to raise it up, and riding it while ir rubbed...ALL FIXED !
  5. DaveK


    Don....Please don't talk about other men's asses !!! You promised. Warchild...one thing wrong.... Your bike is a dirty beast ! Nice set up man ! Are you an electrician ?
  6. Don....USE THE GREY PLUG out of the ECU !!! NOT THE BLACK ! I called and confirmed 2 times ! Call me if you have any Q's !
  7. I think it is one of those long life tread tires ?
  8. I will on MONDAY mother fucker !
  9. Carlos....He got his from: www.whitebuffaloracing.com He left the chain in the box with the receipt....READY.... Receipt says retail 199...price 102 plus 8 bucks shipping and no tax. He paid $110.00. I am looking at it...GOLD links in and out...black in the center and as greasy as a porn stars pecker ! Contact name on the receipt is Mike.
  10. ......and I just read the post from Carlos. So I guess it is a heavy duty chain (Good) and comes in gold (Good) and from what I understand has a t strength of 10,000 and wear something or other of 1,000.... What do these go for new ???? He said his was 112 links...so I will have to take 2 off. My buddy said that Larry Pegram used the GXW on his Ducati at Fontana last week. So does that mean I am ready......
  11. OK....Here is the final deal. I know a guy that just put a RK 530 GXW on his bike. He had 2 because the UPS guy left the original box on his porch and they sent him another one because he claimed the first one never got to him. Well...He found the 2nd one weeks later. I am leaving work right now to pick up my NEW RK 530 GXW Black/Gold chain for free. I made an appointment to get it put on by the dealer...50 bucks on April 26th. So I am happy and all set ! Thanks
  12. This has been a weight on my head....I want to be safe but don't want to go through the hassle. SO..... I called DID back again...they said "Our CC chart is the our recommendation and not the max these chains can withstand. We have to tell you that it is not advisable but I can tell you that the racing team uses the chains rated for 750's on the 929 and 954. Take from it what you wish". Then I called White Buffalo Racing....They told me that they use the chain rated for the 750 on the Gixxr 1000 and have had no problems to speak of... SO....I am getting a Regina 530 ZRP 110 Gold. Because I will not be able to ride with peace of mind. I know...I am probably over reacting...Well..I am sure I am over reacting...but it's my fat ass we are talking about. Apologies for making such a big deal out of all this ! Dave
  13. Now you got me thinking ????
  14. Skip the rivits....I used Liquid Nails...Clean as a whistle ! No holes, no rivits, nutin ! Worked like a charm ! If I ever want to take it off...I can...and no holes !
  15. I called DID and the support department said that the 530 VM is way more than fine for the XX... You are referring to the 1000 CC limit the VM has ? I questioned that as well......But they said no problem.
  16. Saturday...Saturday....Saturday....Saturday ! Big Jeff was telling me the other day that his bike...with the PC now lifts up in the front with absoutely NO problem....and in second...he can now tip it up a bit also. If that is the case....I can't fucking wait ! What I need is a MAP for the MIG pipe set up ! I will have to wait a while to drop 250 beans.... BUT...I was told that the stock bike map works wonders also. I have my fingers crossed !
  17. I bought in ...way back when !
  18. Thanks for the profile fuck up ! I called Power Commander.....they said it is the grey plug. Then said the best way to tell if it is hooked up right is...Without starting the bike...Turn the key....wait for it to power up...and then snap the throttle...if the rich/lean light travels up and down..it is correct. If that is the case...mine is MONEY !
  19. I have seen Joes HID's as well....He is the reason I now wear SUNGLASSES 24/7....Thanks JOE ! I wear those old people dark tint blockers because Joes lights burnt my cornea ! Dave
  20. DaveK

    LED lights.....

    I like those strips...But 3 inches long ? 1 1/2 inches would be perfect. 3 inches each are to long. Any other ideas ? Dave
  21. OBBY..... Please don't fuck up my FUN Now I am going to have to change it to black ! Just kidding....
  22. XX RATED: GORILLA ALARM Great alarm. Easy install...Positive & Negative to the battery...DONE ! LOUD, Works Well, Compact, and the remote works from more than 150 feet away. You can program the sensativity, ring patterns, type of ring... It has a shock sensor, and a tilt sensor. The new ones come with a blinking led you can install on the dash..or anywhere. I zip ties the siren to the frame under the rear cowl...FITS like a GLOVE ! Best of all...Only 80 bucks...any more Q's..Just ask ! Dave
  23. DaveK

    LED lights.....

    Ken Looking for more effective turn signals ! The ones I have will work..but I am concerned that they will not be bright enough. it is only one LED. But I want something flat...and non obtrusive.
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